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Kanstin {Utah Newborn Photographer}

Last week I got to spend a morning with the adorable lil’ Kanstin.  He was one of the most alert babies I’ve ever met, but one of the deepest sleeping babies also.   He would be wide awake staring at me with his beautiful eyes one minute and out cold the next.   He’s such an adorable little guy.

We were able to get some shots with mommy and grandma.

And they brought all kinds of cute outfits, blankets and props to use.

He loves monkeys!

Welcome to the world, Kanstin and Congratulations to your whole family.


St. Patrick’s Day 2014

A recap of our St. Patrick’s day, but first a little note to my boys,

Dear boys,

There may come a day when you decide at the ripe ol’ age of 12, or 13 or 14 that it is a wise idea to sneak out of your bedroom, head out the back door and head down the street to the house of someone that you and your friends have an interest in.   Perhaps it will be the girl at church that everyone thinks is the cutest girl ever.    You all may decide that the best way to show your affection is to toilet paper her house in the middle of the night.   So you’ll look up her parent’s names in the phone book and memorize her address, saying it to yourself over and over again so that you are sure you’ll know exactly how to walk there.  (actually, who am I kidding, you’ll probably just type it into your smart phone and be on your way).   You’ll gather toilet paper from your parent’s cupboards, toilet paper that they spent their hard-earned money on and walk, adrenaline filled,  for blocks towards her house.

On the way cars may pass you, see young boys who shouldn’t be out this late at night and stop.   Don’t worry, you’ll have a plan.    As soon as you see the headlights of a car, any car, you’ll all agree to dive headfirst to the ground and lay as still as possible.   Even if the only location you have to dive on is a bare bones yard, with no trees, rocks, fence or anything to disguise your bodies lying lifeless on the grass.   It’s a grand plan unless that car happens to be a police car.   That policeman may get out of a car and shine his flashlight down on all of you making you realize Plan A, perhaps, wasn’t the smartest plan.

But you and your friends are smart boys.   You have a Plan B for when the policeman asks you who you are and what you are doing.   You’ll be polite and answer his questions hoping he will have no idea that you are not actually Jimmy Weight.   You’ll smile and tell him that your address is 1500 East 1672 West.    He’ll take note of each of your fake names and addresses and tell you all to start walking home now and get home safely.    You’ll have no idea he knows your lie until you hear “boys, your house is this way.” when you start walking the wrong direction.   “Oh yes,” you’ll say as you do an about face.   But just to make sure you know he’s onto you he’ll say with a smirk, “And for future reference addresses can’t be East and West, Son.”

You and your friends will laugh all the way home and decide to continue with the toilet-papering of random houses that you pass along the way.

One piece of advice for when this day comes, Buy your own dang toilet paper!

Love, Mom

A sneaky little leprechaun visited our house this week on the morning of St. Patrick’s day.   The boys set a trap to try to catch him the night before but he was too smart for it and instead did all kinds of mischievous stuff in the house.    In addition to dumping out Ricky’s sock drawer, throwing stuffed animals all over Nolan and Benny’s room, making a mess with all of the green lego blocks and all of the green hotwheel cars, turning our milk green, peeing green and pooping shamrocks in our toilet, he toilet papered every area that he had visited.

This little leprechaun thought “he’d” grab ONE roll of toilet paper and make a trail all over the house, but when that one roll of toilet paper was only enough to spread from the family room, around the breakfast table and to the refrigerator he ended up using FOUR rolls.   And then he felt a little guilty.   He thought back to when he was a wee little leprechaun and finally had an understanding of how much toilet paper he’d wasted playing pranks on friends and on the cute leprechauns in the neighborhood.   He realized that his mom probably wasn’t thrilled to wake up on a Saturday morning to find the brand new package of toilet paper almost gone, having just purchased it on Friday, the weekly shopping day.   He realized all of his friend’s mothers probably had the same reaction as their toilet paper supply depleted more quickly than normal, especially the mom who was buying toilet paper for a family of 9!!   Her toilet paper seemed to get used the most since there was always so much of it, and it was less obvious when rolls were missing.

To my mom and all the mother’s who supplied toilet paper without knowing it:  I’m sorry!  I think we owe you some cash.

To my boys, on a serious note:   Don’t sneak out in the middle of the night, EVER.  Don’t lie to law enforcement no matter how minor it may seem, EVER.   Don’t steal from your parents, EVER, even if it’s just toilet paper. :)

In addition to having some Leprechaun fun on St. Patrick’s Day morning, we also attended the annual parade the Saturday before.   We get there early so we can lay claim to “our” spot directly across from the announcers booth.  It’s not the warmest spot, being in the shade for most of the morning, but we  brave the cold to be able to hear the commentary, which is always entertaining.   We catch up with friends and family over coffee and snacks while watching all the green pass by.  It’s one of my favorite mornings of the year.

Hope your St. Patrick’s Day was great!


As trying as this little one can be at times, especially at bedtime or in locations where he must be quiet, I know I can count on this smile at any moments notice.

It doesn’t really matter his mood, you can get him to break out into fits of laughter with little effort at all.

He loves to tell stories.   Crazy, unrealistic, make believe stories that, if they don’t make you laugh, will have him cracking up at himself anyway.   He tells his stories with wide eyes, raised eyebrows and crazy facial expressions so that, really, even if the story isn’t funny, you’ll probably laugh at his expression regardless.

