I don’t remember the exact year, but I know my mom didn’t think I was old enough and I was convinced that I was way too old to have not.      So late one evening, after discussing the plans at school, “don’t do it until I call you… we’ll do it together,” I stretched the curly cued phone cord as straight as could be down the hall way into the bathroom and called my best friend.    “Ready?” I am sure we asked each other.    When we both confirmed that we were indeed ready, we shaved our legs “together” for the first time.

It was roughly 25 years ago and probably not the first, but one of the early milestones that the two of us experienced together on the road to growing up.     In the years since then, the number of milestones and memories are countless.   From the moment I met Angelina I think we both knew that we would be friends forever.     Deep down we knew we were shaving our legs together so that the story could be added to the list of things we would reminisce about when we were old and grey.   We watched the movie, “Beaches,” claiming it was “our” movie because there was a red-headed best friend and a beautiful, long brown haired best friend… just like us.   We announced that it would be us, except one of us wouldn’t die, instead we’d just remain best friends and grow old.       Well, we’re on our way… Happy Birthday dear friend.

(The nun picture… just for you, Ang 🙂 )

To many more milestones and memories.   I love you.

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