Angie and Gabe {Ogden, Utah Family Photographer}

I finally was able to take some pictures of my adorable nephew that my sister has been asking me to do since before his second birthday in September!     We lucked out with a beautiful, warm day.

And we were able to get some great shots with mommy also.

Let me tell you this is one happy kid and as a bonus, he thinks I’m pretty hilarious (yep, he’s a smart one too ;))

I’m not kidding when I say he is a happy kid, or is very easily cheered.   This next picture was taken seconds after a full-on meltdown.   I broke out the candy card a bit too soon, and when I didn’t give him the goods, he was MAD at me.   But give him a little tickle and a big “BOO” and he turned it around quick!

Sorry it took so long to get these done.  I love you both.



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