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Images in my mind

Tonight marked the second night in a row that my babies let me rock them, both of them, together, at the same time, until they fell soundly asleep in my arms.   It is rare that they let me hold them both at the same time and I can’t tell you the last time either one of them fell asleep in my arms but the past two nights have been different.   As I felt the weight of their little bodies sink deeper into mine and listened to the heavy breathing from Nolan and the suckling sound from Benny’s thumbsucking I was shocked.   “Are they both really asleep?!?”   And then I said a prayer.  A prayer from me, not the typical “now I lay me down to sleep” prayer for their sake but a prayer of thanks, because I am so very blessed.    And then I rocked and rocked until their bodies slouched to the point where their foreheads were touching.    I couldn’t help but wonder if this is how they also slept just 2 short years ago, just a few weeks before their birth.   My babies are growing up in so many ways, but constantly remind me that they are still babies, and for that I am thankful.

I would be lying if I didn’t ache to yell for Ken to grab the camera, if I didn’t wish I had my phone so that I might text my neighbor to come over with her camera and capture this rare moment for me.   But instead I tried very hard to think, not of the actual photograph I wished I could take, but to remember the image in my mind … to capture it all, their smell, their breathing, their weight and the feeling of such gratefulness.

After they were tucked away in their beds, I still had the itch to capture a photo from tonight (I just can’t help it!) And wouldn’t you know it, I didn’t have to go far before I was presented with yet another reminder to slow down, take it all in and enjoy the beautiful moments in life.

Enjoy the little things and have a wonderful evening.


Sarah - Hi Heather! Thanks so much for your visit last week and I hope you got the pen off of your furniture:) Your post is beautiful and I can’t believe they both fell asleep in your arms… 2 two year olds? My twins are 2 as well and there older brother is 4. If you get the chance you should look up The Vintique Object Blog. Camille has two year old twins as well!

Self taught little swimmer

Nolan has started to, what seems to be, teach himself swimming lessons… in the bathtub.      He stays in the tub long after the other boys are out and practices strokes, blowing bubbles, going under, floating, everything that you’d likely see in an instructor led swimming lesson.    I didn’t think he was paying much attention during Ricky’s swimming lessons, but perhaps he was.

As parents I think we constantly wonder, “what will my children become, who will they be?”    Most importantly I hope for loving, caring, happy individuals however, I’d take a Phelps type swimmer if that’s also what you’d like to become, Nolan 🙂

Love you, Buddy.

Invasion of the Superheros

My home is invaded fairly regularly by three superheros.   Sometimes it’s just a cape or mask however other times they’ve got the full shebang.   On this particular morning they were all 3 completely decked out in Superhero gear.   And they agreed to pause for a couple pictures before heading off to save the neighborhood.

Just as I was taking this picture my friend pulled up and was shocked that I was subjecting not only my child but the poor neighbor kids to these outfits on a 90 degree day for the sake of a photo shoot.   ME, little ole me, force my children to be uncomfortable or to do something they don’t want to do for the sake of a picture?!?!  Never! 😉    Ok she pinned me on a typical day, but on this day I had nothing to do with it.  They chose to get dressed in long sleeve, long pant costumes over their clothes, adorn hot capes and masks all on their own.    But I wasn’t about to let them get away unphotographed!

Benny loved just watching them.

However, Nolan, whined and begged and whined and begged for “pidah man” until I finally searched the closets for a hand-me down costume.   Thank you Misti Milner for including this in the box of hand-me-downs for the boys!   I’m always so grateful but this morning even more so as Nolan was in complete heaven getting to be JUST like the big boys.


ashlie - Love it!!!!!!!! so funny!

Misti Milner - Glad to be of assistance! That costume cracks me up. What a cutie!

Elisha - Ha ha! Awesome! I need to get that picture from you! My kids are seriously crazy.


Nolan, my dear, lately you have been pretty crabby.   You have a mind of your own and are stubborn about getting what you want.   You’ve totally boycotted your highchair.    You’ve decided not to eat much of anything for days.   Even when I resorted to Fruity Pebble cereal and Pop-Tarts for breakfast thinking you would love it, you replied with “no way” and pushed it aside.   You fight sleep like it is the plague.   Because of the fight your naptimes have been coming way too late and when I wake you from your afternoon slumber you are even more mad than when I tried to make you go to sleep in the first place.

These pictures were taken on one of these days when I had to wake you and you were only content if I was holding you.   After a long hour of crying and whining, daddy finally was home from work and you were in heaven with a little bit of snuggle time.

Until it was time to get up, and then you were mad all over again 🙂

Updated to add:  This morning you decided to eat.   The problem: your breakfast of choice is multiple Fiber One Bars.   We may be in trouble later!

Love you, buddy, even on continual days like this.