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Day 9 – 365 > Hot Chocolate

My official Day 9 photo is this one, however I have a whole series of photos I’m posting.

Yesterday, Benny stood at the sliding glass door and cried.    Cried to be out there in the snow.   We saw the neighbor kids outside and Ricky decided he wanted to join them.   As I helped Ricky get his snow gear on, Benny persisted with his nose pressed to the glass crying.    I felt so bad for the poor guy, but I really didn’t want to hang out in the snow.     Once I sent Ricky outside though, I realized it wasn’t nearly as cold as it had been recently and decided the little ones could use some good outside time just as much as Ricky.   So we all got dressed and headed out the door.

They had a blast!   And believe or not, I had a blast.   They mostly had a blast because our neighbors entertained them.  And I mostly had a blast because our neighbors entertained them. (which left me with nothing to do but take pictures!).

And we ended the day with some hot chocolate for my snow angels!  Thank you guys, you were lifesavers.


Preschool Christmas Project Portraits

I had the pleasure of photographing almost 30 amazing children ages 5 and under before Christmas.   Initially, I was doing this as a favor to the teachers and the preschool, knowing that it would be beneficial for me in terms of sheer shooting practice, but I never imagined how valuable the experience would be for me in other ways.

30 children with very different personality types are much more challenging than I ever imagined.    The same thing does not work with every child.   I, of course, knew this but to experience it, in action, with such volume, in such a short period of time was awesome for me.   There are outgoing kids, shy kids, scared kids, rowdy kids, “cheesy” kids that love the camera, teething kids, kids that are just excited to be out of the classroom and on, and on and on.    To have to determine within minutes what will work with each child, was a learning experience that will help me long past the photographs that helped the teachers with their projects.    I’m happy to report that we succeeded without any breakdowns!   Here is a sampling of these beautiful children:

Thank you to all of the parents who gave me permission to use the photos here.    I appreciate it greatly.
Oh, and just in case you’re wondering… there is a very fine line between when “Peek-a-Boo” works and when “Peek-a-Boo” is a total dud.   Somewhere between age 1 and 2 it totally loses it’s magic!


Jenny - You rock. These pictures are AMAZING. My favorite is the little girl wearing the Santa hat with the “squishy” little smile. Simply adorable.

Heather Bird - Thanks for the comments, Jenny! She sure is a cutie!

Erin - These are darling. Love the Santa hat.

Laura - You did a wonderful job, Heather! Thanks for sharing. Would you share what type of lighting you used? it is so crisp, but delicate.

Heather Bird - Hi Laura, Thanks for the comments. I actually used natural light in all of these. I was in a hallway with windows behind me and the white wall behind them. The narrowness of the hallway allowed them to be positioned close to the window light. It was ideal.

Day 8 – 365 > What did we do 100 years ago before….

So we’re driving along today and my husband says, “Imagine 100 years ago.  What did they do before…..”
Of course I am thinking, “before TV, before the cell phones, before microwaves, before my Garmin, etc.”    And he is wondering:

“What did they do before CHAPSTICK?!?”

He’s an addict, I swear.   These were just the “few” that I found lying around our office and kitchen.
Guess they had a lot of chapped lips?


Cathy Brown - I love this photo, Heather. I’m a chapstick addict too!

Heather Bird - Awwe, thanks Cathy. You’re entitled…any mother who pulls their toddler behind them while on skis, braving the cold surely needs to have a chapstick addiction! :)

Day 7 – 365

Friday night rainbow?

My Friday night was more of the silver coloration, with just 64 little calories.   But the wine picture was much more interesting than the little ol’ MGD64 can.