Nolan, my dear, lately you have been pretty crabby.   You have a mind of your own and are stubborn about getting what you want.   You’ve totally boycotted your highchair.    You’ve decided not to eat much of anything for days.   Even when I resorted to Fruity Pebble cereal and Pop-Tarts for breakfast thinking you would love it, you replied with “no way” and pushed it aside.   You fight sleep like it is the plague.   Because of the fight your naptimes have been coming way too late and when I wake you from your afternoon slumber you are even more mad than when I tried to make you go to sleep in the first place.

These pictures were taken on one of these days when I had to wake you and you were only content if I was holding you.   After a long hour of crying and whining, daddy finally was home from work and you were in heaven with a little bit of snuggle time.

Until it was time to get up, and then you were mad all over again 🙂

Updated to add:  This morning you decided to eat.   The problem: your breakfast of choice is multiple Fiber One Bars.   We may be in trouble later!

Love you, buddy, even on continual days like this.

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