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Changes for 2018

After much soul searching, prayer and internal debate, I’ve made the difficult and scary decision to put my photography business on hold for the year. I love each and every one of my clients and have so much joy capturing your beautiful families, but my and my family’s personal needs and commitments are very substantial this year and finding time for everything has been difficult.

I will be finishing out any sessions that have already been booked and will be fulfilling any that have been purchased via gift certificates but I will no longer be scheduling any new photo sessions. For those of you already on my Santa Session list for this November, I still plan on doing them and will send out information in the Fall. (don’t worry ūüôā )

Thank you, sincerely, to everyone who has supported this passion of mine in so many ways. It means so much. Here’s to a well rested and healthy 2018. Lots of love to you all.

And because I’ve been remiss in posting for most of the year… here are some of my favorite images from 2017.

amaZing 3.21k Recap

I learned of Ruby’s Rainbow last year during their campaign in March to raise funds for scholarships to allow individuals with Down syndrome to pursue their dreams of post secondary education. ¬† Seeing the recipients of Ruby’s Rainbow scholarships and hearing their stories has proven what we already believed, that Zeke can do anything that he wants in life and we will help him achieve it. ¬† I love what Ruby’s Rainbow is doing for these individuals but I also love that so many perceptions of Down syndrome are being changed because of their stories being shared by this amazing organization. ¬† ¬†With March approaching this year, I knew that I wanted to do something to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day and decided on organizing a race. ¬† I’ve got many runners in my network of friends, family and co-workers and thought this may be a good way to bring people together and also to raise money for this organization that inspired me. ¬†And so http://amaZingZ.org and the amaZing 3.21K race was born.

A year ago, many of you donated to Ruby’s Rainbow in Zeke’s honor. ¬† This year, the goal for the race was simply going to be to raise as much as we¬†did last year. ¬† I emailed the founder of Ruby’s Rainbow and asked our total from last year. ¬†When she sent me our total of $465 from last year she also mentioned that if we raised $3000, that a Full scholarship would be awarded in Zeke’s honor. ¬† I replied letting her know that was so awesome, but that there was no way we’d make that much this year. ¬†It would be a¬†great goal for us to ¬†work towards in future years.

I have amazing friends, family, co-workers and an extended network of very generous people. ¬†From the moment we posted the website, Registrations, Virtual Registrations and donations started coming in. ¬† People were sharing the post and friends of friends of friends were registering from all across the county and sharing with their running groups and friends. ¬† We were humbled by the support. ¬† Six days before the race we had raised $1000 and I was so excited that I emailed the founder again and let her know that we had doubled last year’s donations. ¬†I never expected that amount to triple in the next 2 days.

But I was able to send her an email with an¬†incredible total. ¬† The emotion of an amazing few weeks culminating in a beautiful evening at the race finally hit me and I was in tears when I typed¬†out the total of¬†$3328¬†that Ruby’s Rainbow would be receiving¬†thanks to all of you!

And Her reply: ¬†“Holy shitballs!!!! ¬† That is AMAZING!!!! OMG!!!! ¬†You ROCK!!! ¬†WOWZA!”¬†

I can’t thank everyone enough. ¬†Truly AMAZING.

AND… if that wasn’t amazing enough, we had an additional amount to¬†donate. ¬† In the last couple of months I have been hearing about a family close by that is in the process of adopting a baby with Down syndrome from the Ukraine. ¬† The fees, travel expense and other expenses can be great for these international adoptions, but are SO needed. ¬† Reece’s Rainbow¬†advocates and finds families for orphans with Down syndrome and other special needs. So we have also donated a total of $824 to Reece’s Rainbow specifically for this family to bring this beautiful baby boy¬†home:

When I let the mother know she replied with, “Wow! I am in tears. I can’t thank you enough! We are so close to traveling and you are an answer to our prayers.” ¬†¬†Thank you to you all for answering some much needed prayers.

*Totals for Ruby’s Rainbow¬†include proceeds from race registrations, virtual registrations, donations, a personal donation from Ken and I, and a match on the personal donation from Salesforce.
*Totals for Reece’s Rainbown include proceeds from the raffle,¬†a personal donation from Ken and I, and a match on the personal donation from Salesforce.

