Old Friend, New Baby

I am blessed with many friends that I have had since I was a kid and am lucky to have some of them living very close to me, however others live on the other side of the world.    Today I got to spend some time catching up with a friend who is currently living in China.    She is back in town for awhile visiting her family.   It was so nice to catch up on life, hear what China is like, meet her daughter for the first time and let my boys swim and play with her son.

Here are some pictures of her beautiful kids.   I went a little crazy, but look how beautiful they are!

Thanks so much for yesterday, Katherine… wish we could do this more often!

Love you,

Suriya - I am so jealous that you guys were able to get together. These are wonderful pictures and I really wish I could meet Katherine’s kids in person. They are so adorable. Thanks so much for sharing!

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