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Dear Ricky,

We had such a fantastic time at Disneyland celebrating your 5th birthday!  You were so excited to arrive in California that you almost couldn’t contain yourself.  You had been marking off the calendar for 2 weeks, in anticipation of the big day.   And you weren’t just excited for Disneyland you were excited for everything.   You loved our “bright blue” rental car.  You loved everything about the hotel room and walked around the room announcing every bit of it to us, “Mommy, we have a beautiful bed, and two mirrors and a beautiful chair, and MOMMY, we have HANGERS!”   You were ecstatic about every detail.

On the first day, we went to ESPN Zone in Downtown Disney to watch the Super Bowl.   It was SO crowded that we never got a table to sit down and eat.  We stayed there until half time, playing all kinds of games, hoping for a table.   When there was no end in site to the long wait list, we decided to walk around Downtown Disney and find a new place to eat.   We decided on a little outdoor cafe that had a few TVs so Daddy could still watch the game and you and I could eat.    It was probably torture bringing you so close to Disneyland without actually going in on that first evening, but you didn’t seem to care.  You were just SO excited to be close.   At one point I looked over and you were up off of your chair just dancing.  Dancing in between the other tables having a great time!

The next morning we woke up bright and early to get an early start on our first day at Disneyland!

We arrived right when the park opened and were greeted by the Disneyland Railroad Train and Marching Band.

We entered the park, and you were so excited to spot Disney and Walt and the famous castle featured in SO many commercials!

You saw the entrance to Tomorrowland and the Rocket ship ride first, so we jumped right in line and our first ride at Disneyland was history.

Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blaster was right next door however, you were not so sure about this ride.   The entrance was fairly dark and you really didn’t want to go on it at all.  I had been told by many friends that this was a perfect ride for you and that you would love it.  So we made you go on it.   You complained during the entire wait in line and even once we started on the ride.  I think you realized you would love it, but were now just being stubborn and trying to prove me wrong.  Little stinker.    Half way through the ride, you decided to have fun and started shooting the Zurg targets.   You earned a ton of points and beat Daddy!

Playing around with the Goofy Hats.

After a few rides you kept asking to play games.   I guess all the game playing at ESPN Zone the night before gave you the wrong idea about Disneyland.   Over and over again you kept saying, “I just want to play games.”   Just as I finally convinced you that Disneyland was all about the rides and that there were no games inside Disneyland we walked out of Space Mountain and directly into an arcade.   Guess you did prove me wrong this time, lil’ man!    We gave in and let you play one game, to which you chose: AIR HOCKEY.    Air Hockey… at Disneyland!   I didn’t even try to remind you that our neighbor has an Air Hockey table where you can play everyday or convince you otherwise.   You were so excited to play and once again beat Daddy.

You loved “It’s a Small World.”

And then…. you spotted Pluto!   We had seen some other characters previously, Alice, Gepetto, etc. that you weren’t interested in and were actually fairly intimidated by so I wasn’t sure that you would really want to meet any of the characters.   I was wrong.  You had no fear going right up to Pluto and were so excited to get your picture with him.

You loved the fact that Mickey was everywhere.    In fact you wanted to save everything that had Mickey on it.  Thankfully you agreed to instead have your picture taken with your lunch container so we didn’t have to tote around a grease covered box the rest of our trip.

Dumbo was one of your favorite rides.

Toontown, I think, was your favorite part of Disneyland.   You loved going through Mickey’s house, Pluto’s house, Daisy’s boat, Chip and Dale’s Treehouse, meeting Mickey, riding the roller coaster and of course getting Cotton Candy!

Yes, you loved the Cotton Candy!

Late in the afternoon, as we getting ready to leave Disneyland and walk over to California Adventure we spotted Mickey once again.    So, of course, we captured another picture!

We ate dinner, had more treats and relaxed inside California adventure for awhile before tackling some more rides and games, yes, games.

We decided that if you’re going to get any souvenir at Disneyland it had better be a pair of Mickey ears, especially given how much you adore Mickey right now.   You were in love with them and so excited that your name was on the back.   We played some games where you tried and tried and tried to win a prize.   It seemed like on every game you would get inched out by a split second by the same adult guy.    Finally you won a little stuffed duck that you love.   We were getting ready to leave when you decided to finish out your last few credits on the same game where you won the duck.   We got in line and the lady in front of you won a huge stuffed Mickey Mouse.  She heard you say, “Mommy, I hope I win that,” and preceded to GIVE  you her Mickey.  She said, “I already have one at home.”    She was so nice and that made your night complete.   Mickey ears, Mickey mouse and a baby duck and we were ready to call it a night!

