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Gina & Family {Salt Lake City Family Photographer}

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of taking this beautiful family’s photos.

Gina & Family 1Gina & Family 3Gina & Family 4Gina & Family 5Gina & Family 6Gina & Family 7

Gina & Family 2

Gina & Family 8

Gina & Family 9

In my mind, these guys looked exactly the same as the last time I saw them, just a little bigger, but when I went back through looking at old photos, I was shocked at how grown up they’ve all become!


I had so much fun with you guys.



Blood Moon

Last night Ricky begged me to set his alarm for 4:30 am.    I debated, knowing how tired he would be at the end of the day but gave in, thinking there was no way he’d actually get up at 4:30 am!   But I was wrong and he came bouncing into our room at 4:32 am to wake us up to see the moon.    Although tricky to photograph, it was very cool to see the Blood Moon this morning.



DeEtta Bird - Ricky,
I wish I had remembered to get up, but I think there will be another one soon. What a good memory for you and with a great picture also.
Grandma DeDe

Debbie & Ezra {Salt Lake City, McCune Mansion Wedding}

I had the honor of photographing the wedding of Debbie and Ezra at the elegant and impressive McCune Mansion a couple of weeks ago.   Every bit of this wedding from the venue to the tiniest details was nothing short of spectacular.

McCune Mansion Wedding

McCune Mansion Wedding (1)

Debbie got ready for her big day at the Mansion surrounded by those she loves… including her maid of honor and best friend and her adorable girls.   Her hair and make up were done beautifully by Frank Armstrong from Salon MC.

McCune Mansion Wedding (2)

McCune Mansion Wedding (3)McCune Mansion Wedding (4)McCune Mansion Wedding (5)McCune Mansion Wedding (6)McCune Mansion Wedding (7)

Ezra seeing his beautiful bride for the first time.

McCune Mansion Wedding (8)McCune Mansion Wedding (9)McCune Mansion Wedding (10)McCune Mansion Wedding (12)

While Deb and Ezra had a few moments to themselves before the ceremony, guests continued to arrive, greeted by the grandeur of the mansion and amazing flowers at every turn.   I was in awe of all of the unique details in each floral arrangement, from the tiniest boutonniere to the largest bouquet.   Pamela Olson from The Native Flower Company did a fantastic job everywhere.

McCune Mansion Wedding (13)McCune Mansion Wedding (14)McCune Mansion Wedding (15)

McCune Mansion Wedding (25)

I love that Deb and Ezra included the families of the best man and maid of honor in the ceremony.  Both walked down the aisle with their family.

McCune Mansion Wedding (16)McCune Mansion Wedding (17)

And Deb, Ezra and their girls walked down the aisle as a family.

McCune Mansion Wedding (18)McCune Mansion Wedding (19)McCune Mansion Wedding (20)McCune Mansion Wedding (21)McCune Mansion Wedding (22)McCune Mansion Wedding (23)McCune Mansion Wedding (24)McCune Mansion Wedding (26)McCune Mansion Wedding (27)

McCune Mansion Wedding (30)


McCune Mansion Wedding (31)

Cocktail hour and dinner followed the ceremony.

McCune Mansion Wedding (28)McCune Mansion Wedding (29)

The party continued in the grand ballroom with toasts.

McCune Mansion Wedding (32)McCune Mansion Wedding (33)McCune Mansion Wedding (34)

McCune Mansion Wedding (35)McCune Mansion Wedding (36)

Deb’s father and Ezra’s mother had a short and sweet toast of “Finally!” Along with a big Hooray!

McCune Mansion Wedding (37)

Their cake was gorgeous (Granite Bakery) and was topped by a cake topper that also topped Deb’s parents wedding cake.  The cake was made complete when they added the Hummel figurine of the two little girls.

McCune Mansion Wedding (38)McCune Mansion Wedding (39)

They had Vegan and Gluten free cakes as well (City Cakes), and Debi surprised Ezra with a Groom’s Pie, made by her good friend, Jennifer Dobner.

Wedding Day PieMcCune Mansion Wedding (40)McCune Mansion Wedding (41)McCune Mansion Wedding (42)

And then they danced, sang and partied the night away.

McCune Mansion Wedding (47)

McCune Mansion Wedding (43)

Ezra surprised Debi with a song.

