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Football Playoffs

It ended well for 2/3rds of these guys. Go Broncos! (Sorry to my Steeler loving friends and my fellow Seahawk fans). Zeke’s pajamas are about 2 sizes too big still but Ricky insisted he wear them today.



Santa Photos – 2015

Last year, I had the opportunity to offer Santa sessions to my clients with one of the most amazing Santas I have ever met.    It’s hard to believe he’s not truly the real Santa Claus.    I was sad to not be able to offer the sessions this year, but I knew it would be too close to the time that my baby Zeke was born.   However, I was able to book some time with Santa and get some pictures of my own boys again this year.

My parent’s have this Norman Rockwell Santa print hanging in their home every Christmas Season.   It’s one of my dad’s favorites.   Last year, I wanted one image in particular.  If I could just recreate this image with my boys, even if I didn’t get any other photos, I’d be happy.   And we were able to do it.  I printed and framed it for my dad for Christmas last year.


This year, the one shot I wanted, I was also able to get.   Baby Zeke (just 10 days old) snoozing with Santa.

Santa Photo Sessions (42)

The rest of these were just icing on the cake… lots of icing! :)

Santa Photo Sessions (20)Santa Photo Sessions (44)Santa Photo Sessions (18)Santa Photo Sessions (17)Santa Photo Sessions (15)

All four boys with Santa!

Santa Photo Sessions (40)

This series with Nolan and Santa makes me smile:


As do these:

Santa Photo Sessions (41)Santa Photo Sessions (37)

This next image is totally Nolan:

Santa Photo Sessions (35)

And I love Benny’s reaction to Ricky and Santa here:

Santa Photo Sessions (36)

Santa was so awesome and told the boys a story and let them ring his reindeer bells!

Santa Photo Sessions (27)

Santa Photo Sessions (22)


What’s better than a high five from Santa?

Santa Photo Sessions (38)

Ok, well, maybe cookies from Mrs. Claus

Santa Photo Sessions (33)

The day before the sessions I almost cancelled.   I was feeling exhausted and overwhelmed with a 9 day old newborn.   I wasn’t sure that I could manage getting Zeke to a doctor’s appointment that morning, getting the boys ready, driving there and dealing with Zeke’s oxygen and monitors for the pictures but my photographer friend who was also doing some sessions reminded me that Zeke would only be this little once and I might regret not doing it.   I’m SO glad she said something and that I listened to her.    We’ll cherish these photos with little Zeke forever.   There is no way I would have been able to do it, however, without the help of my mom and my wonderful friend, Angelina, both who came to the house that morning to help get everyone and everything ready to go.   Thank you both!  Love you.

This image is in the running for my favorite:

Santa Photo Sessions (39)

Merry Christmas!  Ho, Ho, Ho!   3 more days!


Cathy Mack - Love these pictures Heather. They are perfect. All I do is look, click and cry. LOVE them every one!

Heather Bird - Thank you, Cathy! I’m happy you like them as much as I do. Merry Christmas!

DeEtta Bird - I’m so glad you followed through even though you were anxious about it. Priceless pictures. Now you will have a Norman Rockwell type picture to hang like you parents.

Nolan’s Hip Hop Performance

Nolan is our little performer.   He wants to be in movies and is always up for some attention.    We decided this past fall to put him into the cutest little boys Hip Hop dance class.   He has a great teacher who is really great with so many little dudes and I’m always surprised at how much they are actually learning technically.

Last week Nolan had his first ever Hip Hop Performance.  He’s the one in the picture below in the back row with his arms out.   Is this not the cutest lil’ Hip Hop Crew ever?!


And here is a little video of his performance.   They performed on a huge stage at the Browning Center at Weber State University so he was a little bit nervous, but he did a great job!

I wasn’t totally sure f Nolan was loving taking Hip Hop or not, but after this was over he asked, “Mom, can I please take Hip Hop again next year!”   So, be on the watch for his next performance sometime in 2016!



Star Wars Birthday Party

I never posted the pictures from Benny and Nolan’s 6th birthday party this past summer and seeing how everyone is going bonkers this week for the new Star Wars movie, I thought I would finally share.   I really wanted to document it because we had so much fun with all the many ideas for Star Wars related food and party fun and but their birthday hit such a busy time that I never got to, so here goes.

