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Jump Around

“Jump around, jump around, jump up, jump up and get down.  Jump, jump, jump, jump, jump.” – House of Pain

This song has been stuck in my head for days.    Since the day I sang it to my boys while they were jumping.    And my apologies if you’ll now also be singing it for days.

I’m in for a long summer.   You see, this is not our trampoline.   This is our neighbor’s trampoline.   And the boys love it.  All three of them.   But the babies also love their dog, their steps, their balls, their chairs.   They love their yard.   However, they have to climb down a little cinder block wall and nearer to the overflowing stream behind our house to get there.

This picture doesn’t really illustrate the potential hazard well.  It is fairly deep, it flows and it presents a definite drowning hazard to curious toddlers.  But that doesn’t stop them.  In fact, nothing really stops them.  Not only do they love this neighbor’s yard, but they pretty much love any yard but our own.     They’re on the move and consequently I’ll be too!

To keep sane, I’ll probably just keep on singing, “Jump around, jump around, jump up, jump up,”……..because you know it’s kind of fitting “I’m coming to get ya, coming to get ya :), Spittin out lyrics, homie I’m with ya.”

Pray that my boys have a safe summer, far away from this stream for my own sanity but also for my poor mother who loses sleep regularly over it.


Suriya - “spittin out lyrics, homie I’m with ya” – your lyric recall is freakin me out.

Heather Bird - I had to look up who sang the song, but lyrics I can usually recall. But only if it’s a song from our teenage years!

Copyright 1970

A few weeks ago I received a call from my parent’s neighbor.   She had come across an entire set Time Life books on photography and she wanted to know if I would like them.   Of course I would like them.  I would LOVE them!   I figured they would be cool to have.   But what I didn’t realize is how many there were and how perfectly they had been preserved for over 40 years.  I’ve had a great time reading through some of them and looking at so many great photographs.   What is amazing to me is, although it seems that technology has changed everything in regards to photography, it really hasn’t changed much.  If you know the basics, you pretty much know photography.

Here are a few of them:

Of course I went for this one first:

One of the first pages I read contained this:

“Photographer Wayne Miller devoted four years exclusively to documenting the day to day lived of his own four children.  “Before my eyes,” he wrote when he was done, ‘courses were being charted that would be with these children to their dying day.  Frustration and defeat, success, pleasure, triumph were being carved into their natures.’  To witness such things with the camera as well as with the human eye is to get out of life something that should not be missed.”

And that, my friends, is why I will continue to photograph my boys day in and day out, (typically in excess).… to get a little more out of life and be sure nothing is missed.   To be able to relive those moments through photos, even the mundane day to day regular activities, so that I don’t miss a thing as it all goes flying by.   Oh and I’ll keep blogging about it too, so you don’t miss a thing either.  😉

Thank you Lynn and Ned for the wonderful gift of these timeless books.


Idie - What a great gift! And I love the quote!!

Heather Bird - Thanks Idie, I love the quote too!


Dear Benny,

Daddy often asks me, “If someone asked you to describe the boys, how would you describe each?”    I always answer this question the same way when describing you.   You are such a tender-hearted, caring, patient soul.    It may seem bizarre to give these labels to a baby, the self-centered beings of the world, but you are different.    I have countless examples that I could share but your actions a few nights ago describe your nature perfectly.

You were playing with a ball when Nolan took it from you.   He ran away with the ball and daddy insisted that he give it back to you.  After much prodding, Daddy took the ball, giving it back to you.   Nolan was very upset over the situation.  After one toss of the ball you walked over and gave the ball right back to Nolan.   You would much rather have him be happy that to have the ball yourself.  You seem to put others feelings first and always want your brothers, especially, to be happy.

You are a lover.  You love to cuddle and to hug.   And you love your thumb!

You love your monkey that we bought before you were born.   You love all shoes, but especially these rain boots.    You LOVE, love, love balls!  You have a natural shot and can actually make a basket already.   I recently moved the basketball hoop inside for you.    You patiently tried over and over again, backing further and further up until you found the perfect spot, concentrated so hard and made shot after shot!     You had some misses but the joy and pride on your face after each basket was awesome.

You would much rather do something physical, (jump, climb, dance, play ball, wrestle) than sit and play with cars or trains or anything similar.

And although you enjoy more physical type things, you are so clumsy!    As I type this, you are sound asleep upstairs with countless bruises on your legs, back, a scratch on your forehead and 2 skinned knees (from the day you escaped out the door in nothing but a diaper running as fast as you could but tripped landing directly on both knees on the cement).

Speaking of escaping, I have to mention that for as loving and caring as you are most of the time, you are still a little stinker!

  • You still find the need to throw your food, cup, spoon, toothbrush (actually anything) when you are done with it.  And when I ask you to stop or tell you “no,” you just laugh.  (I guess I’ll chalk that up to the love of balls, but I’ll be thrilled when you decide to stop).
  • You tear down the blinds for no other reason than because you know you aren’t suppose to, and oh you laugh then too.  (I’ll be thrilled when we replace these with ones that don’t fall off the track or whenever you’d like to stop pulling on them)
  • You despise getting dressed or getting your diaper changed and fight it each and every time (I just might be a tad bit thrilled when you decide to stop this too :))

What I won’t be thrilled with is when you stop waving and saying “Buhye, Buyhe” each and every bedtime when I leave the room.  Nor will I be thrilled when you stop running to join me in bed for a few extra minutes of snuggle time every Saturday and Sunday morning while Daddy, Ricky and Nolan are already busy starting the day.  I’ll actually be heartbroken, so let’s continue these for a long, long time.