McCune Mansion Wedding (44)McCune Mansion Wedding (45)McCune Mansion Wedding (46)McCune Mansion Wedding (49)

McCune Mansion Wedding (48)

The Way Downs, a Portland bank with lots of Utah roots came in to town for the big event!  They were awesome and kept the party going strong all night.

McCune Mansion Wedding (50)McCune Mansion Wedding (51)McCune Mansion Wedding (52)

I’ll end this post with this… I love this one. :)   Congratulations!

McCune Mansion Wedding (53)Much love,


Pamela Olson - You did such a fantastic job, Heather! You really captured the sweet personalities of Deb and Ezra. Thank you for getting such great shots of the flowers! :)

Suriya - these are sweet – you did an awesome job, it looks like a beautiful wedding. I love the hummels too!

Back to School 2014

Were back at it. The school year has begun and we’ve got a third grader and two pre-kindergarteners here in the Bird house.

Back to School 2014


They are all at a new school this year. A school that we landed on after much debate, thought, comparisons and prayer, yet we were still left wondering if we were making the right decision. Two days in, I think it’s a school we are all going to love.

Stressing over the potential anxiety of starting a new routine in a new place, I was determined to make the transition smooth.  I spent Sunday cleaning and organizing every inch of the boy’s rooms.   I removed every single thing from every drawer, emptied the closets, organized books and toys and made sure everything in their rooms had its place.    Because you know, you’re bound to have a good first day at school if you have all of the same size books on the same shelf in your closet at home.;)   Don’t mind the crazy lady digging out trash from under the bed at home when the lunches they need to eat AT school still are not made.   I was on a mission and was sure if we had perfect bedrooms all would go well.

Feeling accomplished with clean rooms we started our bedtime routine.  Baths, new jammies, brushing and flossing of teeth, stories and bedtime snuggles under clean sheets all on the agenda. Except during the middle of bathtime I remembered that I should probably iron their clothes for the next day.   Wiping walls with clorox wipes turned out not to be such a good priority over clean and ironed clothes for the first day of school.

Ironing away, I sent the boys to brush their teeth on their own (never a good idea).   The teeth brushing soon became a wrestling match because one boy’s clean pajamas got soaked by another spitting water aimlessly.   The third was almost in tears because he didn’t want to read on the last night of summer.   With one child stomping off and pouting and the other two crying and yelling because someone finally got hurt, my intentions of a calm, perfectly orchestrated night in preparation for a perfect morning on the first day of school went out the window along with my patience. It turned into my own stomping down the hall accompanied by some screaming and ended in me sending everyone to bed.

I stared at Ken with a look of defeat. “This is not how I wanted tonight to go,” I said. Although I thought I had accomplished so much that day, the one thing I was striving for didn’t happen. No smooth transition here… at least not with a yelling, angry mommy.    I turned the ironing over to Ken and one by one got my cuddle time in with each boy assuring them that the first day would be great.   In reality I was assuring myself more than them.

The next morning wasn’t all that smooth either.  I slept late, Ricky’s new shoes hurt his feet, the lunches were not made when we needed to be heading out the door and there was no time for the annual “Pre First Day of School” pictures.  But we made it.   We made it to school on time, with clean ironed clothes, healthy lunches in hand and surprisingly calm and confident attitudes.  However, it wasn’t until I picked my boys up yesterday afternoon, that I knew the transition was just fine. They all greeted me with big smiles like they had been at this school forever.  Note to self: Although nice, it had nothing to do with clean and organized bedrooms and everything to do with my amazing, strong, flexible little men.

We’ll love it here, I just have a feeling.

Hopefully the laughs from our first annual “Post First Day of School” pictures continue all year long.






Bedtime with the Bird Boys

Some of my favorite conversations with my boys happen at bedtime, I’ve been writing them down when I can remember.  One recent night:

Me:  “Hey buddy, I love you…all the way to the moon and back.”

Nolan (4):  “Well, actually mom, you should say Neptune, because that’s the furthest planet.   And actually, you could say Pluto because that’s further but actually it’s not a planet anymore.”

(Not sure where he hears all of his facts, but he’s soaking it all in lately.   Like a little sponge.   And he likes the word ‘actually’)


Love you, buddy, all the way to Neptune and Pluto and back.