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Cox Family Portraits

Now that Christmas is over, I can share some long awaited family photos.   I have refrained from posting these because some of these were gifts for family members and others were Christmas Card photos.   So, as not to give anything away too early, I held off.    But now I am excited to share.

I loved everything about this family!   Loved the purple  and the girls were just so sweet and adorable.

This beautiful fall day seems so long ago!

If you want some snow, just ask me to go on a long run!

Yep, it’s pretty much a guarantee that if you would like to have a big snowstorm head your way, just have me go out for a long run in your neck of the woods.    Honestly, mother nature always decides to dump on me during my longest runs of the week.    I started out with what seemed to be a beautiful morning SO excited to use my new Garmin Forerunner 405, my new headband to keep my ears warm, my new headphones that stay put while I run and my new thin running socks, all Christmas gifts from my list with the thought that these would motivate me to get out and get training for the Surf City Half Marathon which is just 6 short weeks away.

Less than a half mile into the start of my run it started to snow.  They were big fluffy white flakes and they didn’t bother me a bit.  In fact, I was kind of thrilled to see some snow even though it was the day after Christmas.  I figured it might be a White Christmas Weekend despite it not being an actual white Christmas.   But it kept coming, and coming, and coming.    By the time I finished mile 4 I was being pounded with snow and still had 4 miles to run back home.   The last mile was miserable and now the flakes were tiny hard flakes that stung my face and eyes with each one…. but I finished my 8 miles and was excited that I did it!   It’s been awhile since I have run over 5 miles and I knew if I didn’t get a longer run in this weekend I might not be able to run 13 miles in 6 weeks.   But I was even more excited to test out all the functions of my Garmin once I returned home and let me tell you….one run in and I LOVE it!

Not only is it much smaller and much more comfortable to wear than my old Garmin, it allows you to input your pace and it will tell you whether you are behind or ahead of your goal AND it wirelessly downloads your run to your computer, complete with your mile splits, the grade %, EVERYTHING!    I love it and it has definitely done the trick.  I am now motivated to get my calendar filled up with all of my training runs so I can start comparing my graphs and stats.  I am a geek when it comes to some things, and hey, I’ll take any reason that makes me really want to run every single day!   Not only does it make me want to run more, it makes me want to run faster.   My goal for today’s run was 9 min/mile and this kept me right on track with a finish of 9.02/mile.

So, this isn’t really a photography post, but it is my public apology to all of those in Northern Utah who hoped and prayed for a white Christmas.  If I would have just had the time to run yesterday, I am pretty sure the snow would have come then.  So my sincere apologies, however I hope you enjoyed it today!


“Behold, I bring you good tidings of great Joy” ~ Luke 2:10

Merry Christmas!   I hope you all have a wonderful weekend celebrating with your loved ones.

Above is our Christmas card (front and back), and below are some additional shots from our session.   Everyone keeps asking if I set a timer to take these family shots, and all I can think is “Oh my, NO Way!”  Not this year.   I’ve been able to swing it in years past but I think those years are gone.   It was hard enough to get one shot with all of us looking the same direction, let alone looking that direction with no human standing there.   Good thing I have such a wonderful sister who is willing to snap away even if  I likely got snippy and bossed her around a bit!  Thank you Angie!

Ricky loves this next one.  He thinks he is so funny!

I am so blessed by the laughter and smiles of my goofy, sweet boys:

Blowing Kisses:

A little thumb sucking:

And  A LOT of rock collecting:

I hope this Christmas finds you all blessed with peace, love and joy.   Merry Christmas!


Katherine Thompson - Love the color coordination with the card, you think of everything!! Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday!

Heather Bird - Thank you Katherine. I had fun with the card and the not so traditional colors. Hope you have a wonderful holiday also!

Santa and our lovely little town.

When we moved back to Utah a few years ago and started looking for homes in the suburbs we got a little flack from my some of my family and friends.    Actually we got a lot of flack from a select few that couldn’t believe I would want to live in the “burbs.”    I stuck to my guns for all of the reasons that were important to me… a bigger yard, more house for the money, non-busy streets, etc.   Had I not been a mother I would have totally preferred to move back to “the city”  but at that point in my life the “burbs” fit me just fine.   I have never regretted this decision.  We love our home, love our neighbors and love that we are still close enough to Salt Lake.   And I became even more impressed with our little town a few weekends ago.

