S & S Shortline Railroad

Quite a few years ago we attended a birthday party at the S & S Shortline Railroad.  Prior to the party I had no idea that the railroad existed even though it is so close to our house that we walked to the party.   At the time Ricky was only 3 and he absolutely loved everything about trains and about the Railroad.     We had only been one other time and that was before the twins were born so we decided another trip was in order.

Benny’s favorite movie is The Polar Express (still, almost 6 months after Christmas) so I knew he would love it.    Every train he saw, he would point to and say “Mommy, Polar Express!”

The railroad started with a man who collected trains as a hobby and it is now a complete station with all kinds of tracks all over his property.    The boys were so excited to ride the train.

In addition to the working tracks and trains there is a playground train that the kids can climb on.

And there are swings.   All of the boys loved the swings.   (What’s with the lack of swings at modern day playgrounds?!?)

I tried to show Ricky how to actually use the trapeze swing, rather than just swing on in.   You know hang, upside down, swing high and flip off (the memory of being 8 or so was so clear, that I almost thought I could actually SHOW him but I refrained from hanging up side down and flipping high to land on my feet) and without the visual he just didn’t get it, so he kept on swinging, loving being high above the other swings.

We had a wonderful late spring afternoon at the railroad a month or so ago.   The only bummer is that the railroad is only open the first Saturday of every month from Memorial Day to Labor Day.   However, that means there are still a couple days left this year to visit.



Elisha - These are so cute! I still need to post some photos from when we went. I think I glanced at them right when we got home and haven’t had a chance to do anything with them since then. I also need to put together a CD for you with all the pictures I have of your kids!

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