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When perfect doesn’t matter.

I’m sharing this photo, even though I shouldn’t. I know it is over-exposed and therefore something I shouldn’t include as part of this session or post here, but there is something about it that I love, even though not technically correct. If I am being honest, this was a difficult shoot…. lighting conditions were not ideal … indoor, on fast moving subjects. But it was a blast and although I have some imperfect shots, they are FUN!


Ricky’s 5th Birthday

Ricky is FIVE!  It is amazing how fast five years can fly by when you are a parent.  It feels like it was just yesterday that I held my beautiful baby boy for the first time… yet, it’s also hard to remember life before holding him that first time.   The last five years have been the most blessed years of my life.   Anyway, before I get too choked up and sentimental, I’ll get on to the pictures and the story of Ricky’s 5th Birthday Party err, Celebration!

Ricky received a BIG surprise for his birthday!

I decided I would make a Mickey Cake to go along with his birthday gift.

We have a tradition that started a few years back … Ricky loves to wake up to a big surprise of seeing his cake for the first time.   This year, he was awake while I was making it, but every time he would walk into or past the kitchen, he would cover his eyes as he didn’t want to ruin the surprise.    While he caught glimpses of it here and there throughout the morning, here he is seeing the official finished product for the first time:

Because of his big gift, we decided not to have a party this year.    Although we weren’t going to have a big party we wanted to have a little celebration.    We’d have cake and he would invite a friend or two to do something fun for the afternoon.      So, please, don’t let these next pictures fool you… this was NOT a party.    Because well, you know, we agreed, “no party this year.”

I tried, I really did.  But I am being dead serious when I tell you, Mickey Mouse is everywhere!   Every time I turned around I saw another perfect party accessory.

The past two years have been torture to find anything remotely related to his party theme.     Last year I visited every McDonalds’s in Northern Utah attempting to get each Alvin and the Chipmunk character from the happy meals and the year before I was on a wild goose chase for bug related stuff in January!    This was just too easy to resist.   So I gave in!   I mean how could I resist when I ran into Mickey Mouse cheese while randomly grocery shopping … seriously?!?

So a great day was planned!    Here is the birthday boy ready to head on out for some fun activities, clad in his “FIVE” gear.

We did a little bowling.    Gotta love 5 year old bowling techniques:

We were a little worried about how Ricky would react to bowling for real since he has made it to “Pro” level on the Wii and actually really understands the game quite well.   He was a great sport and although he didn’t get any strikes, he did get a few spares and was ecstatic!  (I loved how supportive the boys were of each other!):)

We golfed a little.   Gotta love 5 year old golf techniques even more!   Why bother taking turns or letting the ball stop rolling?

We lucked out with an absolutely beautiful day before tons of snow hit!

And we did a little Go Kart Racing:

And we ate a lot of cake!    It was a wonderful day with lots of wishes come true.

This little man was completely zonked out at 6:30 pm for the night!

We love you Ricky!


Mommy and Daddy

Andrea - I’m laughing out loud at all the “non-party” pictures! Thor had SUCH a great time. Thank you again for including him and for posting these. I love having a little glimpse of how the afternoon went.

Heather Bird - So glad Thor had fun and Ricky was just as thrilled to have him. Thank you to you ALL.

Pam D - Thanks so much for commenting on my IHF entry. I’ll comment on yours in a minute, but I got totally sucked in by this post!!! LOVE your “non-party”… that is definitely the way to do it! ONE good friend, no huge pile of “stuff” to deal with, and a present that will make memories for a lifetime. Perfect! Happy birthday to your handsome boy. Oh, and .. um… DON’T BLINK!!! My boy is nearly 11 and will be in MIDDLE SCHOOL next year. I want to just scream… and scream… and hide…

Suriya - Will you throw me a non-party too???? :-)

Looks like the boys had so much fun and Ricky is lucky to have such a great mommy and daddy. I love the pictures and the entire post. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Heather Bird - Pam, Thanks for the comments. And you are right – time flies!
Suriya, Actually I will throw you a real party! Let’s figure out a date when I can. :) Thanks for you comments. I miss you!

Family photos

My mom decided that she would like some photos of her and my dad with the grandkids, mainly to use for her Christmas card, but I am so happy to have them.   I know the boys will love having these someday.      We threw it together one afternoon the week before Christmas.   Can you believe this is how they were dressed on a late afternoon in December?    It was gorgeous.

One of Ricky’s favorite things to do at my parent’s house is to drive Lightning McQueen to the church parking lot where he can go crazy, speeding around, parking, driving in circles… whatever he wants!   We decided to walk / drive over there for the pictures.

Nolan must have been tired this day.   He wanted to be held most of the time, while Benny was running around exploring.

And one of just my mom and my goofy dad!


Kerry Hankins - Heather…these are such great photos! You truly are so talented!

Day 21 – 365 > Benny and his monkey

This monkey is probably Benny’s favorite thing (other than his thumb!)    We had a lazy morning… Nolan was up a lot last night so he was asleep this morning which gave Benny and I some one on one time (well one on one plus the monkey time) and I was so happy to be able to capture him with his love! ;)

I’ve been playing around with some story boards or collages of images for my blog, rather than just an endless column of pictures to scroll through.  Same pictures, obviously, but I wanted to post this also to see how I (or others) like it.

Hope you have wonderful weekend!  We’ve got a big birthday weekend planned for my big boy who is just about FIVE!


Day 20 – 365

Nolan’s newest infactuation.

He spent all night pulling them off, just to scream to have them put back on.  :)


PS – For the photographers out there.   This was shot at an ISO of 4000 with basically only the TV light as any real light source.  I’m in love with my new camera!