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A few weekends ago we had the opportunity to celebrate one of my best friend’s birthdays.    He thought he was showing up to a small, casual, barbeque to see a friend who was in town.   However, he was really showing up to a much bigger party with lots of friends there to celebrate him.

The picture below was taken at the point in which we all yelled “Surprise” and he realized this wasn’t just any old barbeque.

And in the spirit of Father’s Day Week posts, I’ll just point it out here…. Derek is one of the most calm and patient fathers I know.   Pictured above with his 3 year old son and below with his new baby girl.

It wasn’t a total fabrication, we were really getting together to see our friend from out of town, who also happens to be a new father.   We loved seeing Jason and Callie, but we were most excited to meet their son, August, for the first time!    Check out this beautiful baby boy!

There was a point not too many years ago, where the picture below would have been pretty unimaginable.     Times have definitely changed; they’re all toting babies around now!   And I may be a bit biased, but I guarantee that my friends are some of the best fathers out there.

Throughout the night we found ourselves watching our rambunctious, rowdy kids but rather than stop the craziness we all began to share our own recollections of our parent’s parties.    We all agreed about how great it was to be a kid running wild through the house drinking too much soda and eating far too much junk because our parents were too busy hanging with their own friends to notice.    I knew our childhood memories were accurate when Ricky ran up to me, grabbed me by the neck and whispered into my ear, “this is the best party ever!”    I’m not sure which is better, being the parent or the kid but a good time was had by all.

The next morning, the kids gathered the leftover balloons for even more fun….

ate some more sugar (hostess powdered doughnuts! Yum)

and launched balloons into the sky.

The little ones all agreed that launching their balloons was their favorite part of the party.

I think I might be buying extra balloons for all of my parties based on the fun they had watching them fly away and yell “bye, bye balloon!”

To Fridays, Friends, Fathers and Fun!
Happy Friday, Happy Weekend!

Brooke Scott - So sweet! LOVE the balloon shots!

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