Tonight I sit here with a disaster of a house.   As I carried the last sleeping boy up to bed I thought seriously about tackling every bit of the cleaning tonight.    Then, I emptied half of the dishwasher, looked around and retreated to the office where I am still sitting.    I started scrolling through recent pictures… files after files that I have done nothing with yet.     And this was just much more enjoyable than cleaning.

The dishwasher is still open and only half emptied, there is a half eaten piece of corn on the cob on the counter left on the way rushing out the door to Ricky’s first soccer game, there are random cups and dishes everywhere, toys scattered amongst the dishes, a dirty diaper (thank goodnees not a poopy one) left next to the basket full of diapers, wet clothes thrown on the stairs after Benny escaped to the neighbors sprinklers on our way out the door late for a birthday party, a can of soup that is staring me down from in front of the computer monitor, (Nolan’s new thing is to bring random things to me throughout the day), mail and papers and trash, etc. etc.

People often say, “I don’t know how you have time to blog.”    My answer probably should be, “I don’t have time,” because truly, as can be seen if you visited my house tonight, I DO NOT.   But it is therapeutic for me.   I enjoy archiving my days and attaching my thoughts to the images I take.    And as much as I enjoy it, as much as I sometimes need to leave the mess behind the door of the office and recap my thoughts in a blog post,  I know I will enjoy this even more years from now.    When I can look back and remember the crazy messes (hopeful thinking that this will change?), the funny things my boys do, the little everyday things that we will forget is when I will really be thankful that I took the time to record it and that I let the mess wait for tomorrow.

And so, here are some random shots that I’ve taken over the past couple of months:

Not the best technical image, but I love this one.

Nana's pool is the best! Glad we borrowed it for a few days.

Ricky's huge shoe on one wrong foot, one slightly too small croc on the other wrong foot - Benny's new favorite task of trying to dress himself.

Nolan and his "baby."

Nolan and "daddy." Nolan calls anyone between the age of 18 and 50 or so, "Daddy." Including random men in the store that look like this man and nothing like his real daddy. It seems really funny, but it's pretty embarrassing when he says to the 19 year old tatooed kid, "hi daddy," and the kid looks at me like, "ummm, I hope not?!?!"

Nothing better than newly bathed boys right out of the tub.

The kid can Hula-Hoop! Woot.

A normal day in our house ... and of course it's always on the carpeted portion.

For years I hassled my mom because in most of my baby pictures I am clad in only a diaper. Sorry, mom... I get it now.

My friend thinks he looks exactly like Curious George, but I've always thought he resembles a turtle, especially here.

Alrighty, I guess I should at least throw the diaper and corn on the cob away before heading to bed.


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