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Tonight I sit here with a disaster of a house.   As I carried the last sleeping boy up to bed I thought seriously about tackling every bit of the cleaning tonight.    Then, I emptied half of the dishwasher, looked around and retreated to the office where I am still sitting.    I started scrolling through recent pictures… files after files that I have done nothing with yet.     And this was just much more enjoyable than cleaning.

The dishwasher is still open and only half emptied, there is a half eaten piece of corn on the cob on the counter left on the way rushing out the door to Ricky’s first soccer game, there are random cups and dishes everywhere, toys scattered amongst the dishes, a dirty diaper (thank goodnees not a poopy one) left next to the basket full of diapers, wet clothes thrown on the stairs after Benny escaped to the neighbors sprinklers on our way out the door late for a birthday party, a can of soup that is staring me down from in front of the computer monitor, (Nolan’s new thing is to bring random things to me throughout the day), mail and papers and trash, etc. etc.

People often say, “I don’t know how you have time to blog.”    My answer probably should be, “I don’t have time,” because truly, as can be seen if you visited my house tonight, I DO NOT.   But it is therapeutic for me.   I enjoy archiving my days and attaching my thoughts to the images I take.    And as much as I enjoy it, as much as I sometimes need to leave the mess behind the door of the office and recap my thoughts in a blog post,  I know I will enjoy this even more years from now.    When I can look back and remember the crazy messes (hopeful thinking that this will change?), the funny things my boys do, the little everyday things that we will forget is when I will really be thankful that I took the time to record it and that I let the mess wait for tomorrow.

And so, here are some random shots that I’ve taken over the past couple of months:

Not the best technical image, but I love this one.

Nana's pool is the best! Glad we borrowed it for a few days.

Ricky's huge shoe on one wrong foot, one slightly too small croc on the other wrong foot - Benny's new favorite task of trying to dress himself.

Nolan and his "baby."

Nolan and "daddy." Nolan calls anyone between the age of 18 and 50 or so, "Daddy." Including random men in the store that look like this man and nothing like his real daddy. It seems really funny, but it's pretty embarrassing when he says to the 19 year old tatooed kid, "hi daddy," and the kid looks at me like, "ummm, I hope not?!?!"

Nothing better than newly bathed boys right out of the tub.

The kid can Hula-Hoop! Woot.

A normal day in our house ... and of course it's always on the carpeted portion.

For years I hassled my mom because in most of my baby pictures I am clad in only a diaper. Sorry, mom... I get it now.

My friend thinks he looks exactly like Curious George, but I've always thought he resembles a turtle, especially here.

Alrighty, I guess I should at least throw the diaper and corn on the cob away before heading to bed.


Ricky’s First Day of Kindergarten

Ricky’s officially a Kindergartener!   Today was his first day.   Actually today was only 45 minutes long and I attended with him, but he got to meet his teacher, see his classroom and get familiar with the school for his real official first day which isn’t until next week.

I’m a product of the Catholic School system and a proud product at that – 12 years of my education I owe to St. Joseph’s in Ogden.   My mom has taught there for 30 years and is still teaching there.   My friends who are like siblings to me spent most of their years there.  My brother is a teacher and coach at a Catholic High School in the area.    My friend’s kids now go to various Catholic schools around here.    So, I would be kidding myself if I didn’t admit that it was a very hard decision for us to not send Ricky to a Catholic School.   I almost feel like I am betraying my heritage.

But we made our decision and I felt great about it, until last Monday when my facebook news feed was plastered with my friends children’s pictures all in their adorable plaid jumpers, navy shorts, white shoes… you know the official uniform.   It varies a bit between school, but it is recognizable to most.    I worried and questioned our decision until today.    There are things that I will miss this year, I am sure.  For starters, I already miss the uniform (I can’t believe I would ever admit that, but as I parent my views have changed… I love the uniforms now!) I am sure I will miss the smaller class sizes.   I know I will miss the Christian and religious teachings that are part of the curriculum.   I will miss feeling like I am part of a family when I enter the school doors.

However, there are things that I will love and today I realized a lot of them.   We love that we can walk to school.   We loved Ricky’s classroom and his sweet teacher.    We love that Ricky will have friends that live houses and blocks away rather than miles or cities away.     I hope, and I think that I will  feel a part of this community also.

Before we even hit the school property Ricky saw a boy walking with his parents that he knows through a mutual friend.    Within minutes of lining up outside we had already learned the names of some kids and their parents.    Ricky was a bit shy, as is normal for him, but I could tell he felt comfortable.   He’s excited and ready!

