Official one year pictures

My twins are now 13 and 1/2 months old.   It’s hard to believe that a year passed so quickly and equally hard to believe that the past month and a half has flown by just as fast.  So let me step back 6 or so weeks ago to their first birthday, their one year doctor appointment and the pressure I felt to get the “official one year pictures” taken, printed, hung on my wall!

We spent the boy’s official birthday in a car driving from Lake Okoboji, Iowa, in the Omaha airport, on an airplane and finally at home.   It was an exhausting day so we celebrated simply by getting back to our normal dinner routine after being away for a few days but they did have some cake!

The next day we promptly visited the doctor to find that Benny is in the 75th percentile height and 50th percentile weight.   He has 8 teeth, crawls like a maniac and will stand unassisted forever but prefers to not take any steps and loves his thumb now more than ever. (this second list we knew without visiting the doctor 🙂 ) Nolan is 5oth height, 35th weight, has 6 teeth (barely), practices his walking skills daily and chatters like crazy.

The days leading up to their birthday, I constantly tried to determine  what outfits they would wear for their one year pictures, where we would take them, what props I should use, etc. etc.   Days after their birthday had passed and I still hadn’t figured it out nor taken the pictures and they seemed to be changing by the day.    So, we set out one afternoon and just did  it… in current clothes, with a treasure chest I had at the house and at no place special.    Did I get them taken?  Yes.   Do I love them?  Not really.   Will they hang on my wall?  Probably not.

Why?  Because we came home and I got these shots.   Natural, real shots of my boys being themselves.   These will likely make it onto my wall because these are the moments I love and the ones that I love to capture.

Benny LOVES berries… all kinds.

Nolan thinks hats are so funny:

And they both LOVE to sit on these little, toddler size, ottomans.   They think that they are kings of the world when they sit here and dangle their feet.    And I want to remember Nolan’s fuzzy, crazy hair (although unfortunately, he’ll probably always have this bad hair), his goofy grin and even the drool.

This is my typical happy sweet, Benny… doesn’t really love hats, but will smile for a bit before he rips it off.

So, will I stress over what they will wear for their two year old pictures, will I worry that we all coordinate and smile for our Christmas card pictures?  Probably… it’s just me, but I will remember again that it’s okay if I don’t get pictures that I love then because I will continue to take and love the pictures I get in between those times.


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