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Bring on the Football Season

It’s hard to believe, however it’s true, that my football obsessed boy essentially dropped all football conversation as soon as the Superbowl ended this past February.  We hadn’t heard too much about the Seahawks or anything else football related from Benny until about a month ago when someone told him the first pre-season game was on August 9th.   From that day on, he was not only counting the days til his birthday (August 8th) but also til the start of Football season.    He takes much pride in the fact that his birthday kicks off the season.

In the past week or so, aside from his school uniform, he has only worn his Seahawk jersey, his Seahawk t-shirt or athletic compression shirts, which he now refers to as “football” shirts because he saw footage of the NFL players practicing in this style of shirt.

He was in heaven when he talked Ricky into playing football with him and was able to be part of an ongoing flag football game with the neighborhood big boys for the past few days.


He is so passionate about the game.     From being hyper-focused on throwing the ball correctly:


To being absolutely giddy if makes a tough catch:


To being super angry and brought to tears if he messes up or if he thinks that his Dad isn’t throwing from far enough away or isn’t throwing the ball correctly:


We had a pretty awesome sunset while they were playing catch, so I moved them around a bit and got some fun silhouettes.



It’s entertaining and so fun to watch his love of the game.   From the endless questions during a game he’s watching on TV (most that I can no longer answer because his knowledge of the game has surpassed mine!) to his interest in the correct technique.    I’ve never been thrilled with the thought of my boys playing football, however I may have to re-think that if his love for this game continues.

Bring on the Season.  We’re ready.



A Bright Reminder

I took this picture last night after tiptoeing into the boy’s room and seeing the lights a blazing from the top bunk.    Nolan has been afraid of going upstairs lately even during the daylight hours.   He always wants someone to go with him.   Most often it’s me and typically it’s when I have a million other things going on and I usually don’t want to take the time to accompany him on a task he should be doing himself.   Sometimes I can convince him to take someone else, but it’s usually after some pleading.   I’m not sure what he is really afraid of because even a partner like Benny, his brother of nearly the same size, makes it all better.   He’s also been afraid of the dark at night so it was no surprise to walk into all of his lights turned on.

A few nights ago we added to his top bunk sanctuary.   Another brighter light, one that looks like stars shining.    His new “tick tock clock” that he bought with his birthday money.   Not any toy clock that was an impulse buy, but a retro, rustic looking clock that he’s had his eye on from the home goods section of the store since we last visited.   He’s intent on doing various things at midnight, probably checking out all the scary things and his clock is going to let him know exactly when midnight is.   Now, if he could just stay awake until both hands are on the twelve.    And last, his trusty dream catcher from the treasure box in preschool that’s been doing it’s duty to trap the bad dreams from across the room for months.    He told me exactly where to nail and where to hang each of these things that would surely help him not be afraid.

Nolan Bedtime

Earlier in the evening I was losing my patience and complaining to my mom about kids that didn’t listen or clear their bowls unless reminded over and over again, and Nolan, in particular who won’t walk up the stairs during daylight to get his own pajamas on!     Then I walked into this and realized, that I want to remember this … this amazing display that he came up with that is helping him to not be afraid.   For someday, probably sooner than I can imagine, my boys won’t be around for dinners and there won’t be any dishes that never made it to the sink.   Nolan won’t want me to join him on his way upstairs for he will have just returned from a night out with friends, way past dark and will care less about a star light, dream catcher or “tick tock clock.”

I was thankful for the brightly shining top bunk in the dark of night, a reminder to cherish these moments more.

We’re still working on listening the first time and clearing your own dishes but hopefully this shining star will continue to remind me to be more patient with my quickly growing boys.


Katherine - Thank you for the reminder. I need to have more patience also…before long we’ll be begging them to hang out with us!!

Back to School 2015

Well here we are, another school year has begun.

