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Long before the plague and the monsoons that pounded our house for days (which, by the way, had me seriously questioning if the end of the world really was at hand) we had a couple of beautiful days filled with fun activities, including visiting Utah’s Hogle Zoo with some friends.    It had been a couple of years since I had been to the Zoo and the boys loved it.

I love giraffes, however those tongues freak me out!

What’s with kids trying to get into the animal cages, always?!?

This next picture is pretty much the story of my life :).   They never go in the same direction.

So consequently we have to spend most outings like this:

Anyway, we had a great time and we are ready to have this nice, warm weather back for awhile, please!


Ricky wins again!

The Ogden Marathon was today.   I’ve run the full Ogden marathon once quite a few years ago and it’s one of the best marathons you can run, in my opinion.   Last year a group of our friends ran on 3 different marathon relay teams and I was reminded then of how awesome this race is.    This year the event, which is no longer a secret, sold out in crazy, record times and I didn’t get signed up for the half marathon which I had really hoped to run.    However, I decided yesterday morning that I might as well head up to my little home town and be part of the action, so I signed up for the 5k.

I was so happy that I did.  It was a beautiful morning and the 5k course is just as awesome as the marathon course.  I saw so many great friends out participating in all of the events.    Quite a few friends ran the 5k with me and I was able to watch some of my other friends finish the half marathon, including one who was the 2nd overall women’s finisher!  Amazing!    Watching all of these runners finish the half and full marathons was inspirational and just the kick in the butt I needed to get moving seriously again!  I’ve got the Ragnar Wasatch Back in a few weeks and the San Francisco Half Marathon in July and my training has been seriously lacking.   Thanks to everyone who was out there today for the inspiration.

But the highlight of my morning was being able to run another race with Ricky.   He participated in the Kids K again this year.   His first race ever was this race last year and as I mentioned then, and after his second race, I truly think this kid is a runner at heart.   He complained once during the start of the race that it was going to be long, but then he took off on a mission to pass kids.   He rounded the corner that was just over half way and could see the finish line straight ahead and he was off!   I honestly had a tough time keeping up with him!    He loved beating me and keeps reminded me that he WON!

Way to go, Ricky!

Love, Mommy

Lexy and Family {Salt Lake City Family Photographer}

Ok, first of all, I need to start this post with another apology and a big huge THANK YOU to this adorable little family.    This poor family had to be rescheduled twice and then still ended up having to have me shoot their pictures when I felt miserable, thanks to my long lasting sickness of last week.    Not only were they so flexible but have been so patient waiting for their pictures to be posted, given my need to recover into this week.

Despite how I felt physically, I had a blast meeting and hanging out with them for a bit.    Little Lexy was so fast, constantly on the go and just thrilled to be outside in some beautiful weather!

Thanks again,


This is what we are dealing with in our house this week for one or or all of us:

Ken is out of town and this mommy is tired of being sick, tired of sick boys, tired of diarrhea, tired of vomit, tired of the pinning down of my babies to administer medicine or breathing treatments, tired of scrubbing carpet and furniture, tired of laundry, tired of coughing, and while we’re at it I’m pretty tired of Barney!   We’ve been cooped up all week and Barney has been my saving grace on some days but I’m pretty sick of that purple dinosaur now.

Not long ago my brother and I had a discussion about how we would rather have any sickness other than the nausea-inducing flu.   We both agreed that nauseousness was the worst.    After this week, whatever virus I have that brings on a constant fever, a cough that feels like my my throat is on fire and like my lungs are going to burst ranks a pretty close second.  I don’t really remember being this sick with this type of thing ever.

A huge thanks to my mom and my friend Teresa who have been here to help and thanks to everyone who has been concerned and offered help.  I appreciate it, greatly.

And to those of you waiting on pictures, or appointments that had to be rescheduled ~ my biggest apologies for the delays!


Lukas {Salt Lake City Newborn Photographer}

Kase and Mary had plans for the Saturday before Easter not unlike the plans of most people on this day.   They had family in town and were going to color Easter eggs.    One week later, the eggs remained colorless.