I want to thank EVERYONE who donated, who shared my posts and who read my multiple posts day after day without getting annoyed.   And I have a few special thank yous:

I’m not typically one to do a lot of fund-raising nor do I really love it. ¬†I shy away from asking people for money and therefore had an internal struggle of whether I could really pull this off. ¬† ¬†But, I bounced the idea off of a couple of very supportive friends, Kase and Mary Johnstun. They love Zeke and I knew they would support the idea and give us the encouragement we needed. ¬†What I didn’t expect was for them to take my little idea and run with it. ¬† When my fire started to fizzle, Kase would ask about it and say things like, “even if you get 10 people this first year, that’s great!” ¬†And when I almost let the idea die for fear it would be too much work Mary called saying… “can I organize a raffle for the race?” ¬†“Can I bring snacks for the end of the race?” ¬† ¬†And yet again, just when I wasn’t sure of the logistics and when it all seemed too complicated, I got text from Kase, “just talked to them, we can totally use the location.” ¬† And so we really owe the race to them. ¬† Thank you¬†for the encouragement, support and for truly making this happen. ¬† Love you guys.

I also likely would have not done this without the support of my company, Salesforce, who has incredible values, one being Giving Back.  They give us paid time to volunteer, encourage us to give back and support organizations meaningful to each of us.   With the support of the company and my friends and co-workers, I knew we could do this race.  And we even did a lunchtime version at work that day with this great group:

To our wonderful friends, the Martin family. ¬† The tiny spark of an idea for amaZingZ.org began¬†stirring in my mind after Zeke’s first birthday. ¬† Their daughter AzZi¬†(who I think deserves the same shirt!), picked out the perfect gift for him, a pair of pajamas that said, “I put the Z in amaZing.” ¬† Everyone that saw us open them that day had the same reaction…. “totally PERFECT!”

A huge thank you to my friend, Chris Vesper, Admiral Beverage Corporation and the Pepsi Sampling Team who provided all of the finish line beverages.   Thank you to St. Joseph High School for a perfect location, that took us on a beautiful run!

And thank you to all of you who came out on a beautiful night to run, walk, meet Zeke and support us:

Men’s winners (from left to right, 3rd – Tage, 2nd Jeff, 1st Dax):

Boy’s winners (from left to right 3rd – Gabe, 1st – Tatum, 2nd – Ricky)

Girl’s winners (from left to right 1st – Azzi, 2nd – Teylor, 3rd – Ellie)

And for some reason, I missed getting a picture of the women’s winners. ¬† But each received a special “medal” for their placement.

If you’d like to see all of the pictures or download any of them you can do so at¬†https://heatherbirdphotography.pixieset.com/amazing321k/

Thank you again.    We love you all!

Ken, Heather, Zeke and family.





Last year on World Down Syndrome day, many of you who know and love Zeke joined me in donating to Ruby’s Rainbow whose mission is to grant scholarships to adults with Down syndrome who are seeking¬†post-secondary education, enrichment or vocational classes.¬†It is their¬†goal to create awareness of¬†the¬†capabilities of these amazing individuals and help them achieve their dreams of higher education. ¬† This year, leading up to March 21st, we have hopes of raising even more for this organization because of our amaZing little man:

Yesterday we launched http://amaZingZ.org and are hosting a 3.21k walk/run on March 21st to benefit Ruby’s Rainbow. ¬†Please check out our site and join us in running or walking on March 21st. ¬†If you can’t join in person, you can register virtually and receive the same memento as if you raced with us in person.

Stay tuned for a race day recap and news of how we’ve blown away our goal! ¬† As well as future events from http://amazingz.org.

Lots of love,

Heather and Zeke

Historical Timeline – Benny and Nolan as historical figures

Nolan and Benny participated in the Historical Timeline at school today. Each student picks a significant person from history, dresses up like them and presents on them. It was quite impressive to watch these 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders get up in front of such a large group. They did a great job!

Nolan was Malcolm X. ¬† He and I both learned a lot about Malcolm X. ¬† He did a great job on his presentation and loves the quote, “Without Education you’re not¬†going anywhere in this world.” ¬†He loved wearing a suit. (and keeps saying, this jacket feels so good! ¬†He may want to wear a suit jacket daily now. ūüôā ) ¬† He also loved wearing glasses and a goatee and insisted on getting a ring just like Malcom X. ¬† He is quite the actor and posed like this anytime I took a picture of him. ¬†I think he nailed. it.

Benny was Ibn Al-Haytham, a man known as the Father of Science and the first known scientist. ¬† Each of Benny’s first three choices were also chosen by other students so his teacher helped him find a scientist to research. ¬† None of us had heard of Al-Haytham so we all learned a lot about him also. ¬†Turns out he wrote the Book of Optics and discovered how vision and optics work as well as many other things. ¬† We are now anxiously awaiting for this movie on him to be released. ¬†http://www.ibnalhaytham.com/ ¬†They wrote us back and let us know it would be available on itunes soon. ¬†Benny did a great job presenting and didn’t seem nervous at all.

This is one of my favorite days of the school year. ¬†It is so interesting to see who all of the kids choose to present on… from Mary, the mother of Jesus, to Bill Gates and everyone imaginable in between.

I’m so proud of my creative and smart boys.