Ricky is in the 4th Grade.   4th grade feels like a big year to me.  I remember 4th grade vividly and remember no longer feeling like a kid but more like a grown up.   My own memories of being more grown up have me a little sad about Ricky being in 4th grade but he’s so excited, so I’m excited for him.  After a summer of saying he didn’t want to go back to school I was a little surprised that he was very excited to go on the first day.    When I picked him up, I overheard him telling the principal that 4th grade was fun.   Before I even had a chance to ask him he jumped in the car and exclaimed, “4th grade is AWESOME!”   When I asked what he liked about it he replied with, “Well, first of all, my teacher is really nice and second, I don’t sit by any girls.”   :)   Whatever the reasons, I’m thrilled that he’s looking forward to a great year.

Nolan and Benny started Kindergarten this year and after digging out my past years “Back to School” photos I truly realized how much they’ve grown!  Not babies any longer.   Sadly, Nolan was sick on the first day of school.  After throwing up the whole day before and twice the morning of the first day, I knew there was no way he could go.   He started out trying to get ready but was just too sick.

Benny’s day started out great.   He found his seat and started his work of coloring, cutting and gluing.   I sat with him for a few minutes as everyone was getting settled and suggested that maybe it would be easier to color his picture first and then cut it out.    As I was leaving I heard his teacher walk over to him and tell him to cut it out first because he was coloring on a part that would eventually be glued over.    I got almost to my car and couldn’t remember whether I had told his teacher that Nolan was sick or not.   I blame my pregnancy brain, or the fact that I had told 3 other people, but I just couldn’t remember whether she was one of them.   I ran back in to tell her.   When I walked in the classroom, Benny, who I sometimes forget is such a perfectionist,  came up to me with tears in his eyes and said quietly, “Mom!  You’re suppose to CUT first!”   I felt terrible that he was starting out his first day of kindergarten so worried about something so minor, that was all my fault.   But by the time I picked him up he had moved on or forgotten all about it and said that he had a great day learning about the color red and number 5.   Whew!

Nolan was all better for the 2nd day of school and had a great day too.   When I asked him if Kindergarten was fun he said, “Yes VERY fun!”

I think we are all going to have a great year!

The annual “Back to School” First Day pictures. (or second day for Nolan this year. )


Back to School 2015

And a look back at the past few years.   Boy how they’ve grown.

Back to School 20141st day of school photos

Back to School - Boys

Love you all so much!

California Vacation 2015

At the end of July we took our annual trip to California, however this time it had been over a year and it had definitely been way too long.    We had constant fun.   The boys were in absolute heaven and loved every thing!   They swam in Ken’s sister’s pool first thing in the morning and last thing before bed.

California 1California 2California 3California 4

They explored behind their cousins house, “hunting” in the orchard and played on Ken’s mom awesome treehouse and swing set.

California 4a

We camped at Lake Francis resort and had amazing accommodations in a yurt, thanks to Ken’s family.    It had air conditioning, three queen size futons, a sink, fridge, microwave and large deck around the perimeter.   This is the second time we’ve stayed in a Yurt and I highly recommend one if it’s available where you are camping.  (Or “glamping” if you have trouble referring to running water and AC as camping!) :)

California 5

Just down from our camp area is the lake where the kids jumped (and were thrown) off a floating dock and swam or paddled across to a rope swing where they all launched themselves from the trees into the water.

California 6

We kayaked and paddled around exploring the areas around the islands that are in the lake.

California 7California 8

The boys fished.  The big boys with their rods, and the little boys with just a piece of fishing line.   Surprisingly, they caught fish after fish with their make shift poles!

California 9California 10

They explored the water with Grandma DeDe and “hunted” the grounds around our campsite, never once saying they were bored, never wishing for games on an ipad.

California 11

The fun continued and continued.     The day we returned from camping, we loaded back up and went out to a local lake for some jet skiing, boating and tubing.     We had such a great time!   After getting off the boat at the end of the day Nolan announced no less than 10 times that this was “the best day of his life!” and wanted everyone else to confirm that it was also their best day ever.

