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2013 Recap

Just wanted to take a moment to thank all of my family, friends, clients, blog followers, facebook fans, fellow photographers, and supporters.   However you may support me and this passion of mine, thank you!   2013 was such a busy year for me both  personally and professionally.    My amazing husband and sweet boys dealt with me being gone a lot and worse, dealt with my attitude after many all nighters.:)     I feel very blessed to have a job that I love and to have so much support from so many.

And so, a recap of  Heather Bird Photography’s 2013 in pictures (of course!).

Thank you all for making my year so incredible!


deetta bird - Thank you for the recap of your year in pictures. I especially loved the babies and the music. What talent you have!! I look forward to seeing all your new work in 2014.

Noreen Jeffreys - Thank YOU, Heather, for sharing your amazing talent with us. Great video and music!

Burbridge Family {Ogden, Utah Family Photographer}

For those of you lucky enough to know the Burbridge family, you know how blessed your are to know one of the most positive, happy, friendly and loving families ever.   Every one of them has a way of making anyone they are around feel special and loved.   I’m honored to have them as friends.


They are always smiling and laughing and having a great time.

All of the beautiful grandchildren…

You counted right… SIX girls.   They are SO blessed to have six GORGEOUS granddaughters.

But watch out… they’re adding a boy to the mix in just a few short months!     Congratulations Brian and Amy.

They’re all excited!!

Thank you all for your friendship.
Much love,

Mary Parise - Wonderful, wonderful pictures. Happy New Year to All. Love from New Jersey. Frankie and Mike Parise

Hilary & Patrick {Salt Lake City Wedding Photographer}

Patrick and Hilary were married on the last Saturday in December in a perfect winter wedding.   I met Hilary, her mom and her wedding party at the awesome, b space salon where everyone got their hair done.      From the salon we headed to the church where Hilary would finish getting ready for her big day.

Hilary looked beautiful from the start, but put her in her gorgeous wedding gown and veil and WOW!  simply, stunning!

Bagpipes greeted guests at the church.

Some last minute preparations,

and a prayer before heading down the aisle.

Patrick seeing Hilary for the first time as his bride:

St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church is a beautiful place to get married.

The mass was beautiful.

Some of my favorite images typically come from the interactions immediately following the ceremony.   Big burly guys hugging, the excitement of seeing friends or family in town, the first interactions with a new mother or father in law, the bride and groom finding each other in the crowd of loved ones and realizing “we’re really married!” etc.

What an attractive wedding party!

The reception was held at This is the Place Heritage Park and it was breathtaking.  Everything was decorated perfectly.    Snowflakes and ornaments adorned each table and wedding pictures of their family members were displayed.   Instead of table numbers they had picture frames with a pictures of themselves from significant places.   Each table was assigned a location.  I love this idea.

Although it was cold, we had to capture some pictures of the beautiful decor outside also.

The grand entrance:

The toasts were funny, sentimental and a little emotional.

The first dances:

Not only can Patrick and Hilary dance but they can also sing!   This was incredible.

Cake cutting:

Bouquet toss:

And the garter toss.   They had all kinds of unique fun all night long.   Patrick’s brother and best man pitched the garter to him!

I’ve never seen a group of such eager bachelors.   But I should have known my little brother would catch it (or rather dive for it)!  It’s kind of a tradition for him.

Then the dancing started.   Man, can this group dance.

And they don’t just dance.    They are all over… on the floor,

in the air,

jumping all over the place.    These pictures below show them “jumping rope.”    This was hilarious.   They just start twirling an imaginary jump rope and everyone, everyone takes a turn joining in.    Mothers of the bride and groom, father of the bride, all of the friends and even a member of the band.   They are double dutching, cart-wheeling, leap-frogging, etc and it was awesome.

The band, including both of Patrick’s brothers played all night long and were incredible.

Patrick and Hilary joined in here and there but one of the highlights was when Patrick sang his own version of Van Morrison’s Gloria.   H-I-L-A-R-Y!

After dancing, singing, and jumping the night away they headed out!  

What an absolutely beautiful wedding and phenomenal party!   Thank you for allowing me to be part of your day.   It was perfect.

Heather Lufkin - Hi Heather, I can’t stop looking at these pictures, and they get better with each view. You are AMAZING!! I don’t know how to thank you enough for all the time, care, detail and creativity you gave to Hilary and Patrick and all of us on the wedding day. We are so looking forward to all the photos that will truly capture this magical day. All the best to you, Heather Lufkin

Bowman Family {Park City Utah Family Photographer}

I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful family who came all the way from Tennessee for their Christmas vacation.   While the scenery, the resorts and the winter activities are right in my back yard and I can experience them all season long, their week in Park City sounded like a dream vacation to me.   Hope you all had a great time in this winter wonderland!


Jacqalyn - Heather
Thank you so much for meeting us in the 20′ temp. We had such a fun time with u taking our pictures, we almost forgot how cold it was! We absolutely love All of our pics! Thank you again! Can’t wait to see you again next time!
Xoxo Jacqalyn

Johnson {Ogden Utah Family Photographer}

I’m so blessed to have spent the majority of my life with a best friend as wonderful as this gal.   In preparation for our 20 year high school reunion, she’s posted all kinds of old pictures of us from the ugly tween and teen days on Facebook.   The horrible hair, the chubbiness (that I’m still trying to outgrow) and the awful fashion statements have all made me cringe.   But the fond memories that these images ignite make it more than worth it to deal with everyone seeing those ugly years.  I don’t have a lot of memories prior to having memories of her in my life and can’t imagine going through life without her.

So, what am I doing in revenge, to get her back for posting all of those hideous pictures?  I’m posting images of her looking beautiful as always, with her gorgeous family.   I always was the nice one ;)

I love these kids!

While the image I have of myself from the early days is slightly off (I was cuter than that, wasn’t I?!?) the memories of her friendship are clear.  And… she’s a keeper.  25+ years and counting.   I love you all!


Katherine Thompson - I love this family and feel somewhat responsible for the meeting of Todd and Ang…your welcome!! Such beautiful pictures!