S&S Railroad

This morning we visited the S&S Railroad. This is the home of an extreme hobbyist.  His love for trains and the railroad turned into a business that they run out of their home and on their large piece of property.  What was once a small circular track in his back yard is now over 16,000 feet of rail and many train cars.


Ricky loves trains and frequently asks to visit the S&S Railroad or as he calls it, the “train station.”   This was a perfect morning for us to visit the railroad plus I think the place is so cool with actual trains that visitors can ride and so many historic railroad pieces.

Ricky has a love not only for trains but for train tickets.  The movie, the Polar Express and the emphasis on the ticket has stuck with Ricky, especially when the conductor, even here at the S&S punches his ticket.   The large train:


The small train:


Getting the tickets punched for the small train ride:


Ricky, still checking out his ticket:


Having a great ride:


Watching the various electric trains through the window of the station:



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