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Family photos

My mom decided that she would like some photos of her and my dad with the grandkids, mainly to use for her Christmas card, but I am so happy to have them.   I know the boys will love having these someday.      We threw it together one afternoon the week before Christmas.   Can you believe this is how they were dressed on a late afternoon in December?    It was gorgeous.

One of Ricky’s favorite things to do at my parent’s house is to drive Lightning McQueen to the church parking lot where he can go crazy, speeding around, parking, driving in circles… whatever he wants!   We decided to walk / drive over there for the pictures.

Nolan must have been tired this day.   He wanted to be held most of the time, while Benny was running around exploring.

And one of just my mom and my goofy dad!


Kerry Hankins - Heather…these are such great photos! You truly are so talented!

Day 21 – 365 > Benny and his monkey

This monkey is probably Benny’s favorite thing (other than his thumb!)    We had a lazy morning… Nolan was up a lot last night so he was asleep this morning which gave Benny and I some one on one time (well one on one plus the monkey time) and I was so happy to be able to capture him with his love! ;)

I’ve been playing around with some story boards or collages of images for my blog, rather than just an endless column of pictures to scroll through.  Same pictures, obviously, but I wanted to post this also to see how I (or others) like it.

Hope you have wonderful weekend!  We’ve got a big birthday weekend planned for my big boy who is just about FIVE!


Day 20 – 365

Nolan’s newest infactuation.

He spent all night pulling them off, just to scream to have them put back on.  :)


PS – For the photographers out there.   This was shot at an ISO of 4000 with basically only the TV light as any real light source.  I’m in love with my new camera!

Day 15 – BIC Bands

That’s right, day 15 is dedicated to BIC Bands.   What is a BIC Band, you ask?    A BIC Band is a  “Because I Can Band” with the motto ~ “We run because we can…for those who can’t, so that one day they will!”   It’s a non-slip headband.

My friend  is a runner and was training for L.A. Rock and Roll Half Marathon with Team in Training.   Team in Training asks that their members raise funds for Cancer Awareness in exchange for personalized training for your race.   After seeing very pricey, stylish headbands geared for runners, she decided to try making her own, with the mission that the money raised would be donated to the The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) for her upcoming race.    The success she has had is amazing!   She finished the R&R Marathon and is still on a mission to make BIC Bands and donate to other charities.

During her initial fund raising effort I decided to buy a BIC Band.     I’m not a huge head band wearer, but I wanted to support her and her cause.   When the BIC Band arrived, I loved it!  I really did… it was beautiful.    I have worn it here and there, but to be honest I’ve never worn it to work out in or to run in.  It’s just too pretty.   Until today:

Today, I decided to try it out.    I had to run 12 miles this morning, my longest run of my training for the Surf City Half Marathon.    My friend, the founder of BIC Bands, and her husband, happen to be running this Half Marathon with me.   So, I figured that I’d give it a shot and figured if this thing could really “stay-put”  and not-slip, as she claims, for 12 miles… well then it was a winner in my book!     I mean who doesn’t want beautiful running accessories with an added benefit of being functional?

The picture below is me sporting my BIC Band before my run.

The next picture is immediately after I walked in the door after finishing 12 miles!   I didn’t touch the BIC Band the entire run, nor when I walked in and she’s right, they are totally “non-slip.”

If you’d like more information or would like to purchase one you can buy directly from her site:  http://www.bicbands.com/.
Or you can “like” her on Facebook to follow the charities, the updates and new products. BIC Band on Facebook.
Or if you just like to follow a cool running blog, you can follow her here: http://amomontherun.wordpress.com/

Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful Saturday.  It finally didn’t snow during my long run and it wasn’t all that cold!   Added bonus – my ipod, shoes and garmin were all my friends today. :)


Sandy - AWWWW!!! Thanks Heather! I’m honored you posted this!! Glad you loved it =) We’ll have to have matching one’s for our run! Excited to see you~ and you look great after your 12!!

Day 9 – 365 > Hot Chocolate

My official Day 9 photo is this one, however I have a whole series of photos I’m posting.

Yesterday, Benny stood at the sliding glass door and cried.    Cried to be out there in the snow.   We saw the neighbor kids outside and Ricky decided he wanted to join them.   As I helped Ricky get his snow gear on, Benny persisted with his nose pressed to the glass crying.    I felt so bad for the poor guy, but I really didn’t want to hang out in the snow.     Once I sent Ricky outside though, I realized it wasn’t nearly as cold as it had been recently and decided the little ones could use some good outside time just as much as Ricky.   So we all got dressed and headed out the door.

They had a blast!   And believe or not, I had a blast.   They mostly had a blast because our neighbors entertained them.  And I mostly had a blast because our neighbors entertained them. (which left me with nothing to do but take pictures!).

And we ended the day with some hot chocolate for my snow angels!  Thank you guys, you were lifesavers.