Declan Russell {Salt Lake City Birth Photographer}

Last night I was blessed to be a part of the birth of one very special baby boy.    I mentioned in this post that I couldn’t be more thrilled for my friends back then, but last night was truly the night where I couldn’t have been happier!   A content and healthy baby Declan arrived surrounded by so many people that love and cherish this beautiful boy.

Speaking as a photographer, this was hard.  I didn’t expect that documenting a birth would be so technically challenging, stressful and emotional , but it was in so many ways.     However, in speaking from my heart I can’t think of anything more rewarding than to photograph than the first moments of life.    It was truly an honor to be able to document such an amazing few hours.


Here is a slideshow of Declan’s birth story…
(I’m not the best at figuring out you-tube and don’t know how to embed a larger video with decent quality here, but it is here, even though it is small!)

Music “Welcome to this world” used with permission from Renee and Jeremy.

Congratulations to you all and Welcome to the world, lil’ Declan!

Much love,

Elisha - Love, love, LOVE! You’re amazing, and that video was so beautiful!!

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