He loves to be a stinker.   The things he thinks are most funny are the things he continually gets in trouble for.   You just have to say something like “butt” or “poop” to elicit this kind of hysterics.   Is funny if you say it to him, but he thinks it’s way more funny if he says it after he’s been asked not to.

He loves to talk.  And talk, and talk.  Hence the reason he doesn’t like bedtime nor places like, church.  “Mommy, I just don’t like church because I have to be quiet!” he says most weeks.   I can’t count how many times I say each night, “Nolan, no more talking.”  Or Benny whines from his bed, “Nolan, you’re waking me up.”

He is stubborn.   “He’s tenacious” Ken says when I complain that he’s still talking two hours after bedtime, or that he’s just been put in timeout for the 10th time today, or when he hasn’t eaten anything but cheese and crackers for the past 12 meals (breakfast included).

He is happy and sweet and loving.   Out of blue, in the middle of playing or watching a show he will stop and say, “Mommy, I love you.”   He loves for me to lay in his bed and cuddle, probably more so because he has an audience to listen to him than the fact that he loves to cuddle… but I’ll take it as cuddling.:)

He is a lover of life, energetic and entertaining.
Love you, buddy.

Idie - So sweet! We should all write notes about our kids like this. The years fly by and they change so much. He will love you for it someday.

Sun Day

For the past few weeks Ricky has told me that Sunday is his favorite day of the week because it’s ” ‘Sun’ Day, so it’s always beautiful.”  “Get it, mom?”  he said, loving his clever observation.   I had to agree with him on the day where he initially said this and decided not to mention that not every Sunday was indeed sunny.   However, for the past few weeks the sun has not let us down.

We’ve been on walks, runs, played baseball, sat outside on the lawn chairs and soaked up the sun.   It’s been hard to believe that it’s been February and now early March in Utah, but I’m not complaining.

Here are a few pictures of our Sundays of the past couple of weeks:

Baseball season is right around the corner!   Ricky has started practicing hitting with his new Lighting Rod.

Benny, of course, wanted a chance too.   You can see he’s really into Robin lately, even trying to bat with his mask on!

Benny insisted on hitting the same tiny balls that Ricky was hitting.  We didn’t think he’d be able to hit them, but surprisingly he did!

And the bees are out, already!

Happy Spring.


Happy Birthday Dr. Suess

We had so much fun last night celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday.   I know that we were 4 days late.   Ricky reminded each of us every time we said it was his birthday that his REAL birthday was on Sunday, Sunday, March 2nd.   I didn’t have my act together enough to celebrate on Sunday and this was the first night of the week that I had open so we celebrated last night.    Sorry.   Happy belated, Dr. Seuss.

Years ago, I started buying Dr. Seuss books, bags and stuffed animals thinking that one day I would plan a Dr. Seuss birthday party for my boys.    Years have gone by and my stash has sat high up in the shelves of my closet.   After being reminded of Dr. Seuss’ birthday this past weekend, I started thinking about my hypothetical party and decided now was the time.   Nolan is currently obsessed with stuffed animals and Ricky is on the brink of an age where it will no longer be cool to be excited about stuffed animals.   So, being that I had a stuffed animal to go with every Dr. Seuss book that I had purchased, I jumped at opportunity this year.

I sent a couple of texts, inviting some friends over whom I haven’t seen in awhile and the boys and I spent the afternoon preparing to celebrate Dr. Seuss.    At one point Nolan wanted to know if Dr. Seuss was coming to his birthday party.   When I explained that he had died, (because you know if he was still alive, he would SO be at our birthday party)  they both wanted to know how he died.   I answered with the easy answer that he was old.    “Old” could have been the end of the conversation and I could have continued blowing up Cat in the Hat colored balloons without having to talk after each exhale, but I have some curious four year olds and not a day goes by where I don’t feel like I need to look up the answer to some random question.   My boys are going to surpass my knowledge of things in about 6 months!   Anyway, with the knowledge that he was old, they next wanted to know if he was married (apparently you’re old if you’re married)!   And then they wanted to know who he married.     Having no time for google or Siri, I again, took the easy way out…. “Oh, he married Mrs. Seuss,”  I answered.    But Benny, who is a little bit of a know it all lately, looked at me with a confused expression and defiantly stated, “No, Mom.   Mrs. Seuss is his MOM!”  Touche’ buddy, touche’.

We did a couple of easy, fun things to make the party a little more Dr. Seussy than just ordering pizza and having some plain ice cream.     First we made our own Thing 1 and Thing 2 Ice Cream by using food coloring to dye some vanilla ice cream red and then layered white and red in clear cups.   We topped them off with turquoise sprinkles.

We put red Swedish fish into blue Gatorades for a little “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish” action and added some red and white striped straws, which make any drink more fun!

And then we decorated the table with our various Dr. Suess books, my go-to Halloween costume Cat in the Hat Hat and extra Red Fish.

Oh and I also printed Cat in the Hat name cards.   I can’t resist, no matter how few people we have at a get-together, having name cards.  I just love ‘em! :)

And, the piece that made the night the most fun?  Our friends who we haven’t seen in months that were able to celebrate with us.

Two peas in a pod.

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!
Now, I’m kind of in spring cleaning mode.  I wonder what party I’ll have next?   I know I’ve got party supplies stashed in other closets too!;)


Teresa - So creative! I Bet the kids loved every minute.