Bethany and Garret {Utah Wedding Photographer}

A month ago today, Bethany and Garret were married and the beautiful Sherwood Hills Resort in Wellsville, Utah.   They met in high school and remained together throughout college and jobs and living across the country from one another until August 4th when they tied the knot!    The wedding and everything about the day was just perfect.

I met with Bethany first where I could capture a few shots of her dress and of her getting ready for the big day.

Nearby, Garret was also getting ready to walk down the aisle.

The setting for the ceremony was just gorgeous.

Bethany and Garret added so many unique and very personal touches to their ceremony.    Starting with sunglasses for all of the guests.

A gorgeous pedal harp played by Bethany’s good friend from college.

Bethany’s beautiful bouquet was created from individual stems that each of their family members carried down the aisle and handed to Garret.

When all of the family members had entered, Bethany’s sister tied the stems with a ribbon and viola, the beautiful bouquet.

Garret then delivered the bouquet to Bethany and walked her down the aisle.

They were married by another great friend of Bethany’s from college.

Each of their mothers spoke during the ceremony as well as Bethany’s sister.

A few family photos

The dinner and reception were just as beautiful as the ceremony and the party… so much fun!

I didn’t know it while taking shots of her dress, but later recognized that the pattern on the amazing cake matched the pattern of her dress.   How awesome!

Congratulations!   I was honored to be a part of your big day.
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