Ken’s Birthday

The week before Ken’s birthday, I tried to plan something fun for him but with every mention of his birthday he said he didn’t want a big celebration and that he wanted to do something “with just the two of us.”     I had something BIG planned for “just the two of us” but wanted to keep it a surprise that he would only find out about on his actual birthday.   So I continued to plan a night out with friends for the weekend before his birthday.   He didn’t want the attention, but when the night was all said and done I think he had a great time.    The plan was to go to the Salt Lake Bees game after dinner and drinks at Lucky 13 across from the ballpark, but we were having too much fun that we skipped the ballgame in lieu of hanging out on the patio longer.

On the night of Ken’s real birthday, we had dinner and cake at home with our family.    First we sang Happy Birthday.

The boys helped blow out the candles.  (We had to light them a few times since someone seemed to miss out each time)

And then we gave Ken his gift.

Inside each of the little boxes were the following.   Tickets to San Diego.

Tickets to a Padres game from Ken’s Mom and Sisters:

A gift of Skydiving (this was the only thing he really wanted for his birthday and he figured I would book it, but that I would have booked it in Ogden… somehow skydiving in San Diego just sounded better to me!)

And a gift of a Half Marathon (most people thought I was a terrible wife when I told them this was part of the gift… a gift of running 13.1 miles didn’t sound like a great gift, but I knew Ken would love it)

AND, a gift of babysitting for the entire weekend from my parents!    He loved it, and forgave me for not doing something the previous weekend with “just the two of us.”

Two weeks later we departed for San Diego.    We arrived on Friday afternoon, checked into our hotel and headed out for Mexican food before the Padres game.

We stayed just a few blocks from Petco Park and we’re able to walk around and see everything in the area.

We had AWESOME seats, thanks to Ken’s family.   And the sports photographer in me came out.

Who knew they started sliding from SO far away from the base?!  He ended up being safe because of this awesome slide.

Petco field is beautiful.

Our attempt at getting in the same shot.

We woke up Saturday morning and headed down to Otay Lake where Ken was pumped to jump out of a plane!

I was excited for him but somehow was more focused on things like this.   DANGER!  Strapped to his back.

And wondering if these clips were strong enough? tight enough? secure enough?  After all it was just a couple weeks prior to this day that the 80 year old lady jumped out of a plane and came out of her harness!

Ken wasn’t really nervous at all.

Any shots pictured here that do not include my watermark were taken by the folks at Sky Dive San Diego.

And finally, I could see him:

He survived!

He loved it!

We spent the rest of the day picking up our race packets, browsing the San Diego Rock N’ Roll Marathon Expo, relaxing, carbo-loading and getting ready for the half marathon.    This next picture is why Ken is never late to anything… he is ultra prepared the night before down to already having his bib number pinned on his shirt!    I, on the other hand, am still pinning my number on as I am getting off the shuttle at the start line.

Ken had an awesome race, bettering his PR (personal record) for the half-marathon again with a time of 1:48.    When Ken had just a mile or so left in the race, a guy ran by him and elbowed him.   The guy then glanced back with a shocked, apologetic look on his face…”I’m so sorry, man!” he said.    Ken finished the race and found a friend of ours who finished around the same time.   As he was standing there talking with our friend, Ryan, the guy who had elbowed him returned and said, “I’m so sorry, I thought you were him” and pointed to Ryan.    Surprised again, the guy said, “wait, you know him?”   This random stranger had thought Ken was our friend Ryan.  In a group of over 40,000 people, we all thought it was pretty hilarious that the person he would mistake Ryan for was someone who knew Ryan.   And then the guy said, “well, c’mon, look at you two?!?”   We gave them a once over and then we all cracked up!  This is what they looked like.    Twins….down to the under armor hats, CEP compression sleeves, and black and yellow shoes.   Guess anyone could have made same mistake, especially from behind.


We decided at the last minute on Sunday to finish out our trip with another visit to Petco Park to see the Padres play once more.

We had a wonderful weekend!   It was so nice to get away and relax.   Thanks to my mom and dad for watching the boys, to Ken’s family for the awesome baseball tickets, and to all of our friends and family for keeping it a secret from Ken.
Happy Birthday, again, honey.  I love you.

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