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Impromptu with Elese {Farmington, Utah Children’s Photographer}

This evening I sat in my driveway on my camp chair watching my boys eat popsicles and play in the pool, attempting to ward off the heat.   I heard the neighbor’s garage door open and I glanced over to see my neighbor bringing out the trash, “Hi, Ashton,” I said.    And then I think I gasped.    His little sister followed just steps behind him wearing this:

I jumped up and said, “I HAVE to get my camera!”…. “Will you keep her out here?” … “Is it okay?”   I was like a kid in a candy store.   I mean you can’t send that cute of a kid outside, in that adorable of an outfit, in that perfect color and not expect your crazy, next door neighbor photographer to subject her to a photo session.  Sorry… it was bound to happen.   And oh boy did little Elese appease the crazy lady.   She posed and smiled and posed some more and I loved every minute of it.

Benny got in on a few shots… and then they all jumped in the pool.  Including Elese in her adorable outfit!  Oops.

Thank you for making my night, sweet girl.



Cathy Mack - I don’t know Elese at all, but she is a little darling! And you captured the essence of her perfectly Heather! Awesome job by both model and photographer!

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