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Today, is my mother in law’s birthday.    I love her dearly for many reasons… reasons like the son she raised that I am so lucky to have, her thoughtful and caring ways, the way she loves my boys.   But I also admire her for many other reasons, reasons like her desire to continue to educate herself and always learn something new whether it be through reading or taking classes.   Reasons like the genuine interest she shows in others hobbies or things they are interested in.  It’s not unlike her to read up on a photography related article and send it my way.

I also greatly admire the effort that she puts in to making memories for her family.    She’s not one to sit on the sidelines and watch but rather one to jump in and create memories.    My boys have talked since last Thanksgiving about going on bear hunts throughout the house, thanks to her amazing imagination.    They love their exploring adventures of taking nature hikes through the mountains while camping or exploring for sea creatures at the ocean.    She creates every day memories, like trips to the dollar store and more rare memories for those that she loves.  Memories like sailing in a Windjammer off the coast of Maine with my nephew Bailey.    Memories like exploring Moab with my stepson, Trey. Memories like a trip to Seattle with my stepson, Tyler.   Memories like learning about our nation’s history in Washington DC with my stepson, Seth.   She’s experienced exciting adventures like White Water Rafting with my nephew Taylor and  shared in the magic of Disneyland with my niece, Savannah.

In addition, she works hard at making a normal day more fun and memorable.     For example, she starting collecting camouflage attire in all sizes… sizes for her, and sizes for the smallest little ones.   By the time of our annual visit last summer, she had quite the collection.    She handed out shirts, pants, weapons and recruited Uncle Johnny to do everyone’s makeup.  Then she took her grandkids on a Force Recon Mission in the backyard fields.

As I mentioned previously, she’s not one to sit on the sidelines… you didn’t think she’d miss out on getting her makeup done too, did you?

When everyone was ready in full gear, she headed out with them on a mission.

But it wasn’t just any make-believe mission.   She had researched Force Recon Mission signals and taught the kids about the signals and how a real mission might go down.

Whether it be a trip to the other side of the country with a hefty price tag, or a day in the fields of her California backyard with thrift store pricing, the memories created are priceless.

Thank you, DeEtta for being such an inspiration to me and hopefully an inspiration to my readers.   For those of you reading, think of “Grandma DeDe” and create some memories for your family.   Get off the sidelines and jump right in.   Explore your neighborhood field for treasures, go on a bear hunt down your hallway, start a rock collection with your kids.

Hapy, happy birthday, Grandma DeDe.   We love you and miss you.    We hope you have a fantastic day.   And in the spirit of memories here is an oldie, specifically for you DeDe!   My first video ever uploaded to You Tube.

Love you,

DeEtta Bird - Thank you Heather,
You create good memories also with your gifted photography. I will never get tired of Ricky’s birthday song. I love his great big, beautiful eyes. My favorite memory at Farmington is our walk to the special tree. The boys and I always have fun there.
Love you,

Baseball – Ricky 2016

We just finished up another year of baseball for Ricky.  He played on the Giants this year, was coached by Ken and played with many friends on his team.  Although he opted not to try out for All Stars and the team didn’t have a winning season, he really enjoyed baseball season this year.  He was able to play some positions that he’s decided he really likes, mainly catcher and pitcher.






We love to watch you play buddy!


Marlowe – Salt Lake City Newborn Photographer

Happy one month to this gorgeous baby girl, Marlowe!  She took her sweet time getting here but now I’m sure it’s hard for her parents to believe that she’s already a month old.  These pictures were taken when she was less than a week old and it was an honor to capture here at such a fleeting, precious stage.

Heather Bird Photography Newborn  (1 of 10)

Heather Bird Photography Newborn  (10 of 10)

Heather Bird Photography Newborn  (9 of 10)

Heather Bird Photography Newborn  (2 of 10)

Heather Bird Photography Newborn  (5 of 10)

Heather Bird Photography Newborn  (6 of 10)

Marlowe’s parents met as firefighters and work for the U.S. Forest Service. I loved that they wanted to get the following shots of Marlowe with some of their gear.

Heather Bird Photography Newborn  (7 of 10)

Heather Bird Photography Newborn  (8 of 10)

Congratulations to you guys.  I love you guys. And welcome to the world, beautiful little Marlowe!



World Down Syndrome Day

Today is World Down Syndrome Day.   March 21st.    3/21, chosen to signify the uniqueness of 3 copies of the 21st chromosome which causes Down syndrome.

For the past few years I’ve followed amazing moms who’ve made incredible strides towards awareness of abilities, inclusion and more for their babies with Down syndrome. I’ve silently cheered them on, occasionally donating to their causes, never thinking their cause would personally hit home. One of those is a mother to sweet Ruby and the founder of Ruby’s Rainbow, an organization who grants scholarships to young adults with Down Syndrome so they can attend college.

Like most parents I want my children to be able to accomplish their dreams, whatever they may be.   This hope is no different for my little Zeke but perhaps more worrisome.  My worry does not come from a place of doubting his abilities, I have no doubt that our sweet baby will accomplish so much more than we dream possible for him.   But worries of the limits that the rest of society may place on him and others with Down syndrome.      Times are changing and with organizations like Ruby’s Rainbow and many other parents paving the way, stereotypes and limitations will be knocked down.    Ruby’s Rainbow has story after story of determined individuals with Down syndrome that are achieving their dreams.   They have a goal of raising $100,000 so that many more scholarships may be provided to these deserving young adults with big dreams.  Reading the stories of past scholarship recipients has helped give me hope that soon more people will begin to see everyone for the things they CAN accomplish instead of the things that they cannot.

I donated $21 to Ruby’s Rainbow today.  They ask that each person that donates $21, encourages 3 friends to also donate $21.   If this could happen, they’d quickly be at their goal.   If you feel compelled, please use the link below and we can see how many donations Zeke personally inspired.

DONATE here: https://321pledge.org/d/660d70f6/

In honor of Down Syndrome Awareness day, Zeke is showing off … he’s rolled over 5 times so far today!   He’s getting stronger every day, holding his head up like a champ and smiling and giggling constantly.  Showing us all the things he CAN do!




CR5A2052Thank you for showing your love to this amazing momma and organization.  I hope I can be as big an advocate for Zeke and all of my boys as she has been for her little Ruby.
Much love to you all!


Firsts for Zeke

At Zeke’s four month appointment (can you believe he’s 4 months already?!?), his doctor said he could start solid foods.  So, last week, he had his first taste of solid food surrounded by an audience of proud pals.


While Zeke was waiting patiently, I told Benny that we were going to give him some food for the first time.    Benny ran to tell Ricky, who told Nolan, who told a friend, who ran to get his baby brother, while yelling to another friend along the way, who told his brother, who told his mom, who all came to watch.   By the time Zeke was done eating, he had about 10 people coming to watch and cheer him on.   He’s a well loved baby around here.



He did awesome and loved that rice cereal so much that I had to mix up more.



Since then, we’ve tried a few veggies that he hasn’t been too fond of, but we will keep trying.  I’m determined to have one kid who isn’t picky! 🙂