He was thrilled to get have his name called and get his name tag.   And he beamed when another kid, whom he has played with a few times at a friend’s house announced to the teacher after Ricky’s name was called, “Oh I know him really good, that’s Ricky right there.”

I loved the set up of this first hour where the parents and kindergarteners could attend together.   We’re ready for a whole new phase!    However, whoever said that life is easier when your kids get into school is mistaken!  I already feel busier than ever.   We’ve got soccer and homework and mandatory reading time and schedules and etc, etc..    We typically do this stuff regardless, however the requirement attached to everything adds a bit of stress.

All in all, we had a great day.   After coming home from school, having lunch and getting the babies down for a nap, Ricky and I had some one on one time.   We read one of my favorite stories from when I was a kid,  “I wish that I had duck feet.”    (We’ve got to get that 20 minute per day reading requirement in!  ;)) I think it’s already one of Ricky’s favorites too… he giggled all the way through and asked Ken to read it to him again before bed tonight.    And then we had ice cream.

I’m ready for the structure and the schedules of fall.    And, I’m once again happy with our decision.


Andrea - Seriously, how did these two boys turn into Kindergarteners?? They were just born a couple months ago!! Thor starts Tuesday. Hopefully we can get them together soon. I love the photos with his teacher.

Davis County Fair

Approximately two years ago on a Friday afternoon my baby boys were 6 days old.   We had only been home from the hospital for 3 days when I had the need, the urge, the dying desire to get out of the house as a family.    It was probably more my worry over Ricky and wanting to make sure he didn’t feel slighted in anyway with 2 new babies being the center of attention than my need to get out of the house.  But right then and there on that hot August afternoon I strolled my 3 year old and my 6 day old, 5 pound preemie babies into the Davis County Fair.   I’m sure Ken thought I was nuts but he went along with my suggestion anyway.

We strolled through the rides, the games, the food booths and the farm animals proudly announcing to anyone that would ask that “yes, the babies were twins and they were only a week old.”   I must have been in a HEAVY post-postpartum fog to not have seen the  “you’re a crazy lady”  looks that surely were plastered all over their faces.    Until….. I walked out of the farm animal area and saw a sign that stated, “Food, drinks, bottles should not enter this area because they could become contaminated and kill your one week old premature twin babies”   (or something like that).      And the fog lifted and I freaked.    “Ken, we’re leaving now.”   No more rides, no more food, no more talking to strangers with germs that want to ooh and ahh over the babies.    We rushed out of there as fast as we could and when we were finally safe in the car with gobs of hand-sanitizer covering our hands, I admitted defeat, “That was such a stupid decision to take them here.”    It was two years ago, but I’m sure Ken smiled and nodded, silently agreeing with my craziness yet again.

However, this year we went again.     This time was perfect.   We went on a Thursday evening and it wasn’t too crowded and all of the boys had a great time!    And while we spent way too much money on countless tickets for rides, multiple attempts to win Dollar Store quality stuffed animals and unhealthy junk food, Ken and I had a great time watching the boys giggle down the jump house slide, wave from the top of the Lasership and grip tightly to the sides of the rollercoaster also known as the “choo-choo” to Nolan and Benny.       This marks the first amusement park rides that the twins have ridden.

They all could have sat in the same seat on any of these rides, but they all wanted to be by themselves!     They look a little serious, but they loved it and didn’t want to get out when the rides stopped.

Ricky’s been the past two nights in a row and keeps asking to go again today.   I think we’ll pass for today, but what a great little tradition for our family even if year one was a disaster.


Nolan’s new haircut

The boys got some much needed haircuts today.   Here is a picture of Nolan’s.  What do you think?  I can’t decide if I like it or not.

Just Kidding!  This was mid-haircut, but we were cracking up so I had to get a shot of it.   However, the kid could pull off a Vanilla Ice look if he wanted!

He was quite a serious boy today and kept this look the entire time his hair was being cut.   The only change was when the clippers would get louder, or faster, or a new comb or brush was pulled out … then his eyes would get really big and his eyebrows would furrow, but the expression never changed.

On a side note, that scab on his nose?  That’s from his daddy.   Well not really from him but because of him.   Nolan is afraid of grasshoppers and Ken thinks it is funny to catch them and chase Nolan with them.    On this particular day Nolan ran right into a tree trying to escape the Daddy with the Grasshopper!

Here is a video of him today…he’s not so afraid of them anymore or maybe he is just more trusting of me than Daddy.   But,  I just love how he says “grasshopper.”