Day one was a complete success.   We ended the night with a dip in the hot tub at the hotel, which you thought was so awesome.    Then you snuggled up with all of your friends in your “beautiful bed.”

Day two started with a bang!   Once we realized how much you loved meeting Mickey and his friends around the park, we decided to have breakfast with all of them.   I am so happy that we did!   It was definitely worth it and you were able to meet most of Mickey’s friends.

If it can be shaped like Mickey, it will be shaped like Mickey!

The friend you really wanted to meet was Goofy.    We didn’t see him in the park at all on the first day and you kept saying, “Keep your eye out for Goofy!”   He was the last friend that came around during breakfast and we were so excited that we got a picture with all of us together.  Boy, is goofy tall!    The only friend of Mickey’s that we didn’t get to meet was Donald.  We were sad, but felt very lucky to meet all of the rest of them.

We spent day two riding some new rides.     Pinocchio:

Daddy enjoying the Storybook Boat ride through the Whale’s mouth!

Alice in Wonderland:

The carousel:

and, Finding Nemo:

I think we were able to ride every single ride that we wanted to and even got to ride some of your favorite rides a second time.     We had such an amazing couple of days.   When I asked you what your favorite thing was, you said, “Buzz’s ride.”   However after some thought you said, “Mickey’s house.”    I agree.  I think your favorite things were Toontown, Mickey’s house and meeting Mickey and his friends.   Although we had fun on rides like the Matterhorn, Thunder Mountain and Space Mountain, I’m sure happy we made the trip during such a magical time where what you loved most was Mickey!

I’ll remember this trip forever, buddy.   We love you so much and still can’t believe that you are FIVE.



Kathi - Heather,

I love this!!! Your little guy is going to so cherish this when he gets older.
Your pictures are amazing. They really catch the spirit of Disney!!!

MIchelle - I love the pictures! Looks like you had a marvelous time! Can’t wait to see all the pictures!

Elisha - Oh my gosh, I’ve GOT to take my boys there! Awesome pictures as usual, Heather! I can’t wait until it’s warm again for the boys to play outside together!

Heather Bird - Thanks ladies! We really did have a magical time and would suggest it to you all. Your kids will absolutely love it also.

Cousins {Salt Lake City Children’s Photographer}

I have been taking both of these sweet little girl’s photos since they were newborns.  In fact, my very second blog post ever featured one of them at just a few days old.   These two cuties are cousins born less than a year apart, which is such an awesome thing.   (I know this from experience as I am part of “the four little girls”  …. four of us girl cousins were born within a year of each other and we have forever been known to my mom’s side of the family as “the four little girls” even now that us 4 little girls have 10 little boys.  Yes that’s 10 boys between the four of us and not a single girl!)

Anyway, I was not as lucky to live close to my cousins, but we had just about as much fun every time I saw them as these two had!    I am thrilled every time I get a call to come capture their sweet personalities and this time was no exception.

We started out at their grandma’s house for some fun Valentine’s day photos:

These next few were pre-bow, pre-hair done, pre-accessories … just Ari and I chillin and playing for a bit while waiting.  But, they happen to be some of my favorites of the whole day:

And, while I may be fun for a bit… I can’t compete with the kind of fun they had at the next location:

What a fun afternoon!


Love {Salt Lake City Maternity Photographer}

I can’t think of a better post for Valentine’s Day than this!   I have known Kase for decades… going on three of them!   And from the moment I met Mary I couldn’t help but love her and think that there was no one better suited for my one of my best friends.    If you were to spend 5 minutes with them you would think so too.   Because you can just see it and feel it in the way they interact with each other.  The way Kase makes Mary laugh without doing anything at all.  The way Mary loves Kase and his quirky humor.    The way Kase looks at and loves Mary.   I mentioned in yesterday’s post that Mary is an absolutely radiant expectant mother.   See for yourself again how beautiful she is!  And witness their love, laughter and the wonderful awe & anticipation of the of the life they have created.

