Amazing Cake!

We hosted a baby shower for two of my wonderful friend’s yesterday.  They are expecting their first baby just a few months before I am due.   I have always wanted to try to make a cake using fondant.  I thought about making this the occasion that I would attempt it, however given how busy we have been and how tired I have been I decided it may be best to just order a cake.   Plus I am sure I could not have made the cake that I was envisioning on my first or 100th try.

As I was debating and debating whether or not to try myself, I came across a picture of an amazing cake on my friend Billy’s, Facebook page.  I inquired about the bakery that made the cake and found out that it was a friend of his who is not a professional but just does it as a hobby.   However, he agreed to make a cake for me!   The cake matched the invitations and color theme and he added his own special touches with the twisty decoration on top.  It not only looked wonderful but tasted the same.  It was chocolate cake with raspberry creme filling and chocolate buttercream frosting.   YUM!!

Thank you Steve!  The cake was such a hit!   I think you need to go pro.


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