Construction Birthday Party

My babies are TWO.   Two years have flown by in the blink of an eye.   Last weekend we celebrated their birthday with dump trucks and tractors and all things construction.

I had so much fun planning this party.    Some may call (and many have called) me crazy however I really do enjoy the planning, painting, baking, organizing to see a celebration come together for those that I love.   And while Ken continually suggests, “we don’t need a party,”  I gasp in disbelief at the thought every time.     No way.   I love a good theme.   Give me an hour or so on google and a trip to the dollar store and the ideas start flowing.   I can’t help it, really.     I sometimes briefly begin to see his point around 2:00 am as I am still awake stenciling paint on cardboard road signs or when my guests say things like, “yep, I knew you’d pick out only the yellow and orange m&m’s.”    Yet, when the party is going strong and the kids are having a blast, I am happy and ready for the next theme.    However, I fully get that one day I may be committed for things like color coordinated  garbage construction “debris” bags.

“Loose Gravel”  for the Sandbox,  “Work Zone” for the Workbench, “Caution Wet Paint” for the edible pudding Finger Paint, “Caution, Slippery When Wet” for the Slip N’ Slide and Swimming pool.

The food table.

I had taken the boys to a real construction site with the hopes of using the pictures for their invitations but I ran out of time to make invitations so I used the pictures here instead.

I found so many fun ideas that had to do with a construction themed party – Drill Bit Pasta Salad.

Tool box containers for the plates, napkins and utensils.

Drinks being referred to as “Fuel”

The cake.

And ice cream bar.

No, I wasn’t kidding.   The debris bags really were present.   And I did receive the ridicule about them already.  🙂   The boys had so much fun and are in heaven with all of their new gifts.    Thank you to everyone.

A HUGE thanks to Marta Nimori and Associated Barricade for the real construction barricades, to our friend Chris for setting up his Slip N’ Slide again for us and to my friend, Carrie who gave me so many great ideas for the party from her son’s party with the same theme!

It’s truly hard to believe how much these little ones change in such a short amount.


Kimi P. - What an awesome theme! Very, very well done. 🙂

Jenny - That party looked AWESOME!!!!!
From the cake, to the decorations – I loved it all.
So worth staying up til 2:00 AM to get it all done.
You’re such a good mommy.

Heidi E - It looks like it was an amazing day- great job girl!

Andrea - Seriously Heather. You should be a party planner! It looks AMAZING and I’m just sorry we had to miss it. Hope to see you soon!

Erin Schumaker - That was the coolest construction site Kaiya has ever worked on!!!! Looks just like some of Grandpa Rons! Thanks again Heather for making us part of Nolan and Benny’s special day!

Katherine Thompson - OMG…what an awesome party! You should totally be a party planner! Did you make that cake? Too cute.

Heather Bird - Thanks everyone! I really did have fun doing it all – and totally worth staying up all night. Katherine.. Yes I made the cake.

Veronica Mounts - Your party was amazing! I am doing a construction theme for my 2 year old next week. My husband read your intro and said “Sounds like you” Smiling faces are toally worth it all the late nights. Great job Momma 🙂

Becca - Hi! This is the exact party I’m having for my almost 2 year old in a few weeks! He’s obsessed with trucks and we wanted it in our backyard but his bday is in August, in Texas! Anyway, this link was so helpful to come across and I love your cute ideas!! Any chance you know where I could find those cute serving bins that look like dump trucks? I’ve checked dollar stores everywhere! Thanks!

Heather Bird - Hi Veronica
Thanks so much for the comment. Parties are totally worth late night preparations!! My boy’s birthday is coming up soon and I haven’t started anything yet. Lots of late nights in my future, I think.

Best of luck with your party! Hope it is fantasic.

Heather Bird - Hi Becca,
Thanks so much for the comment. I got the serving bins from Home Depot. The are actually stacking tool boxes. They come in big sizes that I used for the salads and such and small sizes (in a pack of 3 maybe) that I used for the ice cream toppings. Hope you can find them!

Stacy - You are amazing!! I am doing this theme for my sons 2 year birthday. I’m using lots of your ideas, I’ll be sure to tell everyone where I got the ideas from when they ask 🙂 Hopefully it turns out as cute as yours did! Question…the signs, it looks like you cut cardboard, painted, used stencils and paint for the letters, then what type of stick did you mount them on and with what? Also are they resting in cinder blocks? What type of paint did you find worked best?

Thanks again!

Angela - Very nice ideas! I’m planning a construction party and I’m curious what the yellow containers you used to serve the salads are and where you got them. Thanks in advance