I love you.  Love,


Kimberly Hodapp - Wow! Let me just say that I am so impressed with what you have done in being able to juggle all of your responsibilities and be organized about it all. This website thing is remarkable not only the amazing photography but I have appreciated your candid openness about your life! I used to be like that for a few short years then it all went away all at once and has never returned but I do see the light at the end of the tunnel in the not too distant future as I have let go of some major roadblocks that will, in the longrun, give way to my preferred lifestyle. Wish I could have had your insight at your age. How creative you are! I just wanted to say that I admire you, “my 78th recruit”! I’m really proud of you! Remembering lots of special times with you! Love ya, “Auntie” Kim

Heather Bird - Kim, Thank you so much for your kind comments. I appreciate them greatly. I’m not really all that organized, but I try :) This is a good outlet for me and I enjoy it, so I don’t mind being open and candid and I am happy that others can enjoy it also. This time of year always reminds me of you – I’ll miss you Easter morning! And I really missed out on being the 78th, huh ?!? Love and miss you!

The Golden Egg and many more

We’ve been anxious for Easter to get here for many weeks now.    Last night we decided we couldn’t wait anymore and decided to ward off the cold, wind and rain with some egg dyeing.

The golden egg was a gift from Grandma DeDe for the boys and Ricky has been babying it since the day it arrived weeks ago.  We are excited to start a new tradition that goes along with the egg.  Whoever finds the golden egg gets the special “goodies” inside and gets to write their name and year on the egg (along with bragging rights, of course).    Clearly Ricky is expecting that his name initiates the Golden Egg into our family.

Grandma DeDe also sent a book along with the Golden Egg.  It is an adorable story that we have read nightly lately.

Ricky, my little artist, had so much fun decorating the eggs.  He’d wait with anticipation for each one, stating, “This one is going to be beautiful!”   or “This is a mysterious one.”   We ended the night with another reading of the Golden Egg and with many questions about many days there are until Easter Sunday.



I’ve been inspired lately.   Inspired because my boys are growing up right before my eyes.   Inspired because they are changing daily.    Inspired because they, all three of them, seem to have new interests, say something adorable, or do something new each and every day.

I’ve been inspired lately by Kelly Hampton.    Inspired with this post in particular, but really by everything she is about… living life as a mother to the fullest, documenting it through pictures and writing about it.

And so, I decided that it didn’t matter if the house needed cleaning, if I had laundry to do, if it was going to be a hassle to drag strollers and junk out of the car over and over and over again, we were going to go do fun things!   We were going to make memories and stop sitting around the house.

And in the past few weeks, we have been busy doing just that.    We’ve been to the Children’s Museum twice, the mall to play on the toys (malls have full on kids areas now!), the Treehouse Museum, the Library to get a coveted library card, the movie theater, the Aquarium, the church parking lot to ride and drive freely, Ben & Jerry’s and other ice cream places, etc.

I do struggle with the feeling that I am leaving things undone.    Struggle with the knowledge that the laundry pile is overflowing from multiple areas and the feeling that I’ve had an “unproductive” day.   But then I think about our day, scroll through the pictures and know that we were much more productive in the fun category than I ever could have been tackling those loads of laundry.

So while we’ve had a blast, I do need to say:

To those of you who happened to be in the library while my toddlers ran back and forth screaming and laughing while I stood at the counter trying to get a 5 year old his library card as quickly as possible, “I’m sorry.”  It didn’t really occur to me until we were actually in the library and they were ecstatic with the open rows, that overly-tired, giddy, 1 year olds probably shouldn’t be in a library.   “But hey, they were having fun, so lighten up!  I hope you enjoyed the 5 minute break from silence and maybe laughed a bit over their craziness, I know I did.”

To the lady that got out of her seat to grab me a handful of spoons at Ben and Jerry’s after watching me get up for the 8th time to get a clean one after Benny had thrown his newly licked spoon on the floor yet again, “Thank you!”

To the couple in front of us at the movie, “Hop” who had to sit with their shoes in a puddle of Orange soda after Ricky dumped the entire cup prior to ever taking a sip, “I’m really sorry.”

To the lady who grabbed Nolan as he darted off up the stairs away from me, and then so kindly stated, “I’ll get that one” as Benny took off in the opposite direction as soon as my attention was diverted to capturing Nolan, “Thank you, dearly!”

It’s been an exhausting, sticky few weeks but I wouldn’t change it for all the clean laundry in the world.

Oh and to Kelle Hampton, stranger on the other side of the internet world, “thank you for the inspiration.”

Alison L - Heather, I have enjoyed looking at your blog for sometime now I think you are amazingly talented. Since you were inspired by a stranger I hope you won’t mind a stranger posting here, though we do have a connection I am Jon’s (Jon & Misti) sister and I made the pillows Misti gave to your boys. Anyway, one of the main reasons I blog is so that when I’m feeling like a lousey mother who has neglected her kids its nice to look back and see all the things I do, do with my kids. It’s a nice reminder. Love you pictures!

Heather Bird - Alison,
Thanks for the comments! So glad you finally posted. Of course, I don’t mind a stranger posting here and love to hear from those that follow my blog. The boys love the pillows! Thanks.