The boys spent the night at my parent’s house the night before their party and were so excited when they walked in to see their Star Wars table.    For the back drop of the table I used huge black paper, splatter painted it with some yellow paint and glued on yellow letters that I printed in Star Wars font.    We have various Star Wars masks and light sabers so it was really easy to spruce up the table with extra Star Wars fun.

Star Wars Birthday Party 1

There are endless ideas for Star Wars food (thank you pinterest)!   This party was so fun to plan and create.

Star Wars Birthday Party 2Star Wars Birthday Party 6

We always have two cakes, one for each boy so doing Dark and Light Side cakes were perfect.   It helped that they each wanted a different kind of cake also!

Star Wars Birthday Party 8For party favors, we used bouncy balls… plenty for everyone to have as many “galaxies” as they wanted.Star Wars Birthday Party 7

And lightsabers made from pool noodles, duck tape and electrical tape.   I cut pool noodles in half, duck taped the end of each and added some black electrical tape to make them look more official.

Star Wars Birthday Party 8a

These were perfect because the party included a water slide and some water fun.  I had no idea what a hit these light sabers would be!    Everyone LOVED them.   And they are inexpensive enough to make that there were plenty to go around.

Star Wars Birthday Party 9Star Wars Birthday Party 10

They came up with all kinds of games, from sending them all down the slide with each person, to the intended use of fierce battles without the sting of a plastic lightsaber.    Even the adult’s political conversation turned to a light saber battle in an attempt to solve the never-ending debate between these two in the bottom right corner.  😉

Star Wars Birthday Party 11

Months later my boys are still playing with these things!  Ken will drag these light sabers in from the garage for regular battles in the family room.

The boys loved their light an dark side cakes and especially the trick candles that were on top of them!

Star Wars Birthday Party 12

The Star Wars party was a hit and so fun to do!

Having twins makes it a little tricky at birthday time to allow the boys to choose how they want to celebrate and the theme they want.   They are such completely different boys that they never seem to agree.    Nolan really wanted to go to Boondocks, a local fun center while Benny really wanted the Star Wars party.   So we compromised 😉 and did both.

They took a couple friends with them to Boondocks on their actual birthday and had such a fun day!

Boondocks 2Boondocks 3Boondocks 4Boondocks 5

Boondocks 1It’s hard to believe they are already well on their way to 7.   But they remind me often as they already debate what their next party will be..maybe, just maybe they will decide together next year.


More good news for Zeke

We had Zeke’s hearing test this morning.  This was his fourth hearing test since birth.   Initially he failed the newborn screening in his left ear.  Since then the results have gotten better, little by little.   This doesn’t necessarily mean that his hearing was improving, but that each time they did a better test, less sensitive to movement and other factors.    Today’s test was one of the best tests for truly getting an accurate result because it measured his brain activity in regards to the sounds.    And our little man passed with flying colors!   The audiologist said, “those were just beautiful results at all four pitches.”   And “you can’t really get better results than he got!”

We will continue to test every 6 months as children with Down Syndrome have smaller ear canals and are more susceptible to fluid, ear infections and other things that could affect his hearing but to be starting at this point is fantastic.    We are so relieved and thankful!

Zeke - 7weeks 2 for blog

In other news.   Zeke is very alert and loves to look around at various things, his favorites being the ceiling fans, Christmas lights and of course all of us.

Zeke - 7 weeks 5 for blogJPG

He’s getting stronger day by day and is working on holding his head up.  Unlike some babies, he doesn’t seem to mind tummy time, but was extra proud when I sat him up like this.

Zeke - 7weeks for blog

And the biggest news… he’s starting to smile is response to us.   The boys can sometimes get a smile, I can usually get a smile and Nana (my mom) can ALWAYS get one.  He has started to smile even when I just say her name.

Zeke - 7weeks 3 for blog

Thank you again for your love and prayers.
Much love,

Cathy Mack - He is such a cutie and great news on the hearing test. I am guessing Nana is pretty proud of the fact she always gets smiles. She is a oretty special lady I think too.

Heather Bird - Oh yes! You know her.. she is very proud that she can get the smiles always.