It’s a girl ~ Emelia Reese {Salt Lake City Newborn Photographer}

Friday was a day that I have anxiously awaited for months.   The tears started flowing when I first read the text of her arrival, happened again when I pulled into the parking lot of the hospital and at various times during my visit to meet this precious new babe.  I can’t help getting choked up over the gift of new life, especially when the recipients of the gift are two people that I love dearly.

My friend is one of the few people I know that can stand to wait until her babies are born to find out their gender and while she and her husband love the surprise, I about went crazy.    I may have purchased some girl stuff prior to Friday.   My friend had a hunch that it was a girl and her hunch was correct…this perfect, absolutely gorgeous baby girl was born at 2:12 pm last Friday weighing 7lbs 6 oz and measuring 20 inches in length.    Welcome to the world, Emelia Reese.

Big brother wasn’t quite so sure about meeting the new baby, so he enjoyed some treats until he was ready to meet her.

He warmed up to the idea pretty quickly and was ready to see what she was all about

He started by checking out her toes

Then asked to see her belly and her hair

And finally he asked to see her shoulders.   And of all things to get a reaction out of … the shoulders were it.  🙂

Her uncle and grandma were also there to meet her for the first time.

“GG” may have shed a few tears too.  As a mother to 4 boys and grandmother to 1 grandson, a granddaughter was a wonderful surprise.

The very proud Daddy.

And me!      

Welcome to the world, little one!  I love you all.



Katherine - What a gorgeous family. So happy for Teresa and Derrick. You captured the beautiful moment so perfectly!

Leanne Southland - Heather, This is so amazing…you are such a true friend to my sister and an amazing photographer!!! Wow…just takes my breath away…..

Cathy Brown - Heather, thanks so much for posting these. We are really looking forward to meeting her.

Michelle - What a gorgeous family!!! Congrats Teresa and Derrick, what a beautiful blessing!

idie - Yay! Congratulations to D & T! What a precious little girl! How great that you were able to capture these first moments! Fantastic shots!
PS I love when parents wait to find out the sex of the baby!

Nicole - Awesome pics Heather of such a beautiful family! I can’t wait to meet that beautiful little girl!

dan - awesome shots Heather! the look on Roarke’s face–priceless

Heather Bird - Thanks everyone! She is such a gorgeous baby!

Bill Jensen - Wow—– What a blessing to your family!! She is beautiful. Derrick, you have a great family, enjoy every minute of it, life goes by so fast..

Georgia Gilbert - Heather: These pictures are too wonderful and priceless for words. Thank you with all my heart for immortalizing this moment. Am the proudest grandma in the world!

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