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The Tradition Continues

Two years ago today, I blogged about the Bird Family’s love of the number 7 and Ricky wearing number 7 for the first time.   Today, the tradition continues and Ricky is headed to the Little League World Series (State Baseball Championships) tomorrow wearing the beloved number 7.

I know I’ve been absent lately on my blog.  It’s been one busy and crazy half of a year and some things fell through the cracks.  But I’ve really missed blogging regularly and will be back more consistently soon to catch you all up on what we’ve been doing.   My poor mother in law is probably wondering if we’re still alive over here!     We’re here, DeDe!   Alive and well and spending lots of time at the baseball park lately :)

West Jordan Baseball Tournament Ricky Bird (185)

West Jordan (99)

CR5A1428West Jordan (60)West Jordan Baseball Tournament Ricky Bird (109)West Jordan Baseball Tournament Ricky Bird (197)West Jordan Baseball Tournament Ricky Bird (221)




Natalie {Salt Lake City Maternity Photographer}

I couldn’t be happier for Natalie, who is like a little sister to me, and her family who is welcoming a baby girl very soon.    Natalie and I share the same love of photography so she is always willing to let me play around with different ideas, this time with a few different lighting techniques.   Thanks, Nat.  You’re just stunning and I can’t wait to meet that beautiful baby girl!

Salt Lake City Maternity Photographer 1

Salt Lake City Maternity Photographer 2

Salt Lake City Maternity Photographer 3

Salt Lake City Maternity Photographer 3a

Salt Lake City Maternity Photographer 4

Salt Lake City Maternity Photographer 5

Salt Lake City Maternity Photographer 3b

Salt Lake City Maternity Photographer 7

Much love,




As Ricky sat on the metal chair inside the gym after just completing his third 5k, this one in the cold and rain, he continually asked to leave.   I figured it was because he was cold and wet, but was surprised that he wasn’t more willing to wait to see if he won a ribbon.   For the past two years (Kindergarten and First Grade) Ricky has taken first place in his age group.    He really wanted to win again, but as he sat on the chair the worry began to set in.    We stayed, despite his requests and it wasn’t until they called his name, “First place for the 1st and 2nd graders… Ricky Bird!” that the tension lifted.     His shy smile peaked through as he made his way to the front to obtain his blue ribbon and prizes.   As he returned he said, “I really didn’t think I won.”    But he did it!

This was a tough race in the cold and rain.  One where he wanted to stop and walk, one where he had a few side cramps, one where, ultimately, he pushed through… mostly because we knew there was a second grade girl not far behind us.

He’s had quite the week for sports.   Two baseball games, one soccer game and a 5k all within the past 5 days.   It’s been fun to watch him get the hang of things and really excel in each of these.    We’ve been busy.   Busy to  the point where after running from baseball to soccer to t-ball to soccer back to t-ball all in one night, I questioned if this was too much.    But on the way home when Ricky said, “I really love sports, mom” I knew it was okay.   He’s having a ball and we love watching him play.


Ricky’s time was 31:27 (10:07/mile pace)

Way to go, buddy!   I’m so proud that you kept running and didn’t stop, even when you really wanted to!

Love you,

My Grandma Hodapp

Heaven gained a special lady this morning.    My Grandma Hodapp, mother to eight amazing kids, grandmother and great grandmother to so many is no longer in pain and is finally reunited with my Grandpa.   I hope you are enjoying a card game, a cold “Busch Heavy” and a little fishing with Grandpa.     There will be many down here missing the card games with you, the sweet giggling and the high pitched “Why no!” s. :)

My Grandma and Grandpa on my baptism day.

My grandma with me and Ken on our wedding day.

My mom and all seven of her siblings.

What an amazing legacy you leave behind.   We are all so blessed to have been apart of your life.

We love you and will miss you.



Jenny - Her laugh was the BEST!
Thinking of you guys.