Most Patriotic – Happy 4th of July

This morning as I was running out the door to a Freedom 5k Race, I kissed the boys goodbye and told my mom thank you for coming at the crack of dawn to babysit.    I remembered as I ran out the door that Ricky would want to decorate his bike and go to the annual Pancake Breakfast and Bike Parade.   I came back in and told Ricky that he could go to the bike parade with his friends if he wanted then turned to my mom with an apologetic look and said, “they are suppose to decorate their bikes… I think there is blue curly ribbon in the closet.”   And then I left.

My friends and I raced and all had pretty decent times given a pretty hilly course.   My friend Chrystel (the most patriotic one) had her typical pre-race breakfast of Krispy Kreme doughnuts and kicked our butts, winning first place in her age group!   Way to go, Chrystel.

I returned home to this proud little guy:

He WON for the “Most Patriotic” Bike!   I should have known my mom could pull off a win with no supplies!    And actually, I think it was probably Ricky’s idea that added the winning touch.   He decided that his Captain America Shield would be the perfect addition and he was right!   The winning bike:

And the Patriotic boy with his Patriotic bike:

Happy 4th of July to you all.

Last night’s full moon and a neighbor’s awesome fireworks.

Have a SAFE and fun day.

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