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35 years

One day ago was my birth day
A morning that started in a different way
Hours filled with boys and play
A dinner of a yummy filet
35 great years, I’d say

I’m no Dr. Suess but boy was my mind a rhyming yesterday.   As we made our way through school drop off and doctors appointments and errands and a birthday dinner I continually recited lines from various Suess books in my head.   “Try them, and you may, I say.”   “But the zillow on my pillow always helps me fall asleep.”  And on and on.

My 35th birthday started exceptionally early when the power in our house went out at 4:00 am.   Now most people oversleep when the power goes out in the middle of the night but for whatever reason the sounds of everything powering down in our house all at once startled me out of a deep sleep.   It did the same for Ricky and Ken (clearly we may have too many loud, power sucking devices in our house). Ken got up and got showered for work deciding to make it an early day.   Ricky cried from down the hall saying it was too dark.   I brought him into bed with me thinking we’d go right back to sleep but once he realized the power was out and we had a reason to use flashlights, he was wide awake!   After too long of shining a flashlight all around and jabbering away, I suggested we read.    We read and read and read.  In fact, after getting bored with our current books I went high into the shelves of my closet and brought out a surprise stash of books.   I’ve been collecting various Dr. Suess themed things for a some rainy day in the future Dr. Suess party… which will probably never happen but if it ever does, I’m prepared.   Anyway, I remembered I had a stash of books up there.  Ricky was surprised and ecstatic to have a whole new pile of books to read from.

The two of us read book after book by the light of our camping lantern.  Ricky loved it.   I loved it.   I really did love it for the first 2 or 3 long, rhyming books, but by the 4th or 5th long, rhyming book I was beginning to wonder why I dug into the secret stash.   And when rhymes were still ringing in my head 16 hours later….. well, let’s just say it may be an even longer time before we have that Dr. Suess party 😉

Anyway, Ricky and I had a wonderful start to my 35th birthday!
The rest of the day was filled with busy, every day responsibilities:

  • We dropped Ricky off at school and rushed to the twins 2 year old check up.  (They are doing great developmentally and are tall, lean boys.  Both 50th percentile weight, Nolan 75th height and Benny 95th height!)
  • We ran a few errands.
  • We came home in time to take Ricky for his first eye doctor appointment.  (My little man will be sporting some adorable glasses by next week – pictures to come!)
  • I cleaned the house.
  • I was blessed by so many calls and messages and gifts from so many family and friends.
  • Ken and I ventured out to dinner without the kids, just the two of us (I can’t remember the last time we did that!) and it was wonderful!

Our attempt as using the self-timer before heading out for the day… dang it.

Ricky sporting his glasses after having his eyes dilated.   This is typically a look for, oh I don’t know an 82 year old – but he looked so cute running around and playing with them on.

Thank you my wonderful husband and boys, to those that brought over gifts or mailed them and to all of you that called, texted, left messages on Facebook or elsewhere for making my birthday so wonderful.


Suburbia Sandlot

So, it’s not exactly The Sandlot.   In fact, it’s not really anything like it.   It’s actually a soft green yard where our preppy, polo shirt wearin’ kids play baseball.   The only thing that they’re afraid of is one of their mothers calling them in for the night.     And the biggest danger is not the massive and ferocious dog on the other end of a home run but rather a two-year old brother throwing the balls into the bushes over and over again.

No, it’s not The Sandlot.    But these boys are learning to love the game of baseball just the same.   A simple evening game with a frisbee as the pitcher’s mound, trees for first and second base and rules that change as they go based on what will keep everyone happy is their version of the game for now.   Where their teams are denoted by the color of bat they are using  (sorry Uncle Scott, Crazy Neighbor Dale and Matt Snow – they clearly don’t know where their Utah / BYU alliances fall but I didn’t have the heart to correct their team choices as you may have) and they pitch until someone gets a hit.

They love it, almost as much as they love playing croquet 🙂 and it is clear that my baseball lovin’ husband loves it even more.    The first words out of his mouth when he pulled in and saw all the boys playing was, “Yeah, Baseball!”

So, yeah, baseball!


Elisha - Love these Heather! Those boys play so well together. We need to swap CDs some time with all the pictures of our kids on them!

