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Junk Food Junkie

This is what Ken came home with last night after a quick stop to “pick up something for dinner.”    How am I suppose to eat healthy and lose some weight with these things staring me down everywhere I turn?!?

Thanks, honey. 😉


The Dirty Dash 5K

I’ve seen lots of friends post pictures of various mud runs over the years and my response is the same every time, “That looks so fun, we have to do one of those some time.”   Well yesterday I had the chance to run one since my friends had an extra spot to the sold out event, The Dirty Dash at Soldier Hollow in Midway, Utah.   And my little runner man, Ricky joined me again.  Here’s a little recap our race experience:

I was prepared to get dirty and muddy but had no idea just how muddy people would be.    As we pulled into the parking lot we saw people everywhere covered from head to toe in mud.   The kids went before our wave of runners, so in running with Ricky I got a little practice session in.

Prior to the start of the “Piglet Plunge” Roan and Ricky are showing off their piglet tattoos.

Now, they don’t mess around.   The starting line is full of mud!   Below are the kids starting.

Ricky fell and lost his shoe in the thick mud less than 30 seconds into the race.  He was a little panicked at first, but we quickly recovered it, put it back on and he was off again.  Because of the fall he was immediately covered in mud, which was actually nothing compared to what was to come.

I was impressed with all of the kids and how well they all did running up a big, long, muddy hill.

Pushing on and upward, through a pretty steep portion of the hill:

Almost to the top.    Notice the yellow arch in between Ricky and the kid in the red… that is the starting line.   See?!  Quite an impressive distance for these little kids!

Just a bit further until the top:

Ricky making a run for it down the enormous slip n slide.

Roan was having a blast, giggling the whole way down the slide.

Some very slippery mud:

They’re doing great!

Spotting the last obstacle and finish line, and making a mad dash for it:

Heading toward the “plunge”

I don’t think anyone realized how deep this mud was until you were actually in it.


See, what was a little mud at the start compared to this?!?

And they finished!   Bailey, who tore up the course, was waiting for Ricky and Roan at the finish line!


It was awesome and I think they all had a great time!  Well, until they had to take a freezing cold shower to get cleaned up, but still – it was an awesome time.  I was pumped and excited for our wave to start.    Dale and Jen, before:

So, yes, I was pumped.   And then the race started and we ran up the crazy, muddy starting line hill past where the kids turned off and we encountered some hay bales to jump over, and then another set, and then another set.   And then I remembered this was a “Dirty Dash Obstacle Course!!    First came the hay bales, then came sets of tunnels to run (or slide or crawl) through, then came wooden plank walls (which were not fun to climb over!), then tire runs, and streams and quick-sand and the slip n slide and in between were LOTS of hills.   Oh and don’t forget the mud – which there was tons of!

Here we are, after:

So, was my assumption, “That looks like so much fun!” correct?    HECK YA, it was!   However it was also HARD and vary challenging!   I’m suppose to participate in an extreme 8 mile obstacle challenge next month and I have definitely got some work to do before I will be ready for it.

So the mud and the challenge was great, but my favorite part of this event was what came after the event.    Ricky’s shoes looked like this afterward and mine were 10x worse than this!

We cleaned them off and threw them on top of one of many mounds of shoes.  These shoes are now part of the Barefoot 5K for Africa.   All of the many, many shoes will be donated to people in Africa.   Ricky was sold on donating his shoes immediately after I explained what would happen to them.   He was happy to give his shoes to another little boy that didn’t have any.   Right after Ricky threw his shoes on the pile he saw a man next to him drop his shoes off too.    After seeing him, Ricky said, “Oh good, now a daddy there will have some shoes too.”

The best part of the experience was today on our way to my parent’s house Ricky said, “I can’t wait to tell Nana where I put my shoes.”   I wasn’t sure what he was talking about but he quickly reminded me, “Remember, I put them on the pile so they will take them on an airplane to a boy who doesn’t have enough money to buy shoes?”    I was very proud that he was more excited to tell Nana about his shoes that the enormous amount of mud he was covered in or any other part of the exciting race.

Carry on, little New Balance running shoes.    What an awesome event!


John - I just read your whole blog post. Glad you had a good time!