California 12California 13

California 14California 15California 16California 17California 115

Although, it would have been hard for a kid not to have fun given all of the amazing things that  Ken’s family planned for us, what we and the boys really loved was visiting and spending time with our incredible family.

California 116California 117

There were tears when we had to say goodbye and pleas by some to stay living in California.    These times with cousins and family will be memories that my boys cherish forever.  Now, we just need to make more memories more often.

A video of our week for you all.    Thank you so much for a fantastic vacation.



We love you all and miss you!
Can’t wait for next time.

Kenny, Heather and the boys.

DeEtta Bird - Heather,
What great memories. I was smiling and laughing throughout all the pictures and video. I especially loved the picture of Gayla and Nolan laughing and hugging. Thank you for preserving such good memories.

Cowabunga Bay and an overdue birthday celebration

If you’ve ever been on your way to Happy Valley or the Ikea in Utah and driven past this brightly colored, enormous structure on the side of I-15 with kids in your car you’ve undoubtedly heard, “Whoa, what IS that?!?”  Followed by, “Can we pleeeease, pleeeease go there?!”    My kids have stared in awe each time we have passed Cowabunga Bay with it’s Woody Surf Wagon suspended high in the air and the surfing cow beckoning to them.   This is precisely what happened when our buddy, Rourke, saw this place from the back seat on his way to Ikea with his mom.   “THAT,” he said, “is where I want to go for my birthday.”     His mom, Teresa, organized a perfect day for us to celebrate with him complete with a cabana and cabana boy to serve us treats all day.

His actual birthday was a month ago and we were anxious to finally celebrate with him.   When the day finally arrived we woke up to black clouds, grey skies and a torrential downpour.    Teresa and I panicked.  How were we going to best break the news to the boys that we’d have to celebrate elsewhere and someplace definitely less cool?    We decided that the rain couldn’t hold out all day and packed everyone up to make the drive down anyway.    By the time we stopped to pick up Teresa and Rourke the clouds parted and blue skies were peaking through.    When we pulled into the parking lot we looked at each other and said, “this is going to be perfect… we totally lucked out.”     The weather was perfect and the crowds were no where to be found.    We could not have asked for a better day to celebrate our best pal’s big sixth birthday.

Some pictures of the perfect day.    The boys didn’t stop smiling!

Cowabunga Bay (3)

Cowabunga Bay (2)

Cowabunga Bay (1)Cowabunga Bay (4)

One very excited boy, squeezing the daylights out of his mom! :)

Cowabunga Bay (5)

Cowabunga Bay (6)

Ricky bought a snorkeling set a couple days before and couldn’t wait to test it out.

Cowabunga Bay (8)

The lazy river was just as fun as the steep waterslides.

Cowabunga Bay (9)

Cowabunga Bay (10)

Total bliss for the birthday boy!

Cowabunga Bay (7)

So many awesome slides to choose from.

Cowabunga Bay (11)

A short little video of our fantastic time:


After Cowabunga Bay we headed back to Rourke’s house for some sparklers, smoke bombs, other fireworks and some cake.

Rourke Birthday (1)



Rourke Birthday (2)Rourke Birthday (3)

Rourke’s tricky mom put trick candles on his cake.   Those suckers kept relighting and relighting.    My favorite part was when Rourke realized what was happening, smiled and said, “A little help here.”

Rourke Birthday (4)

Of course everyone wanted to help!

Rourke Birthday (5)

Teresa and Rourke, thank you for such an amazing time.   We couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend the day.  We are so blessed to have you!
We love you!
Heather and the boys.

Teresa - We love you!! Thanks for braving the adventure with me!

Leanne - Perfect!!

DeEtta Bird - I loved watching the video, especially the big bucket of water falling on everyone. What a fun day.
Happy Birthday Rourke.