I Heart Faces – White Challenge

This week’s theme at I Heart Faces is White.   Nolan was about 6 months old in this shot, and I love it.       The white onesie just may be my favorite baby attire.   And now that my boys have passed the two-year  mark I’m sad to say that we are on the brink of outgrowing the largest size white onesie that exists.

There are many other great “white” themed shots over at:



Sarah K. - I am in love with this photo! What a gorgeous baby!!

paige - I love this! Great shot!

schtanzerl - he’s so fun 🙂 nice picture

Megan - he is so cute– what a great photo!

erica antesberger - such a cutie..love the hair….and love the picture

Latisha - I love the crispness of the photo! Love the hair! Adorable!

Declan Russell {Salt Lake City Birth Photographer}

Last night I was blessed to be a part of the birth of one very special baby boy.    I mentioned in this post that I couldn’t be more thrilled for my friends back then, but last night was truly the night where I couldn’t have been happier!   A content and healthy baby Declan arrived surrounded by so many people that love and cherish this beautiful boy.

Speaking as a photographer, this was hard.  I didn’t expect that documenting a birth would be so technically challenging, stressful and emotional , but it was in so many ways.     However, in speaking from my heart I can’t think of anything more rewarding than to photograph than the first moments of life.    It was truly an honor to be able to document such an amazing few hours.


Here is a slideshow of Declan’s birth story…
(I’m not the best at figuring out you-tube and don’t know how to embed a larger video with decent quality here, but it is here, even though it is small!)

Music “Welcome to this world” used with permission from Renee and Jeremy.

Congratulations to you all and Welcome to the world, lil’ Declan!

Much love,

Elisha - Love, love, LOVE! You’re amazing, and that video was so beautiful!!


Tonight I sit here with a disaster of a house.   As I carried the last sleeping boy up to bed I thought seriously about tackling every bit of the cleaning tonight.    Then, I emptied half of the dishwasher, looked around and retreated to the office where I am still sitting.    I started scrolling through recent pictures… files after files that I have done nothing with yet.     And this was just much more enjoyable than cleaning.

The dishwasher is still open and only half emptied, there is a half eaten piece of corn on the cob on the counter left on the way rushing out the door to Ricky’s first soccer game, there are random cups and dishes everywhere, toys scattered amongst the dishes, a dirty diaper (thank goodnees not a poopy one) left next to the basket full of diapers, wet clothes thrown on the stairs after Benny escaped to the neighbors sprinklers on our way out the door late for a birthday party, a can of soup that is staring me down from in front of the computer monitor, (Nolan’s new thing is to bring random things to me throughout the day), mail and papers and trash, etc. etc.

People often say, “I don’t know how you have time to blog.”    My answer probably should be, “I don’t have time,” because truly, as can be seen if you visited my house tonight, I DO NOT.   But it is therapeutic for me.   I enjoy archiving my days and attaching my thoughts to the images I take.    And as much as I enjoy it, as much as I sometimes need to leave the mess behind the door of the office and recap my thoughts in a blog post,  I know I will enjoy this even more years from now.    When I can look back and remember the crazy messes (hopeful thinking that this will change?), the funny things my boys do, the little everyday things that we will forget is when I will really be thankful that I took the time to record it and that I let the mess wait for tomorrow.

And so, here are some random shots that I’ve taken over the past couple of months:

Not the best technical image, but I love this one.

Nana's pool is the best! Glad we borrowed it for a few days.

Ricky's huge shoe on one wrong foot, one slightly too small croc on the other wrong foot - Benny's new favorite task of trying to dress himself.

Nolan and his "baby."

Nolan and "daddy." Nolan calls anyone between the age of 18 and 50 or so, "Daddy." Including random men in the store that look like this man and nothing like his real daddy. It seems really funny, but it's pretty embarrassing when he says to the 19 year old tatooed kid, "hi daddy," and the kid looks at me like, "ummm, I hope not?!?!"

Nothing better than newly bathed boys right out of the tub.

The kid can Hula-Hoop! Woot.

A normal day in our house ... and of course it's always on the carpeted portion.

For years I hassled my mom because in most of my baby pictures I am clad in only a diaper. Sorry, mom... I get it now.

My friend thinks he looks exactly like Curious George, but I've always thought he resembles a turtle, especially here.

Alrighty, I guess I should at least throw the diaper and corn on the cob away before heading to bed.