4th of July

The rest of our 4th in pictures:

Ricky with the baby frog he found.

These tiny frogs are not new to the boys or our area.   Ken finds them almost every time he mows the yard, however in the middle of lighting fireworks last night a HUGE, huge frog leaped right into the cul-de-sac.   I had no idea we had such huge frogs also living in our area.   I’m estimating but I’d say it was probably twice the size of Ricky’s hand.  We were all jumping and screaming and a little panicked when the poor thing almost jumped right into a spinning, jumping junebug firework.  Luckily it made it safely back to the stream.

Gabe and Benny swimming in their undies.   When Benny saw Gabe swimming in just his underwear he went inside, took off his swimming trunks and came out with his own undies.   Oh Boys!

The boys found the un-used Ragnar tattoos and decided they all needed them yesterday.    Here’s a chilly little Nolan sporting his Ragnar logo.

Two boys going down the slide together didn’t work out so well.

Cousins.   And kisses for Gabe.

My patriotic Noley-boy.

Gabe and Benny waiting for some fireworks to get started.

Lots of boys enjoying the firework show.

We could see fireworks in every direction last night.

The boys had such fun!    They varied from relaxing and watching to running wild and screaming with each and every burst.

Hope everyone had a magnificent 4th.


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