John at The Dirty Dash

Heather Bird - John, Thanks so much for your comment and for reading! We did have a great time and are looking forward to participating again. Thanks for a great event.

National Running Day

Yes, today really, truly is National Running Day.

I’ve finally got the running bug back in my system.  I want to run harder, faster and better my times.   Today being National Running Day and knowing that my fellow runners were celebrating with a run, I was motivated even more to get out there.   My training plan told me to run seven 400 meter intervals today faster than my typical pace.    I was discussing pace and speed with a friend and runner today when I told her, “well, I can’t run that fast.”  Her response was, “If you think you can, or you think you can’t, You are right.”   I decided I was going to the track (which I haven’t been to in years) and was going to give it my all and see just how fast I could run those 400 meter repeats.

Then Ken called and told me that he wasn’t going to be home until well after 9:00 pm.     Uugh, I was going to run today – on THE National Running Day, dammit!   So I loaded up the twins in the stroller, told Ricky to hop on his bike (all three of them already in their pajamas) and we went for a run.   I ran my seven 400 meter intervals running back and forth, back and forth.    I definitely wasn’t fast, and I’m not sure that I would have been much faster without them, but I’ll chalk it up to pushing 50 pounds plus a heavy stroller and I’ll try to improve my pace again tomorrow because while today I am not “that fast,” someday I will be.  Or at least I’ll attempt to think that way.

Get out there and run today!:)

**Updated to ad:  I should clarify that I wasn’t irritated with my husband who left the house at 6:00 am and was still working at 9:00!!  Love you, Honey.


Sandy - I didn’t run today~ I know, I know… but with Sunday’s race, I sat out today. I did run yesterday and enjoyed it. Once we recover from San Diego, I’m going to totally hit up your training plan. Also, love the shoes in this shot =) you and I are so much alike~ just got fitted and ended up with these =)

Heather Bird - Sandy, It took me awhile to get used to these shoes (maybe the inserts more than the shoes) but I’m about ready to order another pair because I now love them! You’re well on your way to your six half marathons this year! Woo Hoo. I think I’ll be able to make that goal also, especially if I sign up for Vegas!

Dr. Ricky

“Hey mom, I’ve got a great idea, we can play…”   Usually when Ricky’s ideas start with this, he has some sort of plan in his head in which he will instruct me exactly how to play with him.    “And then you walk in, and then you say ‘my baby is sick, and then you take 2 steps to the door, pat your head, spin around 3 times.”   I’m exaggerating a bit on the “two steps to the door, etc”, but honestly he loves to tell you how to play, what to say, where to go.   On this day a few weeks ago Ricky was the doctor and he was able to find a wonderful remedy to cure my sick babies…. of course after 30 minutes of very specific instruction:)

He was crackin’ me up with his glasses and book of medicine.


Katherine Thompson - Are those his real glasses? He has me laughing out loud. The look on his face reminds me of an old Dr. that shouldn’t be practicing anymore, but refuses to retire. Love how he is referring to his medical book.

Suriya - this is a great post – I love how serious he looks. I hope your babies are feeling better :-)

Heather Bird - Katherine, Yes those are Ken’s reading glasses and he loves to play with them. However, after his recent doctor’s appointment he may actually need glasses. He didn’t do so well on the eye test, so maybe that is why he likes to wear them!

Suriya, Yes, he was very serious. My babies are feeling great, thanks to Ricky’s remedy :) Hope your baby comes SOON… we’re getting close to that induction date. Hope he makes his appearance before then. Love you.

Addison May {Farmington, UT Newborn Photographer}

Meet Addison May.  She turned 3 weeks old yesterday and she is absolutely precious.   “They” say that best time to photograph newborns is within the first 10 days.   During the first 10 days newborns are still very sleepy and can be easily posed.   Addison proved the proverbial “they” right.   She made us work for these, protesting sleep for quite awhile but eventually she caved and I am thrilled with what we captured.

She even gave me a little smile!

A couple with mommy.   Would you not die to look this good just three weeks after giving birth?!?

This gal already has a wardrobe that belongs in Hollywood.

And after all that work to get her to sleep she woke up to give me this shot:)– love it!

Welcome to the world, little Addison.