I have been pining over the location of these next photos since I walked into this building four years ago.  While there is no studio space available right now, I recently got permission to use some of the space for this photo shoot.   I was as thrilled as I dreamed I would be with it!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all, but especially to Kase, Mary and their little guy who, I too, can’t wait to meet.


MIchelle - Awesome pictures!!! Kase and Mary are SO cute!!!

Heather Bird - Thanks Michelle. Kase and Mary are awesome, so cute, right?!? T

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Baby Shower

Yesterday I attended an absolutely fabulous baby shower, for an even more fabulous person.   The theme was “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” for my friend, Mary and everything was just perfect.

Mary always looks beautiful but she is an absolute, stunning, gorgeous, radiant mother to be!

The adorable gifts:

The wonderful guests:

And finally, the amazing hostesses!  These two ladies know how to throw an impeccable, fabulous party not leaving out any detail.


Surf City Half Marathon 2011 Race Recap

I know most of my family and friends are waiting for a Disneyland Recap and for all of the pictures of Ricky enjoying meeting Mickey and his friends.  It’s coming, I promise.   But I have entirely too many pictures and it is taking me longer than expected to get through them all.  So in the meantime, I thought I would post a race recap.

I arrived in Long Beach, CA on Friday around noon.   My race wasn’t until Sunday but being that we lived in Southern California for a year or so, I decided to take this opportunity to visit my wonderful friends for a couple of days.  I hopped in my rental car and headed out to my old stopping grounds with what was suppose to be a short detour through the race location on my way.   Following my mapquest print out, I headed south on Hwy 1 and then I looked to my right and realized – the beach was RIGHT THERE just a half a block away.  How could I possibly resist?   I had a great book that I had started on the plane, the weather was gorgeous and the beach was empty.    So I turned right, pulled into the first of many open parking spots, swapped my running shoes out for flip flops and headed to the sand.    I sat for over an hour, reading, day dreaming, watching the waves and it was heaven.    It was the perfect start to a race weekend.

On Saturday afternoon my friend Sandy and I met at the Expo to pick up our bibs, shirts, packets and visit the booths.   Sandy bought a book written by Dane Rauschenberg, who ran 52 marathons in 52 weeks and was asking him for some advice on her race.   I stood off to the side and listened to him tell her to run slower than her goal pace for the first 3 miles.   I’ve been told this before and have always thought, “SLOWER, seriously?  If I am feeling great and can run fast, why not run as fast as I can and essentially “pad” my time for later when I am dying.”    When I admitted this concept to him, he basically told me that, that right there, was the reason I was dying.   I walked away telling Sandy, “I just can’t, I just can’t, I have to run as fast as I can.”

Here we are, bright and early ready for the big race.

During the picture above, on the entire shuttle ride to the race and while waiting for the race to start, I kept wondering if Dane and others were right.   He had to be an expert and had to know how to run the best time, right?  I mean he couldn’t have run 52 marathons in a year and not know what he is talking about.   So, as the starting gun blared, I decided to run slower.     I wanted to weave my way around the crowd but I waited, and held back and continued to hold back as long as I could.   At some point I took off, sooner than I should have, but I did run much slower than normal to start.

And, it WORKED!  It really did.   My fastest miles were miles 5 and 6 which never happens for me and I never really died.    Well, I mean I died and the picture below shows that, but my slowest mile was a 9 minute mile!   During my last half marathon I am sure I ran over an 11 min/mile for some of those later miles where I was truly dying.

My goal was to run an 8:30/mile pace and I ended up averaging 8:31 per mile!   My total time was 1:51:55 – my Personal Best.   I was pretty stoked!  I can’t wait to run my next one and hopefully run even faster.   The next one won’t be along the beach, which was an amazing course, nor will it be at sea level but I’ll be giving it my all again.

And while I didn’t officially win, according to Ricky I did!   One of the first things he asked me when I saw him after the race was “Did you win?”     My answer was, “Yes!”   Because if you have a medal, you won, according to Ricky.   His next question was, “Can I have your medal?”    Of course you can, buddy!   He posed for many pictures throughout the weekend with my his medal.

Thanks to everyone for the support and encouragement while training for this race, it was awesome!