They were blessed with so much more than colorful eggs this Easter Sunday.

On Saturday, I received a message from Kase and Mary to let me know that they were about to have their first baby.    Our plan was that I would hop on a plane as fast as I could and make it in time to photograph the birth of their baby boy.    My heart sank when I listened to my friend’s message, read her text, checked the time and realized that she had called 6 hours earlier!   I figured there was no way that I would make it in time, especially after determining that the earliest flight I could get was the next morning, Easter Sunday morning.     I booked the flight and was so excited… and then it occurred to me that I would miss Easter Sunday morning with my boys.

I battled with myself all night long, knowing that I would probably miss the birth even if I did get on that plane but then would also miss Easter with my family.   I was bound and determined to have both.   I woke at 4:30 am, showered and packed my things.   I woke the boys early and tried to enjoy Easter baskets and eggs with them but I was rushing them, rushing the moments, rushing everything.    And then I talked to Kase who told me that Mary was still in labor, HOURS later, but he didn’t think there was any I would make it.   When he estimated that she would have the baby in an hour or two, I made the decision not to go.   I hung up the phone, retreated to our office and cried.   I had wanted to be there so badly.

I relaxed a bit and enjoyed Easter, while waiting for the call…Lukas Diego was born at 9:42 am, on Easter Sunday. My plane would have landed at 9:55 am.    And while I felt some relief in the fact that I wouldn’t have made it anyway, I had a terrible feeling of regret all week.   I had selfish regret because I wanted so badly to photograph his birth, but also regret that I wouldn’t be able to capture those once in a lifetime moments for my dear friends.

It wasn’t until I arrived, almost one week later and got to hold that precious baby boy in the comfort of his home, that I started to feel better.    I was blessed to be able to photograph other firsts… his first bath, his first Saturday, his first restaurant outing, and life as it has changed at home for my friends.

Changes such as reading material for my literary friends.    These types of books are scattered amongst their collection now:

They’ve added a new bookcase and a new collection:

And this beautiful little guy is the reason:  (I know, I know… get to the baby pictures already! ;))

His first bath was a success, even though he wasn’t too happy at the end!

He was an angel on his first Saturday outing:

One week old:

I loved capturing moments like these throughout the weekend:

And for all the time that I was there, you would think we would have gotten a lot of pictures of Lukas sound asleep.   This is the only one:

But you can’t really blame him, when you have a view like this outside of your window:

I got a kick out of their dogs.    I’m sure they’re pretty confused about what is going on in their house!

And one last one for the K State fans… he’s gotta be one of the cutest babies I’ve ever seen!

Everything about this little trip was perfect.    The company, the food, the peacefulness, the baby and all of the new experiences …. I loved being a part of it all and especially loved capturing some of these beautiful moments.

Thank you, Kase and Mary, for a perfect weekend and welcome to the world, Lukas!


Karen Shipp - Love the pictures! I’m Mary’s Aunt Karen, and live in Kansas, and totally enjoyed your story and the pictures! Thank you so much!

Heather Bird - Karen, You are very welcome, it is my pleasure. Thanks for stopping by! Congratulations on a new great-nephew. He’s perfect.

Mary Johnstun - Thanks for the amazing photos and sweet words, Heather! I’m so glad you got an Easter with your boys and that we got a weekend with you! Great photos, great friend!

Angelina - Love your commentary..and of course the beautiful photos! Congratulations to the Johnstun family!

debbie shaw - Congratulations Kase and Mary! What an awesome baby! A reproduction of love and devotion. Words can’t describe it….. You’re in for some great fun. And Mary, Happy Mother’s Day!

Love to all, Deb and Tom

Tara Travis - Beautiful pictures Heather! I love them. Kase and Mary are just too cute together and Lukas is just the best little addition. We’ve been waiting for him for years!

Erin Schumaker - Nice photo shoot Heather! Lucas is absolutely beautiful, congrats!