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Hankins {Salt Lake City Maternity Photographer}

I’ve thought about what I would like to say in this blog post since before I took these pictures.   This beautiful family has more strength than I can ever imagine.    I don’t really have the words to describe how happy I am that this sweet family is expecting a healthy baby boy very soon.    So, I’ll move onto the pictures and just say to you all, Congratulations!  I couldn’t be more thrilled and I, of course, can’t wait to meet your very blessed little guy!

You’re beautiful!

Much Love,

Nicole - What adorable pictures Heather! What an amazing family, I wish them the best with the new baby boy : ).

Reese & James {Ogden, UT Children’s Photographer}

Carrie is one of my oldest and probably my first running friend.  It wasn’t until we both started running cross country and track in high school that we became close friends.   The nature of division 1A high school sports and the travel involved promotes long standing friendships with your teammates.  Plus, my parents moved just a few house away from her parent’s house during my freshman year of high school which meant we had more opportunities to run together.  Carrie was and is an amazing runner.   My running left a lot to be desired, however my competitiveness started to come out around age 14 and if Carrie was out running that dang hill in front of my parent’s house, I was going to be running it to.   And so we ran.   And so we became even better friends.    Her parent’s still refer to me as “Heath-O” because that is how my 3 year old sister would cheer for me at my track meets and it just stuck.

I don’t see Carrie nearly enough, but every time she comes to town we seem to get together for pictures of her gorgeous kids.    And that’s another reason why I love photography – anything that allows me to see old friends more often gets a plus in my book.

They kept cracking up at each other in these next few.   It was perfect and made my job a little easier.

A little bit more serious.

I know I’m stating the obvious here, but his eyes and lips are to die for.    I don’t do any special editing to eyes.   I just do my normal processing to the entire photo however, those eyes just sparkle all on their own!

And we ending the morning with a treat, for a job well done, kids!

Again, the eyes, the eyes!

So, so great to see you and the kids, Carrie.


Idie - Cute! Those ARE great eyes!

Summer Nights

Finally the summer weather is here and if I could spend every summer night as I did tonight, I’d label my summer as one of the best.

I filled up the pool for a quick swim even though the hole from last summer was still very apparent and fed my boys popsicles even though it was almost dinnertime.   Just because…. it’s summer.    I made it a point to not to get irritated when soaking wet, grass covered, tiny, boy feet came running across my newly polished hardwood floor again and again.   Just because…it’s summer.    I lit a fire (I won’t mention that my dear husband poured gas on it before I lit it and that I now have fewer strands of hair left on my head…nope not mentioning it!) because it was a beautiful summer night.    I opened a delicious bottle of wine, even though I’m not a big wine drinker.   Just because…it’s summer, because I’ve had a crazy busy week and because any bottle that boasts my husband’s name “birdman” has to be great!   (Thanks to the Jeffreys for this awesome bottle!)    And I ate one too many smores, well because, you know, it’s SUMMER!

I proclaimed more than once tonight, “I’m doing this every night!”
Hope you are all enjoying your summer nights!


Idie - I am totally with you in this. I love summer! I have had “Hot Summer Nights” by Van Halen in my head lately. ha ha!

Movin’ on up

Oh Ricky,

You started out adamant that you did not want to take swimming lessons.  I signed you up anyway.   You swore you already knew how to swim.   You did, somewhat, but this mean mommy of yours was going to make you take lessons anyway.   On day one, you stood by my leg with your arms folded and pouted, still saying that you were not going to go in the water… however when you did decide to walk to the edge of the pool to meet your teacher you insisted that I NOT walk with you (your independence is coming out more every day).   On Day two, you tried the same antics but not with as much vigor.   Your arms weren’t folded as tightly, you didn’t have a pout on your face and you only stood by my leg for a second.   Today, after two weeks of classes you ran down the bleachers by yourself to greet your classmates and your teacher.   You passed all the skills she tested you on and she suggested that for the next session you move up a level, a level not meant for children under SIX!    I explained that you were only five and she said you’d be fine.   You go, you big six-year old swimmer!

After every one of your skill tests, you would look up at me to make sure I saw and was watching.

I’m so proud of you.   Proud that you are learning all kinds of swimming skills, but more proud that you overcame your fear of something new and now seem to really enjoy it.



Jenny - I think he’s got a future girlfriend sitting next to him in the first photo…
notice how she’s “gazing” at him :)

Heather Bird - Yes! The ladies love Ricky :) We have twin 4 year old girls that live one house over from us and they stand out on their deck and yell “Hi, Ricky” over and over again. Then, of course, Ricky shows off riding his bike as fast as he can past their house over and over again. We are in trouble in a few years!

2 Year Old Xander {Ogden Children’s Photographer}

I met Xander last year shortly after his first birthday and got to spend some time with him again today.   He’s now two, talks like crazy, counts to 12, is super fun and so stinkin’ cute!

We met at an awesome playground where he could just run around and play.  And run around and play, we did:

We ended the evening with some yummy ice cream.

And this was my view on the way home:

I had a wonderful evening filled with beautiful weather, an adorable little guy, great company and even had an ice cream cone myself.

Thanks so much to this little guy’s wonderful family.