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Historical Timeline – Benny and Nolan as historical figures

Nolan and Benny participated in the Historical Timeline at school today. Each student picks a significant person from history, dresses up like them and presents on them. It was quite impressive to watch these 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders get up in front of such a large group. They did a great job!

Nolan was Malcolm X.   He and I both learned a lot about Malcolm X.   He did a great job on his presentation and loves the quote, “Without Education you’re not going anywhere in this world.”  He loved wearing a suit. (and keeps saying, this jacket feels so good!  He may want to wear a suit jacket daily now. 🙂 )   He also loved wearing glasses and a goatee and insisted on getting a ring just like Malcom X.   He is quite the actor and posed like this anytime I took a picture of him.  I think he nailed. it.

Benny was Ibn Al-Haytham, a man known as the Father of Science and the first known scientist.   Each of Benny’s first three choices were also chosen by other students so his teacher helped him find a scientist to research.   None of us had heard of Al-Haytham so we all learned a lot about him also.  Turns out he wrote the Book of Optics and discovered how vision and optics work as well as many other things.   We are now anxiously awaiting for this movie on him to be released.  http://www.ibnalhaytham.com/  They wrote us back and let us know it would be available on itunes soon.  Benny did a great job presenting and didn’t seem nervous at all.

This is one of my favorite days of the school year.  It is so interesting to see who all of the kids choose to present on… from Mary, the mother of Jesus, to Bill Gates and everyone imaginable in between.

I’m so proud of my creative and smart boys.






Deetta bird - I like your costumes a lot. I did not know about Benny’s either. I learned about Malcolm in college. He wrote an essay about studying the dictionary from begining to end while in pension. I wish I. Would have heard your talks.
Grandma dede

Presidents Cup – Ricky’s Soccer Tournament

Last weekend we traveled for Ricky’s first out of town soccer tournament.   The drive there was cold, long and miserable and the games were also soo cold, but it was all worth it to watch my boy play a game that he loves!  I love the shot below because Ricky is smiling just because he is playing the game.  This particular shot was not after they scored, nor after he made a great play… he’s smiling just because he has fun playing the game, whether they are winning or losing.


This smile, however, is because they won their last game!  And it was awesome.

Presidents Cup (84)

Ricky decided, this year, that he really likes playing goal keeper.  He’s been playing the position quite a bit and has learned a ton and is becoming quite the keeper.


He plays aggressively and it is so fun to watch him make saves like this!


He still plays on the field as well and can turn on the speed when he needs to.


Although they lost their first two games, it was so exciting to come back and finish strong winning the consolation bracket game.   His team has a great bunch of boys and we absolutely love his coach.


We love to watch you play, Ricky!  Keep up the good work.

Love you.

Merry Christmas – 2016

I hope you and your family have a wonderful and blessed Christmas.  I wait all year for these two days that truly are my favorite.   Much love to you all.


The boys visited Santa during my annual Santa sessions.   Once again, Santa was incredible with the boys.










Merry Christmas.



Orange Belt

Nolan received his orange belt this past Friday.   It is so fun to watch him get so into karate during his classes and especially when he’s testing for a belt!





I love his proud smile while getting his new belt tied on.
Way to go, buddy!  Love you.

First Birthday Party – Time Flies

Last weekend, sandwiched in between Halloween festivities, we had Zeke’s first birthday party.     I promise that initially I wasn’t going to go crazy with a big theme, but it all just kind of came together and I couldn’t resist recreating all of the cute ideas on pinterest.

A couple months ago after seeing this great wooden airplane for sale on a local online yard sale, I decided I wanted to get some shots of Zeke flying for his bedroom.  His room has started to take on an aviator theme that began with an awesome vintage airplane mobile (a gift from the ever-generous Angelina, who loves a good theme more than me!)   Since he didn’t have any artwork above his crib I decided I’d create some of my own and came up with these shots that will be printed big for his wall:




I was busy working on getting these pictures ready to print for his room, when on the same local online yard sale site someone posted a couple of vintage suitcases.    One quick search on pinterest and the “Time Flies” theme was decided.  I bought the vintage suitcases and gathered the rest of the aviator themed decor from Zeke’s room.   I printed the pictures of Zeke as well as other airline related things and the theme was born.












In addition to all the printed paper signs above that tied together the theme and colors, I got these adorable banners from Decomod.   She was so great to work with and took my colors and theme and had these banners ready for me in no time.  I loved them.






During the party the kids made their own vintage suitcases with stickers.



And made paper airplanes for a flying competition:



I also tied these tiny foam flyers to balloons to look like more planes flying in the clouds.



I made the cake but ordered this perfect little wooden airplane from Over The Top Cake Topper on etsy.  We’re using it as a Christmas ornament now that the party is over.

While putting together the theme and coming up with coordinating ideas is so fun for me, the best part is always the guest of honor and all of our friends and family that come to celebrate with us.



(Benny has told me every day since the party, “I TOLD you not to let Zeke sit too close,  you should have put the cake far away!”  After Zeke reached for the cake with the candles still lit, Benny jumped right in to protect him.)





Our little Zeker was spoiled by everyone:




I’ve been trying my hand at more video and while it takes awhile to put it all together, I’m loving it and we are all loving watching our videos.    The following is about 5 minutes and shows some video coverage of the party and of Zeke smashing his cake.

Zekes 1st birthday from Heather Platz Bird on Vimeo.

Thank you to EVERYONE who has celebrated Zeke, not only on his birthday but all year long.  He is one loved baby boy!



DeEtta bird - I wish I could have been at the party. Happy boirthday zeke..
I love you. Grandma dede

Heather Bird - Grandma DeDe, we sure missed you! We love you too.