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Day 8 – 365 > What did we do 100 years ago before….

So we’re driving along today and my husband says, “Imagine 100 years ago.  What did they do before…..”
Of course I am thinking, “before TV, before the cell phones, before microwaves, before my Garmin, etc.”    And he is wondering:

“What did they do before CHAPSTICK?!?”

He’s an addict, I swear.   These were just the “few” that I found lying around our office and kitchen.
Guess they had a lot of chapped lips?


Cathy Brown - I love this photo, Heather. I’m a chapstick addict too!

Heather Bird - Awwe, thanks Cathy. You’re entitled…any mother who pulls their toddler behind them while on skis, braving the cold surely needs to have a chapstick addiction! :)

Day 7 – 365

Friday night rainbow?

My Friday night was more of the silver coloration, with just 64 little calories.   But the wine picture was much more interesting than the little ol’ MGD64 can.


Day 5 – 365 >Wii

Our nightly entertainment!

So, I am not a huge fan of video games.   Give me Ms. Pac Man, maybe a little Tetris and I’m happy to play for a bit but I definitely am not a gamer.    So when my husband walked in with a Wii days before Christmas after we were done with our shopping and after our budget was beyond done, I wasn’t really thrilled.    But then we started playing… and we have had more fun with it than I ever imagined.  Ricky is bowling like a pro and seeing my Wii Fit Mii was quite eye-opening (yes, I’ll go with “eye-opening” vs. depressing!) We haven’t had a day since Christmas where we haven’t played.

So while I’ll never be an avid video gamer, I’m thrilled with the purchase.   And I’m having just as much fun playing as I am watching Ken try to figure out how to bowl by pushing a button, swing a golf club sitting down and hoola-hoop like a mad man. (There is a video of him hoola-hooping but I think I might be a dead woman if I put that on the internet! ):)

Oh and by the way Tetris is available for the Wii!   THAT just might be MY next surprise purchase.


Day 4 – 365 > Bedtime

Day 4 of 365.   Oh how I missed my babies today!   They did just fine and had a ball at the new sitter’s house but I sure worried about them all day.   Here they are this evening snuggled up together with each of their favorite things ready for a story.

One of my favorite parts of the day.