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Christensen {Ogden Family Photographer}

Toni and I knew each other when we were little tykes and again in high school, but it wasn’t until recently that we have become great friends again.    We trained for the Ogden Marathon together last year, and if you want to make running 20 miles fun… you do it with Toni.    So, I’m not sure why I was surprised at how much fun I had photographing her family.   These guys are full of personality, are crazy and so much fun… just like their momma.

Christensen (84)

Christensen (108)

Christensen (100)


Christensen (98)

Check out their spunk :)

Christensen (54)

Christensen (95)

They were also such great sports in dealing with the rain.




Love you guys,


Katherine Thompson - Such cute pictures!!!! What a fun family!

Toni Christensen - Thank you Heather for the amazing photos. You have captured my favorite parts of the people I love most.

Kate – Class of 2015 {Ogden Utah Senior Photographer}

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing the beautiful, Kate.   We took some fun shots in a variety of places to begin with…







I could get great shots of this beautiful girl anywhere and we did shoot in some unique spots.   But when the sun started to set we headed out to the pasture to get some shots with her pony and everything was just perfect… the light, the mountains, everything.   Kate received Spirit for Christmas when she was five or six years old.  It was an honor to capture these two all grown up.










I could have photographed this all day long.   Kate, you’re beautiful and I’m so excited to see where life takes you.


Trick or Treat Bags Take 3

After the stressful day of sewing last year, I decided not to make trick or treat bags this year.   We’ve been so busy and I’ve had no time to even think about it.   None of the boys mentioned them and I knew they’d be happy with their bags from last year or a plastic pumpkin.

But as I finished up cleaning room after room earlier on Halloween morning than I thought, I considered that I may have enough time to whip some up quickly.  I’m not unrealistic, I know that sewing is never a quick and easy thing for me but I kept my eye on the clock debating with every ticking minute if I could pull it off.    I decided that if I could make the “logos” for each bag easily and with time to spare that I would do it.   If I could cut and glue and sew that damn Seahawk head out of felt scraps (that, by the way, are not correct Seahawk colors) that I would give it a go.    They were not easy and they took longer than I thought.   I didn’t have enough time to sew bags, but by the time I put the effort into each “logo” there was no turning back.   My logic was flawed from the start… I knew if I started I would finish no matter how much stress it caused.

And wouldn’t you know it, stress it DID cause.  After deciding that I was going forward with the craziness,  I began the search for the correct colors of material.   None were right on but I was dealing with whatever old sheets and random scraps of material I could find.   And although I was working as fast as I could, I was still sewing handles onto Nolan’s bag as trick or treaters began to knock at the door.   I was frustrated with every little thing and every plea took on an exasperated tone, “Nolan why are your shoes off, again?!”  (mind you, on most days I would nag to take them off as soon as he enters the door)   “Ken, please get them some dinner, all they have eaten is candy” (I had no time to make chili for the family this year), “Ricky, get your costume back on and why are your shoes off, we’re going to be late.”  (As if someone was keeping track of what time we started our Trick or Treating.)

Eventually I made the last stitch on a crappy bag and called it good.  I rushed to clean up the thread and materials that were now strewn all over my clean house.   We made it out the door “on time” for an awesome, warm Halloween night.


My Seahawk lover.


The annual pre trick or treating photo.


Once again our neighborhood out did themselves.    From haunted houses, to homemade cinnamon rolls, rootbeer and hot chocolate, to firepits in the driveways, it felt like a party in the streets and it was incredible.


And the annual picture with mom, this one taken at my work prior to Nolan’s bag being finished.



Hope everyone had an amazing Halloween.

Halloween 2014

As much as I love a family theme for costumes, I love witnessing my boys in costumes that they chose themselves based on their personalities and what they love.   This year we’ve got some variation.

There was no doubt in my mind that Benny would choose to be Robin for Halloween, given his obsession with Batman & Robin this year, but then football season started and there was no convincing him otherwise.   A Seattle Seahawks football player it is.


Nolan chose to be a green Ninja early on. He waivered for a few days when he saw a cool black and red ninja costume in the store and occasionally debated other options. Ultimately he came back to his favorite color, green, and the ‘sneaky’ ninja. He may have gotten some of his Papa’s acting talent … he can pull off the sneaky ninja pretty well. He also said that Ninjas are super quiet so he can’t talk when he’s wearing his costume. We may be wearing this costume year-round per my request. ;)




Ricky has reached the age of the scary costumes. While he hates scary things and does not like to be scared, he thinks it’s quite hilarious to scare everyone else.




Benny is our sports lover.   Ricky is at the age where he likes watching sports but it’s pretty fascinating to hear a 5 year old talk about the games, the scores and to see him sit quietly and listen to pre-game talk.


His favorite game at the school carnival… the football toss.


My tough, serious, scary boys:


They’re still pretty cute underneath it all:


Hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween!



Martin Family {Farmington, UT Family Photographer}

With the boys in school and many activities I meet all kinds of new people regularly.   I love where we live and meet really great people often.   And, occasionally, I’m lucky enough to meet a mom that is not only a great person, but someone that I just click with.

That’s the way it was with Bernie… right from day one.    Ricky and Tatum played baseball together and we chatted and cheered together at many games.   Then we realized that Ricky and Tatum got along great too.   It was an added bonus when we figured out that Benny and Nolan were the same age as her daughter, Azzi.   It took about 5 minutes for the 3 of the little ones became inseparable.   Our husbands can talk to each other for hours.  We live in the same town.  We go to the same church (really rare for us where we live) and Ricky & Tatum made their First Communion together.  The boys play the same sports on the same teams almost year round.   We all run.   We all love the Utes.   And more than just happy to have some new friends, we felt truly blessed to have met the Martins.   Sometimes things are just meant to be. :)

So, meet this dear to our hearts, beautiful family:

Martin Family 1Martin Family 2Martin Family 3Martin Family 4Martin Family 5Martin Family 6Martin Family 7Martin Family 8Martin Family 9Martin Family 10Martin Family 11Martin6


Go Utes!Martin12martin14

We love you guys!



Rian - You guys look gorgeous! Great pictures!!