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Davis County Fair – I’ll never learn!

Okay, first I can’t believe it’s been four years since I’ve blogged about our annual trip to the Davis County Fair.  It was fun to go back and read that last post about the fair and then realize that perhaps I’ll never learn.   This year we arrived at the fair on another hot afternoon,  started with seeing the free animals and lasted all of about 5 minutes before I was forking out money for nutritious fair food.






Half way through the nachos, Ricky hands me over the mess and says, “these aren’t really good,”  (flashback to the corndogs and hotdogs 4 years earlier!) and the pleading for the various rides begins.    For Christmas last year, the boys got season passes to an amusement park that we can see from our house.  We’ve been there lots and have ridden the amazing rides they have, but still they begged to go on the rickety fair rides.  I’m a sucker and could have easily reminded them of the much better rides they’ve ridden all summer but “hey, we’re at the fair, that’s what you do, right?!”  So I handed over more cash and purchased enough tickets for a couple of rides each.

As we waited in line for the first ride, I tried to coordinate with friends of ours who were also at the fair.   Texts back and forth, “we’re by the elephants,”  “now, we’re by the slide,”  “oh, now we’re petting the animals,” weren’t very successful.  Finally, we caught up on the phone.  When I told my friends we were in line for a ride, they laughed and said, “oh…. (long pause) you do rides?, we don’t do rides at the fair!”   Yes, we do rides!  And crappy food.  I thought this is what everyone did?  Clearly they are smarter than me.  They brought snacks for their kids and steered clear of those expensive, lame rides.   Their kids had just as much fun, but I got a cool photo op on the Fun Slide! 😉   My boys rode one other ride.   And they all walked out of that Gravitron dizzy, stumbling and slightly sick to their stomachs.


I’m sure I won’t learn my lesson next year, either.   I’ll dish out  cash, take some photos and leave wondering why I came during the hottest part of the day (again), with hungry kids (again) and wonder why I’m leaving with an empty wallet (again).   But I’ll continue because we do have fun and I love the memories. Plus if Nolan and Benny came to the fair at just 6 days old, we had to let Zeke experience the fair for the first time before he’s a year old also.   He liked taking in all the colors and noises of the fair and got to see a snake up close and (a little too) personal.


Goodbye to the fair, until next year.


Back to School 2016

We’re back at it.  The 2016/17 school year has begun!   Ricky’s in 5th grade this year and Nolan and Benny are in first grade.  After a few days, I’m confident we’re all going to have a great year.

1st day of school 2016

Ricky was excited to go back and has loved seeing his friends every day.   He has a teacher that is new to the school this year and he was a little nervous not knowing anything about her but I think she’ll be great.   He’s had a lot of homework on the computer so far, which he has been loving and I guess it makes sense in 2016!


Benny and Nolan have a great teacher and they are both excited to be in First Grade.  Their teacher stopped me on the 3rd day of school to tell me how great they were both doing.  Nolan has brought home work that is done impeccably well and has loved learning new things already.


Benny is reading like crazy lately!


It still feels like summer here, so we’ve compromised and have done bedtime reading outside a couple of nights.

Summer Reading

We’re still trying to enjoy our summer since this years seem to go by SO fast, but I think we were all ready for a little bit of structure and routine again.

And now, my favorite part of the Back to School post… a look back:

First day of school 2016

Back to School 2015

Back to School 2014

1st day of school photos

Back to School - Boys

Wow!  Those babies are growing up!



No longer six.

In less than a half an hour (it’s 12:42 am) my “babies” (many friends still refer to my boys as ‘the babies’) will be SEVEN years old.    I just finished with their cakes and wrapping their presents and we’ve got a big day planned tomorrow.    Here are their last pictures as six year olds.  They are so excited to finally be seven.

Benny & Nolan turn 7Benny & Nolan turn 7a




New chores

Times are a’changin around here and we’re all liking it, actually.  Even Ricky!   Two days ago I asked Ricky to empty the dishwasher.   When he was done he said, “I like that chore, that should be my chore all of the time.”  Ummm.  Done and Done.  Then yesterday we had Ricky mow for the first time ever.   He wasn’t so sure of himself at first, but loved it too.   It’s bittersweet that he’s growing up but he’s becoming quite the young man.   Love this kiddo.




Made from scratch!

When we moved into our house there were two tiny trees planted right next to our front windows.   For years these trees have grown and are now almost as tall as our house.   But it wasn’t until a couple of years ago we realized that these were cherry trees, and not until the end of last season that we realized that we could eat the cherries.   This year Ricky and I picked as many as we could reach, one because the birds were making a complete mess of them and consequently of our sidewalk below but two, because I got motivated to actually make something with them.


I’m not a big cook, and I sure am not a “make it from scratch” type of cook.    But I’m proud to say that I made an entire cherry cobbler from scratch.   Cherries from our trees, ingredients from my kitchen … I didn’t have to run to the store for anything, which is a miracle in itself.



Benny helped me bake.CR5A5617

And voila!  It turned out great!

However, I’m the only one that can vouch for it.   None of my picky boys wanted to try any and Ken wasn’t so sure about the cherries actually being edible so I don’t think he actually ate any either (even though he claims to have!)   Oh well, it was fun to prove that I could make something from scratch and Ricky and Benny loved helping out.