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Soaring Jayhawk Award

In just a few short weeks my mom will teach her last day of Kindergarten.    She has taught Kindergarten at St. Joseph’s Elementary School for the past 34 years and taught at other schools for quite a few years prior to that.  Her first Kindergarten class would have been my kindergarten class had I been at St. Joe that year and many of her first students are friends that I have had for my entire life.   The St. Joseph family has been our family and while she is so excited to retire,  (I know because I’ve heard the countdown for the past couple of months.  She’s currently “in the teens! in the teens!” for number of days left),  it’s also a little sad.   She has touched more than 1000 students over the years and given them a great start at life.   So many families have been blessed by her.

A couple of weeks ago my mom and dad were both honored for their contributions to the St. Joseph community by receiving the Soaring Jayhawk Award at the annual fundraiser, SPREE.    They have given their support, time and love to the school and community for decades and it was so nice to hear such an awesome tribute to my parents and be there to see them receive this award.   You are both very deserving of such an honor!


My dad and mom.


My mom with one of her first students and one of my very best friends.


My parents with Carole, an amazing friend of ours and co-worker of my mom’s who presented them with the award.


My mom and two of her very best friends.


Scott, my brother, my parents and fellow Catholic School teachers and awesome friends of ours.


Ken and I with my parents


Me, Scott and my parents.   We really missed my sister, Angie being there.


And us!

Congratulations, Dad and Mom!
Very well deserved.
We love you.


Exciting news from our family

We’ve been anxious to share our exciting news so that finally the neighbor kids know why Benny, Nolan and Ricky’s mom keeps falling asleep on the couch every afternoon, so my Ogden Pub Runner friends know why, despite the fact that I have stopped having a beer with them, I continue to gain weight, so my friends at work know why I stopped joining the lunchtime running crowd and head to the bathroom 50 times a day, sometimes running there for fear I might lose my breakfast, but mostly just because we are SO excited and blessed.     You guessed it, we’re expecting another baby later this year!

The boys are busy debating gender and names daily.   Benny is not wavering from his prediction of a girl.  However, if history proves itself, Ricky and Nolan are probably correct in their wishes to have a baby brother.    They also argue over names fairly regularly.    Their choices change occasionally, but Ricky is sticking with Dunkin (yes, after Dunkin Donuts) so that he can call the baby “Big D.”


One thing is for sure, we are all excited to welcome another addition to our family.

Idie - Oh my gosh, Heather…Congratulations!!! That is so exciting!

DeEtta Bird - I vote with Benny. I love the name Sarah.
Grandma DeDe

Easter Bunny Cake

I’ve being seeing this cake pop up on my Facebook feed or on Pinterest.    Besides being cute, it’s brought back vivid memories of a cake my mom made me for my 3rd birthday.   I’m quite sure that I don’t remember the actual cake and probably just remembered the picture, but for some reason I swear I remember the taste of the cake with the twizzlers.    It’s likely that I’m remembering another cake since then with twizzlers on it, but regardless this was enough to make me dig out the picture of me on my 3rd birthday and bake a bunny cake for my boys.

CR5A2644Long before Pinterest our busy moms made cute cakes.


(September 1979)

Thank you mom, for giving us so many wonderful memories.

Easter Eggs

This morning we colored our Easter eggs.   Typically we shoot for the brightest colored eggs and leave it at that.   We haven’t done a lot of fancy stickers or shrink wrap kits but occasionally will use the wax crayon to write names or make stripes or polk-a-dots.


(The wonder of the wax crayon…. you never quite know how it will turn out.   They were happy with what they saw!)


(The whisk worked well for a bit, putting the egg inside the whisk to prevent cracking, however Nolan decided he’d just use the other end)


We all agree that we love the brighter eggs best.    We used food coloring instead of a store bought kit to get some more vivint colors.

CR5A2613This year, after getting all the eggs colored, I decided we’d get a little more creative.   A few days ago I saw a friend on facebook post a picture of her eggs that were decorated as adorable little monsters and I thought the boys would love this idea.   So I dug out some craft supplies, made one little monster and let them create the rest.    However, it turns out Ricky is kind of a traditionalist and preferred the plain, bright, colored eggs.   Benny decided he liked his striped eggs best and didn’t want to make a monster, however he did add 2 tiny eyes to the stripes.   Nolan was the only one who actually made a monster egg…. and in reality he just dictated to me where to put the eyes and rest as he was heading out the door to go play.    So, there I sat, on my own creating little monster eggs, for no other reason that to feed my own creativity.


Oh well, I had fun and the boys did like my finished project even if they didn’t help much.
Tomorrow is our annual egg hunt in our circle and we’re all excited.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Benny loses his first tooth

Benny lost his first tooth on St. Patrick’s Day.  He’d been wiggling and wiggling it for a few weeks and it still seemed to have a ways to go, until he decided he’d eat a green apple.   Green apples are his new favorite but I think he chose one then because it was green.   One bite and that tooth was ready to come out.   Ken tried to get him to let him pull it out, but Benny wanted nothing to do with that.  Likely because Ken explained it in ways such as, “I’ll just grab on and YANK it out!”  Or “We’ll just tie a string to it and to the door and SLAM the door really hard!”   Or the favorite one, “Let’s just get a pliers and twist it til it comes out.”   Benny decided to let it fall out on it’s own without the help from daddy.


CR5A1061CR5A1058Not 10 minutes later, he and Ricky were wrestling and Ricky picked up a big couch cushion and threw it at Benny.   It hit Benny in the face and the tooth was gone.    Not only was it gone from his mouth but also gone forever.  We searched the floor, the couch, in between the pillows, everywhere and had no luck finding it.   I don’t think he swallowed it because he was actually shocked that it was gone (I think he would have felt it if he swallowed it, I hope!)   I think it is probably buried deep among the dust bunnies in the vacuum at this point.


I assured the boys that I thought the tooth fairy would still come even though there was no tooth.   I think Ricky felt bad because as I was reading to Benny in bed he showed up with a note to the tooth fairy.


Sure enough the tooth fairy came and Benny was thrilled, telling us that the tooth fairy found his tooth all by herself.
My babies are growing up too fast.