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Nolan, my dear, lately you have been pretty crabby.   You have a mind of your own and are stubborn about getting what you want.   You’ve totally boycotted your highchair.    You’ve decided not to eat much of anything for days.   Even when I resorted to Fruity Pebble cereal and Pop-Tarts for breakfast thinking you would love it, you replied with “no way” and pushed it aside.   You fight sleep like it is the plague.   Because of the fight your naptimes have been coming way too late and when I wake you from your afternoon slumber you are even more mad than when I tried to make you go to sleep in the first place.

These pictures were taken on one of these days when I had to wake you and you were only content if I was holding you.   After a long hour of crying and whining, daddy finally was home from work and you were in heaven with a little bit of snuggle time.

Until it was time to get up, and then you were mad all over again:)

Updated to add:  This morning you decided to eat.   The problem: your breakfast of choice is multiple Fiber One Bars.   We may be in trouble later!

Love you, buddy, even on continual days like this.


Benny, you are starting to really talk up a storm!   Your newest and most used words right now are “Love you, Noley, Nigh Night, Morning and Sorry.”    You drag out the syllables of each of these phrases making them at least 3 syllables if not 4 instead of the intended 2 and run the words together as if they are one word.     We all grin and giggle when you say, “Lah-ove-Yewww.”   It is the best three syllable word ever.

And my evenings wouldn’t be complete without hearing you say, “Niiigh Niih ihh gt, Lah ove Yeww, Moouurning” as I am leaving the room.  Code for “Good Night, I love you, I’ll see you in the morning.”

I love you, my sweet Benny boy.

The big brother

You’ve always been a wonderful big brother but sometimes things are less than ideal for a five year old in a house with 2 toddlers.   We’ve had our share of tantrums because of baby boys knocking down your block creations, taking your drink, writing on your papers, messing up your tracks and playing with your toys.   And while this is still common and I won’t kid myself that it is behind us, lately you have shown a side that is much more grown up.   A side that resembles a boy who is a month away from kindergarten (honestly, the real true school years start for us in just over a month?!?  I don’t believe it.)

  • As I was working away the other day and you were playing contently with your friends I overheard you say, “Oh Nolan, you’re just so cute.”    And I beamed, alone in my quiet office to myself, but nonetheless, I beamed.
  • Two nights ago I worried how you would react to Benny picking out pajamas that were yours.   When he walked out of your room with your Spiderman shirt around his neck and your Mario bros pajama pants in his hand I had to give it a second thought.  I wasn’t sure whether you’d be okay with this situation.   Not only were you okay, you were pretty proud.   You gave me a smile and a little giggle and moved on.  And Benny was thrilled.
  • This morning when Benny spilled his cereal all over the floor you ran to get a towel and wiped everything up before I even had a chance think about the mess.  I have to admit, I was a little shocked.
  • Each and every night you pride yourself on helping me get the little boys into the bathroom to brush their teeth and then on to their room to read them a story.   Bedtime would not be complete for them without hugs, kisses and a “nigh, night” from their big brother.

And while your a stinker sometimes and get a kick out of doing things like spraying them while they run away crying, I couldn’t have dreamed of a better big brother for Nolan and Benny.

Love you,

Katherine - crying right now. So beautiful. I love your boys also.

Three beautiful kids {Salt Lake City Children’s Photographer}

I had the pleasure of taking these gorgeous kid’s photos this weekend.

Th oldest is one handsome, very cool 13 year old.   Actually I was kind of shocked that he was only 13…. definitely seemed much more like a 16 year old to me.  Or perhaps this is just another revelation that I am getting old.   Anyway, he was a trooper, getting out of bed at way too early of an hour for a teenager in the summer, let alone a teenager in the summer on a weekend but he didn’t complain once.

This little gal has got to be one of the most beautiful little girls I have ever met and was such a sweetheart.

And the littlest is a typical three year old little boy.     I know three is all about becoming more independent, doing everything yourself and having your own ideas but I was amazed to see how grown up three is compared to two.   I’ve have my share of two year old photo shoots lately and given my own 2, I pretty much know what to expect.   Three is different.    At three you can bet that they understand the bargain of cooperating for pictures for a surprise or reward afterward.   And while they get it, they are still all about doing things on their own and in their own way.     This little guy did a great job cooperating but also found many of his own spots where he wanted his picture taken, places where he wanted to explore and things he wanted to climb.    It was very interesting for me to watch and try to take a deep breath as I’ll likely have two little boys climbing tall ladders, begging to go higher with no fear, next year.  Anyway, he was so much fun and such a doll with those same amazing eyes that his big sister has.

And when we were done shooting, this little guy asked to take a picture with the brush that his mom was holding the entire time.  We were kind of bewildered, but as I mentioned he’s three and with a three year old you just go with it.   So I snapped a few shots of him with the brush and we continued on our way back to the car.    This was not at all what he meant, however, and he was quite upset.   After a little questioning we realized he wanted to be just like his mom 😉 and wanted to make  someone smile by dancing and jumping up and down with the brush while I was taking a picture of THEM.    Gina, this may or may not be what you looked like behind my back that morning:)

And the result – great job!

Thanks so much for letting me spend the morning with you.



I woke up this morning feeling like it was due time that the boys and I did something fun, however a trip to the zoo, children’s museum, even just going swimming at the local rec center seemed like too much work.     I had (and still have) a lot to get done today and needed something fun but easy.     I heard that 7-Eleven was giving away free slurpees today on their birthday.    I’ve heard this for years but have never partaken in the birthday freebie.   Ricky is starting to understand the concept of money and I knew he would think it was cool to get a free slurpee.    So with a bribe attached, “If we make it through two stores quickly and everyone is good, we can get a slurpee” we headed out to run some errands and do something “fun.”

And as it turns out, you don’t really have to do something extravagant to have a good time with 3 boys… a simple trip to Home Depot where they can drive the “racecar cart” throughout all of the wide aisles and a 7.11 ounce slurpee is enough for a fun morning.

And while we had a great time, I’m not sure why I continually try to kid myself that any outing, even simple, will be easy.   Chasing one kid across the parking lot while hosting the other on my hip yelling for Ricky to “grab him” in hopes that he can make it to him before that big SUV backs up, playing referee to the fights over the single balloon that we happened to pass down the aisle of the dollar store, acting as the librarian trying to convey what “shhhh” means to 2 toddlers that think it is hilarious to scream “ahhhhh” over and over again because their big brother keeps laughing every time we pass another shopper that clearly doesn’t think it is all that funny, and being a janitor in the 7-Eleven trying to clean up the spilled slurpee that continues to drip down a little leg and all over me doesn’t really feel like an easy morning.   But alas, it WAS fun.

Head out today to get your free Slurpee and have a great July 11th!