Ricky’s Birthday

Last year I decided to make Ricky’s birthday cake myself.   It was a ton of work and I ended up staying up sooo late the night before making and decorating his cake.  But the next morning when he woke up and ran downstairs to see it, it was like Christmas morning all over again, and it was so worth it.  And thus, a special birthday morning tradition was begun.  This year, his excitement was the same.  He couldn’t wait to wake up on the morning of his birthday to see his cake.

Here is the set up, prior to him coming down the stairs to see his cake and presents.

2 Ricky

Here he is, “closing his eyes.”  Not sure why closing his eyes also means covering his ears, but this is what he did.  Oh and I guess he didn’t close his eyes, just the ears.

1 Ricky

4 Ricky

We decided to let Ricky open his presents this morning also.  (it really was like Christmas morning all over again). This is his reaction to seeing that he did get “a real camera with a light!” (light = flash)

4a Ricky

Buying a real camera instead of a kids one has proven to be a great decision.  He knows how to work it just fine including the playback button to see his pictures.   The only not so great thing about the decision is now I am living in his world… sit here, smile, don’t smile like that… smile for real, Ricky – sit still!  My ever so often nagging commands have now become his commands for me.  But that is okay, I love seeing his shots and the view through the eyes a four year old.   The number of pictures of me rank right up there with the number of pictures he has taken of a Nerf gun bullet.   Thank goodness for digital.

5 Ricky

And a few pictures from his party where he had a blast bowling with his friends:

6 Ricky

7 Ricky

And the party favors, with special tags lest someone not understand why they got a hula-hoop at an Alvin and the Chipmunk party!

3 Ricky

It was an awesome day…. and Ricky is now a big FOUR year old!

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