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Baseball 2015

Last night ended the regular season of baseball for my boys.    Ricky’s team, the Cubs, went undefeated in the playoffs to win the championship.   It was an exciting and intense last game.   In a double elimination tournament, if we would have lost, we would have had to play the same team again and it was looking like it would go that way towards the end of the game.    The Cubs started the last inning down 7 to 2, but came back to win the game 8 to 7.    Such an exciting way to end the season with a great team.    Ricky made the All Star Team and will be continuing to play through July.   Were looking forward to more baseball.

Cubs Championship (43)

Ricky batting in the last game.

Cubs Championship (66)


Cubs Championship (72)

CR5A5711 (2)

One of Ricky’s best buds, congratulating him on the big win!

Cubs Championship (77)





Way to go Cubbies!

Benny and Nolan moved up to machine pitch this year and it was quite an adjustment for them.     Their season ended early but they had fun playing with wonderful friends and learned a bit more about the game.



Benny up to bat.


Nolan in the field.


Benny cheering on his teammates.



Nolan up to bat.


Taco – Our new additon

We welcomed a new addition to our family about two weeks ago. No, the baby is not here yet, however I feel like I look like I could deliver at any time and I still have a long way to go.

We adopted an 8 week old kitten who is just adorable.

I’ve never owned a cat and have never really wanted a cat but about 3 weeks ago we ended up with a feral cat and her four kittens in our garage.   She didn’t pick our garage on her own, but rather picked our next door neighbor, Darin’s, garage as shelter.   He scared her out of his garage not realizing she had kittens with her.   When she grabbed one kitten and ran to safety in our garage, my friendly and helpful neighbor relocated the other three kittens to my garage so that they could all be together. (I love you Darin, but if this cat thing doesn’t work out I’ll still blame you :))

The cat hid with her babies in the back corner of our garage until my other neighbor, Shelli and her kids, who love cats, helped us trap her.   We safely put her babies into the cage with her and called Animal Control to come relocate them to a foster family.   By the time the man from Animal Control arrived, I had already started to become attached.   Don’t ask me why… these kittens were mangy, sad looking things but my pregnant, mothering instincts must have kicked in. I defended that mother cat to the neighbors who hate the feral cats roaming near the stream behind our house.   I worried about where those kittens would go and if they would be okay.   When I asked Ken if he wanted to keep one he said, “no I don’t, but if you want one you can go rescue it in a few weeks.” He reminded me that these kittens were too little to be kept away from their mother.   So with tears in my eyes, I let the Animal Control man take the cats away.

Without the immediate reminder of the poor kittens in my garage each time I went out the door, I could think more clearly.   “No, we don’t need a cat, we’re going to have a baby.”   “I don’t really like cats.”   Etc.   And then a week later, when I had finally re-hardened my softening heart, I received a text from my neighbor, Shelli, coercing me into adopting a kitten.   Her kids were going to take his brother and we could take him. They could be outdoor cats and play outside together.   Her son, Beckham, is one of Ricky’s best friend’s and I knew he would love having brother cats with his best bud.

We went back and forth for a few days, debating if we both really wanted to take on the responsibility of cat but ultimately, I knew with that very first text that we would be the new family to that orange kitten.

Two weeks ago on Friday afternoon, we went to pick up our kitten.   And by Saturday that boy was spoiled rotten… a basket full of toys, a six foot tall kitty condo and napping regularly on our couch.   He was suppose to be an outdoor cat.   His litter box, food and condo is in the garage, but he sleeps and plays inside.   He meows when he needs to go out, something he figured out on his own with no training.   He plays gently with the boys and deals quite well with all of the many kids manhandling him constantly.  He crawls on to our laps and curls up by our neck for naps.   He’s snugly and adorable and wouldn’t you know it, I think I do like cats.

Our neighbor’s named their cat Pico so the boys decided ours was to be named Taco.   They got the better name, we got the more mellow kitten (so far).   Meet lil’ Taco:


Taco’s first day in our home:


Getting comfortable with everyone:


I about had a heart attack when I walked into the room the other night and saw him flipping a snake into the air.   My first thought was “Ahh, a snake!” My second was, “at least it’s tiny”  My third, “Oh thank God it’s a toy snake!”   It’s now his favorite toy.


So far, we’re all loving him.

Trilby Murfin - I know the feeling I’ve got cats as well they can be charming but they can also be a big pain. Enjoy your little Taco

DeEtta Bird - I scrolled the pictures of the cat twice to make sure there were none of Ken. I don’t think his heart has soften toward the cat yet. Let me know when the cat sleeps on his belly.
Ken’s mom

Soaring Jayhawk Award

In just a few short weeks my mom will teach her last day of Kindergarten.    She has taught Kindergarten at St. Joseph’s Elementary School for the past 34 years and taught at other schools for quite a few years prior to that.  Her first Kindergarten class would have been my kindergarten class had I been at St. Joe that year and many of her first students are friends that I have had for my entire life.   The St. Joseph family has been our family and while she is so excited to retire,  (I know because I’ve heard the countdown for the past couple of months.  She’s currently “in the teens! in the teens!” for number of days left),  it’s also a little sad.   She has touched more than 1000 students over the years and given them a great start at life.   So many families have been blessed by her.

A couple of weeks ago my mom and dad were both honored for their contributions to the St. Joseph community by receiving the Soaring Jayhawk Award at the annual fundraiser, SPREE.    They have given their support, time and love to the school and community for decades and it was so nice to hear such an awesome tribute to my parents and be there to see them receive this award.   You are both very deserving of such an honor!


My dad and mom.


My mom with one of her first students and one of my very best friends.


My parents with Carole, an amazing friend of ours and co-worker of my mom’s who presented them with the award.


My mom and two of her very best friends.


Scott, my brother, my parents and fellow Catholic School teachers and awesome friends of ours.


Ken and I with my parents


Me, Scott and my parents.   We really missed my sister, Angie being there.


And us!

Congratulations, Dad and Mom!
Very well deserved.
We love you.


Exciting news from our family

We’ve been anxious to share our exciting news so that finally the neighbor kids know why Benny, Nolan and Ricky’s mom keeps falling asleep on the couch every afternoon, so my Ogden Pub Runner friends know why, despite the fact that I have stopped having a beer with them, I continue to gain weight, so my friends at work know why I stopped joining the lunchtime running crowd and head to the bathroom 50 times a day, sometimes running there for fear I might lose my breakfast, but mostly just because we are SO excited and blessed.     You guessed it, we’re expecting another baby later this year!

The boys are busy debating gender and names daily.   Benny is not wavering from his prediction of a girl.  However, if history proves itself, Ricky and Nolan are probably correct in their wishes to have a baby brother.    They also argue over names fairly regularly.    Their choices change occasionally, but Ricky is sticking with Dunkin (yes, after Dunkin Donuts) so that he can call the baby “Big D.”


One thing is for sure, we are all excited to welcome another addition to our family.

Idie - Oh my gosh, Heather…Congratulations!!! That is so exciting!

DeEtta Bird - I vote with Benny. I love the name Sarah.
Grandma DeDe