I had planned on schlepping my boys to the mall on a weekday to avoid the crowds and get the traditional picture with Santa Claus.   Although I knew I “HAD” to do it, I wasn’t really looking forward to it.   Going anywhere with all of the boys is always a chore, but standing in line, buying a print of a not-so-great picture because they won’t let me take my own, and potentially dealing with a scary Santa Claus wasn’t my ideal way to spend an afternoon.  But I would do it anyway, because I wanted the picture, no matter how bad it might be.

And then I read our town’s newsletter where it said, “Santa will be at the Community Center – receive a free picture.”    I was not going to pass this up… close to home and free?!?   I figured there would be a line but I’d take the line at the Community Center over having to drag all 3 boys into the mall by myself.  Plus this event was on a Saturday so Ken could do the schleping;)

So we went.    My boys are clearly excited about different things.  Ricky was so excited to see Santa that he was in the car buckled in his car seat by himself for a good 10 minutes waiting for the rest of us.   The babies beeline it to the street every chance they get.  They could have cared less about anything else but being outside and making it to the street before being captured.   (See there you have it, one benefit of living in the suburbs …. my boys can run safely in the street;).

Good thing Daddy was here to wrangle them since I was taking care of the important things (you know, taking pictures of them running for the street!)

So we get the the Community Center and there is NO line.  Instead there is an area for the kids to make a craft, cupcakes of various flavors that were to die for and hot chocolate for us to enjoy while we wait our turn for Santa.   Ricky finished his craft and we went right up to see Jolly Old St. Nick.    And then…

It gets better!   I walked up and the photographer sees that I have my camera and says, “Here you go, plug this in.”    He hands me the sync cord to his strobes, tells me his lighting settings and proceeds to let me take my own pictures using his lights!    Then he tells Ken and I to get in the picture and takes some for us on MY camera!   When I asked for his card, he said, “oh we’ll get it to you when we mail you your print,” and proceeds to take more shots with his camera.   So, he let me use his set up, take my own pictures on my own camera, took pictures for me with my camera and sent me a free print in the mail of the picture he took on his camera.    Not only that, I got to talk photography for a bit, which always makes me happy!

The worst part of it all was that he didn’t sent his card or name or anything.   So Mr. Photographer friend, if you every come across my blog and read this – Thank you!  You made my day.

And on the way home we saw these little fellows:

Not a great picture, but this day in it’s entirety reminded me that I really love our little suburbia.

Raising Dentists?

The babies have this “thing” for toothbrushes.   They would suck on one all day if I let them.    Honestly, I think their favorite spot in the entire house is on the stool digging through the toothbrush drawer.     We will randomly find toothbrushes scattered all over the house and it is not uncommon for Ricky to not be able to find one of his eight toothbrushes at bedtime.   So I’m either raising a couple of dentists here, or at the very least boys that will have VERY clean teeth.

I’m not kidding … can you see that Nolan has not one, not two, but THREE toothbrushes and still tried to steal Benny’s at one point.

Who knew brushing your teeth could be so much fun?

Sick of posts about my boys and my ordinary life yet?  Oh well… there is more to come:)

Hope you are all enjoying the holidays so far.


Katherine Thompson - They are absolutly beautiful! I love the Santa pics as well, don’t you love when you can take your own pictures? I wish I was going to be home for you to take my newborn pictures, but I will just have to settle for the next time I see you:) I hope your family has a wonderful Christmas!

Katherine Thompson - They are so beautiful! I love the Santa pics as well. I wish I was going to be home for you to take my newborn pictures, but I will just have to settle for the next time I see you. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

Katherine Thompson - ok, not sure what happened, sorry:)

Heather Bird - Thank Katherine… love the comments even if they are duplicated :) Wish you weren’t half way around the world so I could do your newborn pictures also.